Game Of Thrones – 4×02 The Lion And The Rose – by R. and S.


Apparent calm: is this the trend of the episode, where for a good half hour exudes a strangely serene air, that air of quiet before the storm.

Even the narrative structure is different, Another element that helps to stir up confusion in the spectator: After a seemingly usual beginning, the plot shifts from the barrier at Dragonstone, you stop at King's Landing throughout the second half of the episode. Dialogues, long dialogues and conversations even longer, castles of words, so much so that one wonders “but nothing's happening this week?”. Nothing more wrong.

In this episode makes its return Roose Bolton, He meets his son Ramsay, hopeful to get from his father a recognition as a legitimate Bolton. And although it appears that Ramsay has many possibilities than I had had Theon, that bothered with her sadistic tortures shows dad her ' value ': Thanks to him, Theon Greyjoy no longer exists, now there is just Reek, a poor guy, medium skinned and middle amputee, He would do anything to please her master. The trick of getting shave is terribly significant, Theon may in a nanosecond slit that crazy, but it's so subdued as to carry out its task to perfection, without a scratch and no qualms telling the truth on the fate of Bran and Rickon. Discover how Roose did Robb has the sole effect of blocking for a moment her hand; If the latter Act suggests that Theon is now lost, the pause could also have the opposite meaning, with the possibility that pushing on certain points can be recovered.

For a few minutes we review Bran they continue their journey beyond the Barrier. Having rediscovered the pleasure of running while – far too long – in the shoes of Summer, the young Stark with a Weirwood tree has a vision in which apart from discovering the goal which should reach – "Look for me" beneath the tree. North " – Interlinear pictures, past and future (?), including the shadow of a Dragon flying over King's Landing, the Iron Throne innevato (similar to that seen from Daenerys in episode 2×10) and especially Bran sees the father Ned, a moment that makes the short unforgettable scene.

In the first part of the episode is also found Stannis and Melisandre, to remind us that “the night is dark and full of terrors” (in case anyone had fear of the dark by now nothing but anxiety); It gets interesting the role of small Shereen, that is not fooled by Melisandre and seems to be the only person, over Davos, Why Stannis is able to prove some positive sentiment. Unfortunately I don't think distrust of Shereen for Red Queen is sufficient to bring the father and mother from the madness of God of Light, in fact, I don't think we have made too many problems to burn alive the brother of Queen Saheb. You don't see much more than Stannis and his gang, because the attention are the big Royal Wedding.

The tension rises sharply, making it feel heavy, during the celebration of Royal wedding, and the Director is very adept at bringing attention to the wrong characters: How has confirmed the same Alex Graves, the Director episode, the intention is to convey a sense of danger related to Sansa, Maybe to Tyrion, even Oberyn Martell portends bad intentions. All this suspense to seize the Viewer by surprise as much as possible with the long-awaited and desired death of Joffrey.

The most awaited moment of all came. How long have you been waiting for? By the second episode of the first season, When the clash with Arya had led to the death of his friend, the killing of Lady and the removal of Nymeria. Already there had understood that that boy spoiled it would have been a great source of tragedies. And it turned out even worse. In what should be his big day – I think this is the only wedding where the Bride Groom has more – Joffrey no exceptions, dispensing jokes and attitudes that would annoy the new gods, the ancient ones, The Drowned God and also the Lord of Light by Melisandre. If it weren't for the initial ceremony – where Joffrey launches into a Kiss "passionate" almost wants to remember who was the most eligible Bachelor of Westeros, In contrast to the approaches with the opposite sex so far had – there would understand that we are at a wedding: the King looks like a child who is bored in his own party and that waiting to watch the stupid jokes that holds. Margaery It filters every so often, reciting his well-established part of Miss – is now Queen, won Scepter and Crown – with those typical conversations marked by kindness and generosity inordinate. The new Queen is perfect in his role, operates without stealing the spotlight at new husband and manages to put a point to scenes that exceed every restraint by avoiding to go manifestly against the "oddities" of the groom. Her grandmother was an exceptional teacher: with this impeccable behavior Margaery conquers all, by the people to the nobles who by their silence they leave leaked resent the sovereign. The most uncomfortable moments are definitely the dwarven skit to represent the war of the five Kings and the subsequent involvement of his uncle Tyrion: the bad taste of Joffrey reaches its peak, doing nothing short of awkward silence falls among the Diners. The only ones who seem to tolerate everything are Tywin and Cersei, their mild smiles of circumstance reveal the typical demeanor of the man of power who knows how to act depending on the convenience, on the other hand, In addition to Regal composure which did not abandon, a satisfaction for the harassment to which the brother. Cersei must have coached to capacity for this day; the smiles and compliments toward the daughter-in-law are unwelcome by Oscar, There are few times when lets his true nature, But even here can do everything with a smile. The only moment of seriousness the appeal to Brienne, When he realizes that the woman is in love with Jaime – to Cersei does not escape anything – because you can betray, mistreat, humiliate, but he is his, no other can afford to put the eyes. Especially if the same Jaime has not totally indifferent, respect for trying to Brienne could hide something else and Cersei has already divined.

As we said, Tyrion It seems until the last moment the recipient of increasing cruelty of Joffrey, But if we are accustomed (and unfortunately so is he) to see him at the center of humiliating scenes, designed for the sole purpose of belittling his dignity, the scene of farewell to Shae shows us a different side. That's obvious feelings for her from time, but instead of giving her money and jewelry now goes further, away reluctantly to try and protect it. Tywin's scorn if she finds out about their relationship, indeed, not alarming that much, wouldn't nothing new; It is only to save more than agree not to see Shae, and this gesture confirms that Tyrion is the only true gentleman (Stark excluded, Since I'm dead). Further evidence is his concern for Sansa during the cruel and crude staging organized by Joffrey; but The Chance, Although it seems on the brink of emotional breakdown, If the quarry and runs off into the General bustle with its new friend Dontos: make it truly escape? And from where? And because a fool should be involved in a complicated plan definitely orchestrated by nobles to encourage other nobles? I would however note that Sansa has waited to be rescued once again by someone: never take the initiative.


Just minutes from the end when it seems that the worst has passed, what fans of the books called Purple Wedding comes to fruition: Joffrey choking with a piece of pigeon (a wedding cake of pigeon, seriously?) and dies in what looks like a terrible agony in the arms of mother (and the real father). A truly humiliating death – and totally deserved – that turns on the day of the final consecration of Lannister – only Joffrey was still convinced he was a Baratheon – in a "tragedy" that no one would have predicted. Obviously the only genuinely pained is Cersei, who loses his beloved son – was not enough already deliver it to Margaery? – and wastes no time to accuse of poisoning Tyrion. Cersei is blinded by grief, see in wine poured from the oppressed brother c.o.d if the circumstances in which we add the contempt that she and the father have for him, the poor little Imp has high hopes in front of you. But it is evident that Tyrion's innocent, then open bets to see who is the real author, who would gain more from the death of King shortly after the wedding? Personally I find that there are many doubts about it and a few moments of the Festival I think clearly toward the target//the culprit s.

Waiting for the next episode we can rejoice in the death of the King, We loved to hate The Rains of Castamere Joffrey and finally we can sing for a good reason. But in Westeros you can never rest easy and this end Besides opening new scenarios will also mark the emergence of other personalities ready to catalyze the hatred that there was Joffrey, the variety of choices about not missing. And who knows that we did not finish worse than before.


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