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Thursday 27 will finally end the long break of Grey's Anatomy, who left us in suspense after the midseason finale in December. It Seems, then, the best time to pick up the thread of the speech and refresh our memories, to face the best of upcoming events born from the mind of Shonda Rhimes.

The Twisted Sisters: after too many episodes past to spit venom against each other, with my heart that was shattered in every bar, in 10×12 Meredith and Cristina have reached the pinnacle of evil, amid allegations of arrogance on the one hand and cruel "you've become the thing we laughed at" the other. The good thing about that encounter is that they have finally reached the heart of the matter and reached the point of no return, that point from which or leave us forever or you begin to rebuild with more sincerity. Indeed, in a cascade of mutual confessions, take the first step towards reconciliation, admitting each jealousies against the other, jealousies which had so far refused to admit.

Besides being one of the most successful quarrels between best friends, what happens between Meredith and Cristina is especially important from another point of view: we are seeing, indeed, to a long and in-depth analysis of the long-issue of work and career, the possibilities, per a mother, of professional fulfillment, and even in spite of the children; proposals are all facets of each location and all the changes in perspective that occur in the mind of Meredith, paradigm of working mothers, who does not abandon his dream of becoming an excellent surgeon, but is forced to deal with those who have no other concerns outside of work. The part of you, Cristina does this as well devote himself to the work can be difficult, hence the pain for ninth most true her best friend next.

The whole storyline, in addition to, paves the output stage of Cristina, then trust in a dignified resolution of this story, not only to do justice to his character, but also his relationship with Meredith, that has always been a mainstay of the show.

Brief mention of Shane, that is completely out of the head; but Sharky, seems a surgeon zombies, but mainly it was even now that he felt a little 'guilty for the death of Heather. Shane will never my understanding, should be fired for what he did (to which is added the disastrous operation improvised father of Alex), is even worse than foolish acts of love Izzie and scientific research compromised by Meredith.


Negative note, so far, for the slight flattening of the character of Derek: since nothing happens between him and Meredith is seen very little and, for how nice the family scenes, are nothing compared to what we had become accustomed in recent seasons. It seems that things are about to change with the call of the President (thing that will force him to renege on his promise to Meredith to spend more time at home to leave to her success working), I just hope that we do not expect a crossover with Scandal!

The Bailey is the usual exaggerated, accusing her husband of being the cause of his delusions obsessive-compulsive; ABC has, however, anticipated that the return of Ben comes not only from the fact that he preferred to remain an anesthesiologist to be able to return to live with his family, so I hope that there is something to be discovered interessane, at least to make more sense to what he says Bailey.

Alex is one of the few who recently showed intelligence, and in fact is the most mature of leaving behind the complicated relationship with his father, thanking him for abandoning him and the rest of the family; we really can not blame him, indeed, when he says that, if the father had remained, would never have become the man and the surgeon is that instead. Painful but right.


What's more, Alex seems to have (finally) found its size also sentimentally: Jo is perfect for him, the only one who can really stand up to him and make him see reason; in addition to, by a sneak peek episode 10×13 we understand that that speech on being together and having a family was, in style Karev, his way to ask her to marry him. And it fits perfectly that she has some initial hesitation (although I do not think they will last very long), like any normal person would do in his place; the face of that fairytale wedding to Izzie and useless dying.

For a couple who was born one that fails to meet, namely Arizona e Callie: Arizona is defined only as the best person EVER bitch, making life impossible for Callie (who had undeservedly forgiven): whatever he does, indeed, is the wrong one, and also wants to be right, because she likes too the role of the victim misunderstood. I was hoping that this phase was over a long time ago, retrace the same path is a waste of time: or you like it or not, you place an end to this torment!


The marriage of April, for which preparations have occupied much space in the first arc of the season, was the backdrop to the whole episode 10×12, until the final twist (obviously, No rule. 1 of life, never expect a normal marriage in Grey's Anatomy).

"I love you April […] And I think you love me too. Do you?". The circumstances in which Jackson utters these beautiful words are at least questionable; to be honest, it must be said that we could not wait, it must be said that in no universe as a person vapid Stephanie could never be with Jackson (someone would have bet that lasted more than two episodes?), and also that Matthew is too embarrassing even for April (the flashmob… seriously?). The title of the episode, “Get Up, Stand Up”, was a whole program, and when Jackson sued Mark (R.I.P.) with his "if you love somebody, say it loud and go from there"It was clear that there was a declaration of love on the horizon. But not so, Jackson, not so!


The expression of disgust while Alex Jackson speaks in the middle of the aisle is definitely the one that best sums up every possible comment to this exploit (and is the same one that had the famous flashmob): a private conversation would go just as well, and would have saved the humiliation to all third parties involved (and a little’ even the bride). Inter alia, someone should also remember that April Jackson had given him the chance to return to her, and he had chosen Stephanie (…), it is useless to put to make the splendid during marriage.

The two poor people abandoned / publicly humiliated goes, in any case, recognized merit: I never thought possible regret the relationship between April and Jackson, with all the paranoia and hysterics about God and sex pre double; Stephanie is so devoid of personality to bring out positive madness of April, and Matthew is so silly and stupid (not even seemed surprised by the sudden honesty Jackson, to prove his total lack of character) to be inappropriate for her, clearly demonstrating that by April it takes more than one worthy of an adolescent crush.

The curtain has fallen, in the background with the guess and heartbreaking notes “Total eclipse of the heart”, on the expression of stunned April, and I only have one thing to say for the next episode: Team Jackson!!

These (almost) all the plots that will resume Thursday and now the wait comes to an end, then: see you in Shondaland!


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