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Si avvicina a grandi passi il 22 giugno, data della première della settima ed ultima stagione di True Blood; le vicende degli abitanti di Bon Temps sono sempre state quanto meno peculiari, ma soprattutto, pur mantenendo sullo sfondo una costante attenzione al tema dell’accettazione e della convivenza, si sono completamente rinnovate di anno in anno; si può davvero dire che i Truebies ne abbiano viste di tutti i colori, ragion per cui è più che mai utile rinfrescarci la memoria sugli avvenimenti più recenti.

The central points of the sixth season were two: Warlow and the concentration camp of Governor Burrell. Warlow eventually died, but it is worth remembering that not only was half fairy, not only was a vampire for the other half, It was also the first vampire ever existed, son of Lilith, then, by Bill (He drank the blood of Lilith in the finale of season 5). Obviously one of the genre, a guy who clearly can bring only bad luck and misfortunes, couldn't that be hopelessly in love with Sookie (un po’ in love and a little’ Stalker psychopath: “We will always be together when we eat each other”… I don't know, I wouldn't trust). Since Sookie is a girl warm and full of goodness, It kept alive the tradition of going to bed with all the male protagonists of the series, Although it must be said that it is granted to Warlow before he revealed his psychopathic side. Luckily the grandfather Niall, Jason and Bill they rushed to the aid of Sookie before he stuck the vampirizzasse and Jason Warlow quite a stake through the chest.

Meanwhile Bill, become Billith, He gained a lot of power (why those common vampires weren't enough); and thanks to the gift of seeing the future (tribute to Phoebe Halliwell of Charmed, always praise) He came to know of the Governor's plan Burrell, that included the aforementioned concentration camp (with experiments on vampires and various forms of torture) and the deadly (for vampires) hepatitis V, with True Blood bottles were contaminated. Drinking the blood of Warlow (Bill lately drink blood to anyone!) that made him immune to the Sun, Bill is then offered as a meal to all vampires prisoners (that is all, at least everyone we know we), that feeding on him survived the forced exposure to the Sun implementation from an amazing Sarah Newlin, one of the best villain ever. Vampires are so saved and freed, and gone around the Louisiana Beach clothes and playing volleyball in the meadows, intoxicated by the Bill's fairy blood; After the death of Warlow, but, the effect of sunscreen has disappeared, and all vampires are back to being nocturnal creatures.


Eric, instead, has given us various times relevant: first and foremost, watch helplessly as Nora was injected with the hepatitis V and, shortly after, hold her in his arms as she died (with the explosion in the final mash, obviously), a scene that made it difficult to not join his weeping. Eric Northman is undoubtedly one of the most complex characters of True Blood, and despite being initially presented as “that asshole”, as opposed to Bill (of, How long has it been!), soon it was clear that under the surface there was much more; in particular, often was deepened the importance that he has family: by Godric, the revenge of his parents, Nora, Pam (I can just hear the words “The release you” because opening the first tears), Eric has always given his all and done everything in his power to protect the people he loves. The loss of power Bill, but, It is passed on him too: After the liberation of the vampires, Eric left and flew to Sweden; in the last scene we saw blissfully lying on snow, totally nude and addicted to reading a book, convinced that he is immune to sunlight: pity that it was no longer so, and in fact caught fire. I'm sure I speak for many when I very much hope that somehow survived, But how? Pam left Bon Temps (and Tara) to find his maker, He has managed somehow to save it?

An honorable mention for Arlene and the skill of Carrie Preston, that becomes a woman fought, strong and loving a character who could easily have been a speck. During the sixth season Arlene has made use of the power of vampires to bewitch Terry, to release the man she loved from his nightmares and give him a good life. Pity that he had already asked a former comrade-in-arms to kill him and, then, After enjoying a few days of happiness, Having glimpsed the life that could have, Terry died in the arms of a desperate Arlene.


Margin notes: Andy had four daughters by fairy with whom you were allowed a night of madness; the daughters were obviously take themselves, and I say “were” Why Jessica He killed them all (except for one), Unable to resist the smell of their blood. Despite that Jessica is always adorable, Although it has a new boyfriend (This James), thing that broke my heart to Jason. The baldo Stakhouse, in any case, wasted no time, and ended up more or less voluntarily involved in a relationship with a vampire nympho (Violet, and Dominika Dr. House); from the first season Jason has made many strides in its ability to relate to vampires and the like, but his stupidity is always an unshakable reference point, harbinger of pure comedy scenes. Lafayette was nothing more than a sidekick for other characters, in particular, it should be remembered when he evoked the spirits of Sookie's parents, but Mr. Stakhouse has taken advantage of her body to try to kill the daughter (It turned out, indeed, that the famous car accident where Sookie lost her parents was, originally, the father's attempt to kill her to spare her a destiny to fairy/vampire if Warlow could find it; a father-daughter relationship idyllic, insomma). Steve Newlin, instead, He died at the hands of Eric: during the liberation of vampires from the field, indeed, Eric held the former Reverend well away from Bill, whose blood all were feeding: poor Steve has met the true death shouting “I love you, Jason Stakhouse”, scene of great hilarity and a great “fuck you” the ex-wife, as the same Michel McMillian stressed.

We also saw Alcide and Sam, but basically their vicissitudes no one cares about: become, sniff, snarl, get a little’ of casino and ends there. Alcide has the specific responsibility to show the pectorals, but otherwise their presence was not relevant to the progression of the storyline, If it weren't for the final revelation: indeed, finished the General bustle, There was a convenient falshforward six months and met the new couple of the year: just Sookie and Alcide (I understand that vampires have caused a lot of problems though, insomma, How do you prefer Alcide?). This was not the only innovation: Sam became mayor of Bon Temps, and Bill wrote a book denouncing the recent events and educate the world about the spread of hepatitis V implementation from Burrell, considering that the virus has now taken hold. These are the elements that have enabled us to set, already in the finale of the sixth season, the setting for the seventh: Sam, indeed, brought closer to its citizens (healthy ones) to maintain a relationship with a vampire of their choice, a quid pro quo in declination of nourishment in Exchange for protection (by vampires infected). Obviously, the proposal was not well received by all, but there have also been positive reactions: for example, Tara's mother offered to her daughter, to make up for all the years when she took care of her, Bill offered as protector of Sookie and Alcide (!!)and we left Jessica who was trying to atone for his sins by asking Andy permission to protect his family. And while our were preparing to face the new threat, the final scene has presented: infected vampires have now arrived in Bon Temps.


The sixth season of True Blood was one of the best in the series, a return to its former glory after a few years undertone: No strange monsters and strange rites, without introducing lots of new characters, the season it worked fine with only historical actors, proving that vampires of Louisiana still have much to tell. And now, the underlying theme is extended: beyond integration and acceptance, is the moment of fight for survival. And speaking of survival, in flashforward Eric has not seen: We have to worry about?


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  1. I think the mother of tara more that offer themselves to atone is trying again to stick to her daughter's rump relying on feelings.. Bad!

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