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Questo post fa riferimento a quanto accaduto sino all’episodio 4×08 compreso.

The third season of Homeland had ended with the unexpected departure of Nicholas Brody, un’impiccagione che non lasciava adito a dubbi; l’abbiamo vista noi e soprattutto l’ha vista, a distanza ravvicinata, Carrie Mathison – among other things the man's pregnant, forse un colpo di scena maggiore della stessa morte di quest’ultimo considerando il personaggio di Claire Danes. Yet despite evidence of death by Brody – it must be said though that even that of his former fellow prisoner Tom Walker seemed clear and instead we know what happened – in many thought he'd come back and the finale of the seventh episode of the fourth season was about to give him incredibly right. Carrie is not going at all well, We know, already the poor thing has several problems, If then the enemies of round playing with his pills the mental chaos is just around the corner; the ensuing crisis is dramatic – affects even Quinn and shoot in the middle of the street with a pistol invisible – so when Brody appears the first thought is "Ok, Crazy Carrie returned to the nth degree ". But the scene is built exceptionally well, almost as to give rise to doubt: It makes sense that the "men's Brody" aid us – the other possible worried about her condition, Quinn, He just knocked out – He's certainly less that behind it all there is Khan, especially remembering who he was to make that tense third degree to Saul before he was kidnapped; In addition the undeniable thrill of reunion obscures everything else. But just seconds from the end credits the truth is unveiled: Brody is dead and the man to whom Carrie you are holding is own Khan. Honestly I'm glad they have not revived, not only I wasn't such a fan, but everything that happened since the end of the third and beginning of the fourth season would lose meaning – including the poor guy to Quinn practically forced to return to Pakistan because his beloved Carrie needs him. His return would bring a further upheaval in the life of Mathison, that between the daughter, the ambiguous relationship with Aayan and kidnap Saul already has its work cut, threatening to make her do more than one step back.


Unfortunately we had very little time to see Carrie mom version, which is good for the health of that child. And’ was interesting to the contrast between the first and second episode. In "The Drone Queen" Mathison looked surprisingly good in the role of mother, It's true it was miles and miles away from daughter, but the desire to see her who had demonstrated in Skype call left a glimpse of a mom, Although not perfect, forced away from daughter, willing to change the workplace just to keep her with him. Who would have ever expected from Carrie Mathison? And indeed "Trylon and Perisphere" reveals all the illusion of that image: Carrie doesn't even have the courage to get into the House when he hears the cry of his daughter and does everything to avoid being alone with her, leaving even the babysitter embarrassed. The Mathison trembles from the desire to return to Pakistan, investigates anyway to find proof that something down there is wrong, He blackmails the CIA Director to have the place of his colleague just died and when she feels suffocated by her mother attempt to drown her daughter new condition. And’ a scene very strongly that, If it cannot be reconnected to a classic postnatal depression, It shows how that life as a mother is not for you: Carrie realizes the atrocity that was going to make, suffers from not being able to be a good mother, but I can do because she is not like her sister who manages to coexist on work and family, for Carrie, his work has all. How sad her flee to Pakistan is the only thing you can do to feel good about herself and therefore to give her daughter the life she deserves.


Proof that work is his life comes when is willing to embark on an affair with a kid to succeed in the mission. Aayan is young, scared, naïve, It takes little because they fall into the trap of Carrie, going as far as to fall in love. She is arguing that that is the fastest, but I could not disagree with Quinn when the accusation directly, possible there were other ways to gain the trust of Aayan? Among other things the tragic end result wasn't that unpredictable, He really believed that Haqqani was going to get fooled by his grandson? The death of the young addition to the abduction of Saul cause in Mathison a nervous breakdown that anticipates the next collapse caused by the replacement of pills. Its disturbing evidence that at the bottom of the story with not so much indifferent as Aayan left a simple mission, but we had already guessed from its total unavailability that many problems caused. The shock for killing Aayan leads her to ask – very violently – that Haqqani be struck down despite Saul both his human shield; an attitude opposite to that which he later in the episode when, Despite the promise to former CIA Director to let him die if his flight is not successful, begs him to not shoot yourself tricking him on proximity of rescue and guiding it straight back into the hands of the enemy. And’ a scene of high drama, We know that men sent by Mathison were forced to retire and, While the Taliban are in every corner, It is not clear what Carrie is doing; as long as what she does look like the way of salvation becomes the end of Saul's race, encircled by the enemy: while being led away the man yells insults towards Mathison, guilty of having betrayed him. Who to reason? And’ lasts, I didn't want to see die Saul, but at the same time its decision of death against the imprisonment was more than understandable. Carrie on the other hand was effectively forced to promise, but in front of the next delivery of the worst reality you can't blame her if she is drawn back; It is true that until recently was ready to do the opposite, but it was a knee-jerk reaction at a time of great upheaval, I don't think I would be able to bear the loss of Saul.


This new season I really like, most of the previous, especially the face an enemy that's right before my eyes, but you have to avoid collision real. The meetings between Pakistani and American diplomacy are always very entertaining, with the Director of the CIA Lockhart trembling from desire to send them to that country and on the other those of the ISI which are divided between those that you don't know if you're kidding or not and Qureshi who has the audacity to send text messages to terrorists under the noses of Americans. The woman we could understand this since its first appearance, and there is little to say, is most odious of most wanted Haqqani. But Latif and Khan the opinion remains outstanding; both have stirred more than a suspect in their encounter with Saul, However, the first is an old friend of man, the second seems sincere in concern for Carrie and the finale of "Halfway to a Donut" has even revealed the name of the mole at the Embassy – mere professional solidarity or another man who remains a victim of the charm of unstable Carrie?

The identity of the mole, none other than Dennis Boyd, the husband of the Special Envoy, played by Mark Moses (It thus maintains that image with which we have experienced in the tricky and treacherous Desperate Housewives) will most likely be at the center of the ninth episode, finally! Know who the traitor and spy him and makes his wheeling and dealing without anyone noticing – even the svegliona of the wife went to tell him that they found out there is a mole! – hits a lot of nerves. What will the consequences be? There will be a clash between Carrie Mathison and Qureshi?


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