Dynasty – 1×01 I Hardly Recognized You – Review by R.

Lovers dig in trash! Has come Dynasty!

Or better, is back. Reboot of the homonymous historical soap opera aired in years 80 – who hasn't heard of it at least once the infamous Alexis to Joan Collins from mothers and grandmothers? – the series includes among its producers Josh Schwartz, already the father of The OC and author of Gossip Girl.

Are you missing wander among the mega mansions of Orange County and Beverly Hills, Luxury Penthouses on the Upper East Side of Manhattan and the Texas ranch? Are you drowning in tears due to too many drama followed? I 15 minutes daily of Beautiful are too few (of course you are)? And then you have to take the plunge into the world of dynasties, more precisely, of the Carrington of Atlanta, energy tycoons.

The introduction with reference to Trump's dynasties and Kardashian is enough to get your mouth watering, but in a few minutes all that unfolds before us promises great things.

Fallon Carrington (Elizabeth Gillies) is fierce rampolla which aspires to be the perfect heir of the father Blake (starring Grant Shaw, the Jake Melrose Place), but its justified ambition has a bad shutdown when the man announces her engagement to Cristal Flores (Nathalie Kelley), his employee. Fallon's plan to separate the two promised the turns obviously against and Blake and Cristal wedding get married, not before a catfight between daughter and stepmother, but in anticipation of just such a tragedy. Matthew, ex of Cristal, dies in fact doing the last job for the company of Carrington. To lend countenance to sweet and unlucky (not only is dumped for the rich guy on duty, also has a wife suffering from a serious illness) formerly the new Mrs. Carrington's Nick Wechsler, the Jack Porter Revenge, and Kyle Roswell – I really want to remember since unfairly series is impossible to find on any platform on demand. The fact that die within the first forty minutes confirming my usual misfortune.

If Fallon is smart, Smart and ambitious, Cristal at the moment looks good and kind, but the insinuations of the Butler's niece Sammy Jo and Joseph Anders suggest otherwise. To rouse antipathy is immediate and inevitable Blake Carrington and its interests appear willing to overlook anyone and to exploit their children in every way. Far greater contrast is the one with son Steven (James Mackay), that unlike the same character in the original series, clashes with the father for his homosexuality, but for its being liberal. To hit Steven is both its sympathy for Cristal is the fact who is so rich, by not noticing even to have been robbed by Sammy Jo. Oh blessed heirs!

The highlight of the first episode is achieved with the catfight between Fallon and Cristal, broke out not so much for the upcoming wedding, as for the appointment of the stepmother to new CEO of Carrington, that is the place that Fallon assumed it was up to her. But the young do not give up on yourself and challenge the business field's father, becoming partner in the latter's rival, Jeff Colby. The aims of financial and Jeff are not only right here could arise early trouble for girl; the chauffeur Michael, with which maintains liaison and has not spared from use to hit Cristal, doesn't it seems willing to share.

When she opened the front door Carrington I thought it might be the true Patriarch, Blake's father, instead Alan Dale interprets the Butler! Was King in Once Upon A Time, rich guy villain in Lost and The OC and now it's over between the domestics! Law of retaliation for television? Not exactly, because from what little we can see, Joseph is anything but a calm and friendly Butler: authoritarian, informed and decided, Joseph has already made it clear that although she's behind the scenes, that is where the threads are pulled all drive.

Love, money and intrigue, These are the ingredients that are overflowing from the premiere, as we prepare for a series of fun, unpretentious, crushing the eye at soap operas that made television history. You already have your favorite between Fallon and Cristal?

Rating all ’ episode: ♥♥♥ 1/2 – Catfight on the first episode, How can you say no to this show??!



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