We make the point: 24 – by R.


Dopo 4 anni possiamo finalmente dire “Jack Bauer is back!". Un ritorno sugli schermi che ci hanno fatto sudare con quelle continue promesse di un film mai definitivamente confermato; ma alla fine è giunta una notizia anche più bella: non un semplice film, ma una miniserie evento che riporta l’indistruttibile agente del CTU nelle nostre case per 12 episodi.

24: Live Another Day marks the return of one of the most successful and most popular show ever, that along with Lost She changed the way we think about the tv series: each season consists of 24 episodes to represent 24 hours in a single day, with the passage of time that was marked by continuous between the various scenes to increase the State of tension which was already at levels more than high. Because It 24 also gave us unforgettable twist, among the revelations of identity of moles, Corrupt Presidents and explosions everywhere – causing inevitably as a side effect the make us terribly suspicious. But if in some cases it was not possible to trust even in the White House, There was evidence on which we knew that Jack could always count and among these the pillar was Chloe O'Brian. Appeared from the third season, CTU analyst, talented with computers, less in social relationships, has become over the years the real Jack's right arm, not saving in violating the rules to help him in his missions and to put it safe. Their relationship reached its peak in the final scene of the series with a look through drone between the two, aware that they would not meet again; a very touching moment framed by "Thank you" by Jack toward the one who never expected would become his best ally and last for Chloe, It does shut down the drone because he has time to escape. And Mary Lynn Rajskub is the first along with Kiefer Sutherland to be confirmed 24: Live Another Day. Confirmed also the characters of Kim Raver and William Devane, respectively in the roles of Audrey Raines and father James Heller. Honestly I would have done less to review Audrey, I never considered the fit woman in Jack; among the various suitors that alternated in 8 seasons that I liked was Renee Walker (Annie Wersching), which unfortunately was unable to come back since his death had left no room for doubt. But the return of Audrey was really necessary? Was the heaviness made per person and had concluded perfectly its cycle in the series falling into a catatonic state, forcing Jack to depart from them for his own good. His reappearance may just mean the emergence of guilt by Bauer, as if in these years hadn't been through enough. Sorry for the absence of Kim Bauer (Elisha Cuthbert), what a, Although irritating in his blaming the father for all the ills of the world, He still had an important role and in recent times had improved significantly. I hope at least that we be given some information on the situation of the father-daughter relationship, even if it is in the sense of a termination for the sake of you and your family.

I learn with joy that are part of the cast even Michelle Fairley, the Catelyn Stark of Game of Thrones, and Yvonne Strahovski, the Hannah Dexter, are no fun these connections between different show?

24: Live Another Day consists of 12 episodi, each representing one hour a day, with time jumps here and there to fill in the missing episodes/hour. In the middle of everything our Jack Bauer, that we find in London four years on from the last events. Executive producer Howard Gordon is absolutely right when he says that Jack we really missed, already after the series finale we were hoping for a film that gave him the dedication it deserves – especially after it has been unfairly overlooked by Emmy Awards after the victory in 2006 as Best Drama. Jack Bauer is one of those characters that goes beyond his own tv series, his name is more than enough to understand who we are talking, is a brand unto itself as they say in marketing. In eight seasons we have witnessed at its deepest evolutions and we always cheered for him, because we knew that in the end Jack Bauer would be made, No matter what only he could emerge victorious – Although the victories were always very loving. Hopefully the miniseries doesn't turn into a definitive end, but in any case full confidence in Jack! After all “Jack Bauer could get off the Lost Island in 24 hours!”.


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