Game of Thrones – 4×03 Breaker of Chains – by R. and S.


Game of Thrones starts from where we had left with a hysterical Cersei and desperate shouting of arresting the brother for the murder of Joffrey. An episode in which the majority of the characters finds himself having to deal in different ways with the death of the King. The mother is the only truly sad for the loss of son, all the others, Although upset by the incident, they must think that it is only good. Starting from his grandfather who does not show a minimum of sorrow for the sudden disappearance of his nephew; After all, Joffrey was not exactly a puppet in his hands as Tywin He hoped originally, sadistic tendencies and the childish cowardice made him unpopular at all and completely unworkable. Another story instead is Tommen, what a, as we have seen little so far, It always appeared as a sweet and innocent child, What that demonstrates the speech with Grandpa, When all the best qualities that a good naively lists King should have – holiness, Justice, strength – poor child, little does she know what to expect. Tywin wastes no time to approffitarsi the innocence of grandchild to make clear the importance of a good counselor, a subtle way, but not too much, to ensure full control of power. Despite never having been King, Tywin is the emblem of the man of power in the Seven Kingdoms, that has been able to carve out his role wisely regardless of who sat on the Iron Throne. Even before his appearance had understood that the Lord of Casterly Rock had more power to King Robert and that he never denied. Tywin sa to make the most of every opportunity and doesn't stop at nothing, even the corpse still hot bereavement of her daughter and grandson. Can also benefit from presence at King's Landing of his sworn enemy, Oberyn Martell, by convincing him to be one of the three judges at the trial against Tyrion. Why stoop in front of that dude who craves vengeance? But because Tywin, from perfect calculator how much, is already with the mind to possible landing at King's Landing to Daenerys with its three Davids and knows that then Tyrell and support that conspiracy Bolton-Frey won't be enough. I am convinced that Oberyn is smart enough not to believe the words of the Hand of the King, How can lie through your teeth in an elegant and convincing (I have to say that Charles Dance is great in the role), will not give up ever to Gregor Clegane: the dirty jobs are essential to attract and retain power and Tywin knows that for those can always count on The Mountain. D’altro canto, Oberyn However, it seems to be fascinated very quickly from power that Tywin offers: We hope that the orgies as only distraction, without dedicating himself to internal politics lose sight of the real reason for his visit.

Despite her character's development over the past two seasons have shown in a different light, Jaime may tarnish its journey with the commits in this episode. In front of the Joffrey's body – this guy gets caught up in "important issues" more now than in life – Jaime force his sister to have sex, which he did a lot of crying scandal "rapecest", so as to require a comment the – always be praised – George R. R. Martin. Ora, It must be said that since returning, Cersei He denied his brother, disgusted by his new maimed condition – and now useless man – which must have made him mount a lot of frustration; but obviously the frustration does not justify rape. However, Cersei an instant before the misdeed asks Jaime to murder Tyrion, using the words "He was our son, our baby boy ", of course now it is son of his twin, After that for his whole life he had to ignore him for not getting leaked anything; among other things is the version required by desperate mother despite knowing full well that Jaime is associated with brother, further evidence of how everything should revolve around her. Cersei launches into a passionate kiss with Jaime, in which pours a little’ her need for comfort and a little’ more trying to get him to commit fratricide. The attitude of the sister to the upright frustration lead the Kingslayer to an explosion that is a mix of passion and anger – significant her sentence “Why have the gods made me love a hateful woman?” – and to do what he does to Cersei that rather than reject the Act itself, seems concerned about the place where they're doing. So personally I agree with Cersei that one could find a more appropriate place, but we are talking about "rapecest" seems to me exaggerated, everything should be traced back to the characters we're talking about and the storyline in which the scene grew. Without forgetting the standard of Game of Thrones as a whole, is this really the most scandalous scene we witnessed? Direi proprio di no

Isn't doing very well Tyrion: Shae should by now be the match, his sister wants him dead and is being tried for the murder of the King; the only fidelity Podrick, and even on this occasion Tyrion proves to stand out from the rest of her family for having limits, moral borders impassable. Just him, that is constantly being thrown to be the shame of the family, with his passion for wine and prostitutes (In addition to be nano), It is the only one who cares about the consequences of his actions on other: as he wanted to protect Shae, now does the same with the Squire, and even now continues to have an eye for Sansa.

Ecco, The Chance Instead he continues to live in the magical world of little pony without understanding anything about what's going on around her: It should be noted that when Littlefinger proposed to sail with him for safekeeping by his aunt Lysa, She decided to stay to be tortured by Joffrey, but now run like a criminal while the King dies poisoned, accompanied by a drunken jester and on a boat hidden by darkness, It sounds like a great idea. Not to mention the DOE-DOE turned upside down when Littlefinger kills Dontos: is a precaution because less necessary in view of the circumstances, but she doesn't get it, He didn't exactly learn anything in time spent at King's Landing.

Little room for neo Queen Margaery, basking in his role as black widow, I doubt anyone really think is genuinely saddened by the sudden loss of both spouses. This is also her grandmother's smarter. You don't just have to wait for the wedding with the new groom, Since this time there is also the excuse of non-consummation of the marriage.


We see the first signs of something new, instead, for Arya: After you savor the now forgotten joys of hearth and home, and a meal with a normal family, I can really more of his surly fellow traveler/kidnapper; I was very happy to follow him after yet another act of gratuitous violence and, rest, or arrive quickly in the Vale of Arryn, or not they can continue to ride in the middle of nowhere much longer.

North things start to get ugly, with the wildings that they reap the first victims and are approaching dangerously at Castle Black; and his brothers will also have their generals and commanders, but Jon is the only (In addition to Maester Aemon) to demonstrate a basic knowledge of military strategy, taking care of the situation, He is well aware of what awaits them. Meanwhile Sam your average guy with a good heart and does everything it can to rescue others Gilly; his sense of duty and honor makes it very similar to Jon (not for nothing are now friends) and, of reflection, Ned: This worries me a lot, because we know that the spirits good to Westeros have really short life; If you add the upcoming battle with the Wildings, and the poor attitude of Sam for combat, I don't really know what to expect.

One of the worst consequences of what happened to Joffrey is that Stannis becomes convinced even more right, thinking that his sacrifice with Gendry and leeches have actually caused the death of the usurper. Poor Davos, forced to find an army for a re at the mercy of a fortune-teller; would have done better to continue his career as a smuggler and stay away from these two.

A few minutes are dedicated to Daenerys, who perseveres in its humanitarian mission. After a series of humiliations by the bosses of the slaves of Meereen, the K succeeds again to emerge victorious thanks to the performance of his own if he wants to pretend to be indifferent Daario – which at least undertake some’ di più. Too bad that instead of harnessing the power accumulated by now to go to King's Landing, you keep wasting time and energy. The worst thing is that it is really convinced to free all slaves; If you really want to do it might not first obtain the Iron Throne? And’ by the fourth episode of season three, who owns an army, her dragons are beautiful rose, everyone knows that beyond the sea the only Targaryen is ready for rinconquistare the Seven Kingdoms and what do you do? Lets his soft-heart the fog completely brain, right now that with the death of Joffrey and the capital bustled with a trial would be the best opportunity to attack. But she doesn't, stresses the role of slave Mhysa, forgetting that first of all is the Mother of Dragons and her dragons either are seen. If it continues to postpone the Lords of Westeros are more than prepared to accommodate her and her children. We'll see if the slaves of Meereen are ready to challenge their bosses to join Dany.

With this episode we are open doors for new chapters in the storylines of several characters: in the near future we expect the process of Tyrion, the clash at Castle Black and the entrance of Oberyn intrigues of power of King's Landing. We hope, however, to see the Dragons a little’ more often!


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