Game of Thrones – 4×01 Two Swords – by R. and S.


The first episode of the fourth season of Game of Thrones does not disappoint – confirm viewing figures and activity on social networks – giving us an hour where we find almost all the characters which help us to frame to which are the respective storyline. No twist, but still scenes that remind us why we so much April.

Enough seconds to make Tywin the most odious of Westeros; sì, even the grandson Joffrey. Not that there was further need, But evidently the man doesn't want to risk her character: take the place of Ned as Hand of the King, give Sansa married to Tyrion, kill half family are not enough slaps. Gotta melt the legendary sword of Ned, Ice, to create two new valyrian steel, apparently "toys" who dreamed for so long: She may be the most feared Lords of Westeros, but this is an example of how he can fall in attitudes from cranky – Joffrey's gotta take after somebody. Upon completion of this symbolic end of Stark, throw in the fur of a fire Wolf: for Tywin the House of Catalunya FC is now past history – indeed from his point of view makes sense – you can then think about the future, he envisions more weddings than does Naveen Maini. After Joffrey and Cersei, will be Jaime the next to get married and become Lord of Casterly Rock. Too bad the supposed groom don't think right. Dad Lannister still hasn't figured out that being a member of the Kingsguard is not a whim for son, He really believes in his oath and especially wouldn't leave King's Landing because it would mean that they could no longer stay near his beloved Cersei. Tywin is anything but silly then it will be perfectly aware of the latter further joint, But if you managed to keep up the name Tyrion Lannister despite, It does of course break down from an incestuous gossip: deny, deny always deny, even in the face of overwhelming evidence. Not only at war, But even in family Tywin to achieve its purposes uses devious techniques, such as make Jaime a middle man/Knight, whose highest aspiration is to serve: in practice a being useless.

The Kingslayer misses an iota of understanding even in Cersei, that it blames for leaving. You have to understand it, After all that has passed. On the other hand if Jaime had not attacked Ned in piazza, We would have avoided many problems; After he left and it took forever to get back. The question of the Queen "You come back after all this time with no apologies and one hand and expect everything to be the same?"embodies its personality: the world should revolve around her, No matter what Jaime was faced with, the only relevant fact is that it wasn't there to help her. Cersei is the only worthy successor of Tywin, but being a woman keeps her to occupy the place it deserves, even Tyrion had been preferred in a command role. She is forced to struggle continuously to establish itself and in the end they always leave a minor role. The only satisfaction that he is being “The Queen”, which will change soon. That unjust life! And if Jaime back crippled, loses all its charm, How can expect welcome him in his bed? His vision of his brother is not so far from that of the father: the loss of the hand of the sword makes it so useless that Qyburn elicits more interest.

View the welcome received Jaime did well to stay with Catelyn Stark! Much to do in order to be treated as the last of the idiots, also Joffrey makes fun of him. The King now boasts so much of his victories against the enemies that does not distinguish reality from fantasies; the statue David and Goliath style – where Goliath is replaced by a metalupo – is the clear demonstration: He completely removed the only occasion when he found himself facing a metalupo – Nymeria Arya – He ran crying to Mommy. And since then nothing has changed, If not the disproportionate growth of his self-esteem.

On balance, among the three sons Lannister what doing better Tyrion; will also have little authority as master of Coinage, but he argued the first conversation with the new character of the season, Prince Oberyn Martell of Dorne (that was with the lover ellaria, watch case, in a brothel: now that is truly the Game of Thrones)). And it's an interesting conversation, because the Prince gives us a brief history on Rhaegar Targaryen, his mistress, his wife Oberyn's sister Elia, murdered cruelly at the hands of Gregor Clegane (and so on behalf of Tywin) during the war: and it's immediately clear that relations between the houses of Martell and Lannister aren't good (What a surprise), so we can get into the mood best suited to tackle the next episodes.

Unfortunately for Tyrion, She finds herself Sansa as wife, thing that, Besides being a tragedy in itself, does that complicate his relationship with Shae: the prostitute is, indeed, very jealous of her Lion, but it is not clear what give you the right to make the offense because it feels neglected: I can understand that it can't be fun doing the handmaiden of the wife of her lover, but Tyrion made sure that living a life safer and more comfortable than a hundred times that would have otherwise gone meeting and, above, He always made it very clear that he could never give her more, What else did you expect? Tyrion, then, juggles between the whims of Shae and sadness of The Chance, trying in vain to comfort her while she mourns the death of his family and refuses food (even his favorite cake!). It is while in this state of mind that Sansa seems to blossom a new friendship, the one with Dontos (first Knight and now jester); Since even the smallest of Thrones Extras never appear by accident, It makes one wonder what will ever result from this unusual sympathy (certainly not the Knight in armor Dontos scintillating old adolescent dreams of Sansa).


To give satisfaction, instead, We think like always Arya: starting to get bored of being entirely dependent on the Mastiff and the desire to make a change in the situation comes from the desire for revenge, that sudden rises inside her when she runs randomly in Polliver. Arya kills it intentionally, to do justice not only in Laporte but even herself, for everything you've had to endure since leaving Winterfell; the moment he kills, and the way it does, mark the beginning of the new Arya, back in possession of Needle and is no longer a victim and fugitive but mistress of her fate and of herself (and at the turn of his deserved new pony).

Meanwhile across the sea Daenerys He enjoys among his adorable Dawg and the courtship of Daario. The three dragons alternate moments of absolute tenderness between mother's arms and fights between them, but after all they are still puppies, play. And you can hardly expect them to behave like perfect little princes, are dragons and each parent must respect the natural inclinations of the children. Dany would do well not to forget it. The role of responsibility as mother and Queen is put aside in the face of malicious gestures of Daario, before which although K trying to maintain a certain demeanor, can not hide to be pleasantly flattered. After all, it's always a young woman. As much as I doubt that anyone will ever be worthy successor Drogo, I have to say that the new Daario justifies more weak stirred in Dany. Far from leaving for Westeros – might not still satisfied with her army? – the K has to face the hostility of the Lords of Meeren, who want to move before it attempts to "liberate" their slaves, with a Walk of Punishment just for you. This spirit from Red Cross nurse may not lead to anything good, Dear Dany you are the Savior of the world, You can't have forgotten what brought your goodness with Maegi Mirri Maz Duur.

It's not looking good, instead, at the barrier: indeed, are Jon is loved as ever by his friend Sam, It cannot be said that he received a warm welcome by his superiors; SER Alliser Thorne and Janos Slynt show all their stupidity considering execute Jon as if it were the last of traitors, are so obtuse that even the presence of Wildings shakes them from their positions south of the Barrier, dictated solely by their selfishness and certainly not by the sense of responsibility that should derive from Night's Watchers. Luckily we think Maester Aemon to bring these fools with our feet on the ground, but it is certain that for Jon, among the Wildings (with Ygritte) Inbox and the confreres who finds herself, There are difficult days.

Now that we have taken up the ranks of the stories of almost all the characters, We are more than ever ready to enter into the heart; the premiere gave us some glimpse of what lies ahead but mostly served to make us riambientare to Westeros and to increase as much as possible that curiosity that comes with each new season start. Ended up travelling companions left last June (or at least, those of them who are still alive), now begins a new chapter of the story of the Seven Kingdoms.


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