Emmy Awards 2014 – by R. and S.

Anche la 66esima edizione degli Emmy Awards è passata agli archivi tra inaspettate conferme, sorprendenti vittorie e risultati (purtroppo) prevedibili. Ad incorniciare la cerimonia uno spettacolo che lascia un po’ a desiderare rispetto agli anni passati.

You miss especially introductory number (We regret even the one with the protagonists of Glee); as well as video showing the different categories and candidates (for example, pass them in full for best supporting actors in a drama and short for its female counterpart?). A pleasant exception parody “Weird Al” Yankovic of some of the shows nominated – Mad Men, Homeland, Scandal and Modern Family – including one dedicated to Game of Thrones with Andy Samberg playing departed from Joffrey and the gift to George R. R. Martin a typewriter, accompanied by the words we'd all like to ask “Type, George; type as fast as you can!”.

The section Comedy see the unexpected triumph of Modern Family, taking home statuettes as best Comedy Series, best supporting actor (Ty Burrell) and outstanding directing (with the episode “Las Vegas”). The show ABC's sweeps away every opponent, starting with the favored Orange is the New Black, not getting none of the major awards and has the satisfaction to see Jodie Foster on stage. The majority gave families Pritchett and Dunphy for peddled, accusing the series became repetitive; the undersigned are very happy to attend the fifth consecutive win for the show, with its Witty dialogue will not be boring and develops properly, without introducing distortions that would risk distorting it. The only real possible opponent was the only one who beats Modern Family in plays, namely The Big Bang Theory, but continues to be inexplicably snubbed, with the exception of its protagonist, Jim Parsons, that for the fourth time WINS as best actor in a leading role; an award well deserved finish, We couldn't viable alternatives! Quibble in the triumph of Modern Family the missed Emmy to Julie Bowen; you could accept if he went to Mayim Bialik, but Allison Janney?! Seriously?!

As anticipated remains high and dry the critically acclaimed Studio by critics and audiences Orange is the New Black, We can no doubt define the big disappointed in category Comedy. Does anyone and instead got only seemed to tear up smaller prizes. We were hoping for in the victory of starring Taylor Schilling, which was favored Julia Louis-Dreyfus as outstanding lead actress in Veep. The reason for the great appreciation of the latter series remains a mystery. Orange is the New Black New this year was the largest of awards and perhaps this has paid; you just have to wait for see if it is able to establish itself in the near future.

If Orange is the New Black is the big let down of section Comedy, the same can be said for The Normal Heart between Miniseries and Tv Movie: as for super favorite, with nominations for virtually all the actors and the Director, only WINS for outstanding Tv movie. To surprise, instead, the category is dominated by Sherlock, who won for outstanding lead actor (Benedict Cumberbatch), supporting actor (Martin Freeman) and screenplay; the presence of this Emmy show looked like the typical case “It's an honor to even the nomination”, but against all odds became victory: one of the few pleasant surprises, or at least not tragic, of the evening.

The female branch of the category instead sees the imperative of two great protagonists of American Horror Story: Coven: Kathy Bates and Jessica Lange, which respectively for best supporting actress and outstanding lead actress. The show's view of Ryan Murphy gives to its protagonists Emmy not so cheap, Since when it came to awarding the various committees have always been rather stingy toward the saga. This is confirmed by the genuine reactions of surprise of two actresses, that in just over a month we will find again in season four dedicated to the Freakshow. Two Emmys absolutely deserved.

And now we come to the most disturbing category, that Drama, that for us fans Game of Thrones It should open with the words of Dante's Inferno “Abandon all hope ye who enter here”. If the nominations there have been, We knew that they would never translated into prizes, at least for what concerned the Best Drama (What else must do to win?); over the past three years, indeed, everyone suddenly discovered fans Breaking Bad (While no one has ever considered, especially the awards committees), and as expected the Emmys have ridden the wave of the moment and awarded the final season (Note how LOST is one of the few shows that this has not been shown kindness the last year of a wave, and we're talking about a show that changed television history). A veiled criticism at Breaking Bad was moved by Julianna Margulies who, withdrawing the Emmy for outstanding leading actress for her performance as Alicia Florrick in The Good Wife, thanked the authors saying “but truly this belongs to Robert and Michelle King and all our writers who never cease to amaze me with 22 episodes a year”, and in the Newsroom has continued with “you look at what our writers do, they don't do it six, eight or 10 times a year; they do it under pressure”. This is an aspect of the eternal struggle between “network show” and “cable show”, but more specifically the reference is, precisely, a Breaking Bad and Mad Men what a, with the trick of the season finale not only short and divided into two parts and spread over two years, applying for an Emmy for an extra year with half the amount of work. How to blame?

More confidence we had stowed away in the victory of Peter Dinklage; Anyone who had seen the episode where Tyrion required the trial by combat was certain that the Emmy was guaranteed; any person who is not very experienced Dynamics Awards. After the first Emmy in 2011, Dinklage has always been appointed and in the two previous seasons of Game of Thrones he deserved it as much as this year; yet Bobby Cannavale (Boardwalk Empire) and Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad) They outclassed. History repeats itself once again with the two actors protagonists of Breaking Bad winning at the expense of Peter Dinklage and Lena Headey; at this point they could not win the interpreters of Downton Abbey? How can you accept that Anna Gunn beat Maggie Smith?! It is also worth noting that, While Peter Dinklage there were ovations from everywhere after the episode 4×06, nothing like this has ever occurred to Aaron Paul, proving that his is a victory gift in a moment of enthusiasm for the series (too bad the same theory has been applied to Julie Bowen and Modern Family). Obviously, Breaking Bad He also won in the category of outstanding leading actor with Bryan Cranston, just not to miss anything (Why vote for Kevin Spacey?!) and for the script. Disappointment for fans True Detective (who wins only directed) but not for us: the sudden collective worship to Matthew McConaughey and his elevation to acting first rate were already insensate and unbearable at the Oscars, the triumph also on television would be the coup de grace; the attentions they still miss, given that throughout the evening was that frame it and talk to him, as if in a few months had passed by mid-level rom-com actor God of cinema, and especially as if no one else in the room was at its height: We take the liberty to differ.

Other controversies have included the sketch of Sofia Vergara that rotated on the platform: accusations of sexism as if it rains but, without wishing to belittle the noble battles for gender equality, Sometimes it takes a while’ too seriously; the direct interested replied with the best words: “"It means that somebody can be hot and also be funny and make fun of herself”, at the bottom would be enough to have some’ of self-mockery, It's not that he was exactly the sad spectacle of Miss Italy.

Overall the night couldn't have gone better but, with a few exceptions, they were all predictable outcomes; is the problem that arises when already there are some bad nominations, you get to the big night prepared for the worst. Next year we will be freed of ballast Breaking Bad but for now it's too early to predict the trend of the boards; considering what we have seen so far, It is even likely to come back into fashion Mad Men After years of obscurity rather than reward Game Of Thrones!


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