Game Of Thrones – 4×04 Oathkeeper – by R. and S.


A relatively quiet for most of the characters appeared, the psychological analysis and dialogue prevail events whose protagonists are. With the important exception, however, of the territories from the up, where in addition to prepare for battle against the Wildlings, you have to deal with an impending battle between brothers.

Daenerys, voto 6,5. The episode resumes where Game of Thrones We had said goodbye last week, with Daenerys who by dint of "Kill the Masters" convinces Meereen slaves to rebellion against the bosses and soon even this city is at her feet. His scenes are always highly scenic and exciting, from the glance of his immense army surrounding the walls to her that stands out from his new conquest, with the single flag of the Targaryen above her that back to wave. Too bad the three-headed dragon of his symbol is the only one I see, Once again no trace of his three sons who once never missed an eye. Intoxicated by the anthem "Mhysa" of his new released, It seems that now no longer even remember why he passed on stakes looking for an army. As far as his speeches are of impact and is committed to being a K can balance benevolence and righteousness, It would be desirable to use his energies to search for ships and set off for the Seven Kingdoms; Although I'm afraid I didn't post the problem or how to find a fleet so large to accommodate all his soldiers nor of what will be the fate of his new subjects if and when she decides to reclaim the Iron Throne.

Jaime, voto 8. If anyone had twisted the nose in front of the behavior of Jaime last episode, now cannot get back to having a positive image. Despite the love for a "hateful woman", demonstrates ability to reason with his head and being a man of honor, in spite of the label that has been stitched on body – and that at the time did not fail to strengthen. Love for his brother and the promise made to Catelyn Stark to satisfy Cersei in his absurd intentions of revenge; entrusted Brienne the valyrian steel sword received as a gift from the father because you find it potegga Sansa, What better way to use the weapon that was (and always will be) Ned Stark? From here also the Lady of Tarth, He had reproached him for not quickly resolved the issue Sansa, can only make it about nominating the sword "Oathkeeper", as if to forget Kingslayer nickname that has always accompanied. Meanwhile, her relationship with Cersei is always colder and not depend on certain from intercourse last week: Jaime started to see his sister in a different light – his denial about Tyrion's innocence is for him further evidence – and Cersei (voto 6) He realized he can no longer use my brother as he pleases. The only attempt to approach is to insist on calling Joffrey "our son", but I had to pretend it was actually the son of Robert has resulted in Jaime could not be born feelings of affection for him, all worsened by the character of the late King. Cersei has become blinded by grief and vengeance against Tyrion, seeing in the latter the coveted chance to get rid of the hated brother, but so does not notice that leaves field open to the real responsible for the death of her adored Joffrey. Margaery (voto 7) does dumb, but as his own grandmother (Olenna, voto 9) It is even better than her and soon prove it: the young Tommen, He still loves to play with her kitten Ser Pounce (voto 10 for tenderness and surviving Joffrey), begins to be clutched by the thorns of Lady Tyrell, who knows what buttons to push for obscure to a teenager his best friend in favor of another Pussycat and especially mother's day orders. The Tyrells have set their sights on the Iron Throne and they are not going to let him get away or to share it with people just as reliable as the Lannister.

Tyrion, voto 7. Dialogue with Jaime reveals, once again, the affection that binds the two brothers, that for the first time really fall appearances regarding the paternity of Joffrey. Is one of the rare cases where we see an honest conversation by two Lannister at once, but unfortunately there is nothing you can do to help Tyrion Jaime: Paradoxically, He's the one with hands tied. For its part, Tyrion does not even seem too interested in finding out who the real murderer, knowing all too well that will have to be the leader espriatorio; you're really giving up? That Cersei is able at last to get the better of him?

The only one who finds out how things are, instead, It is the only one that even having this valuable information will never be able to use them to his advantage: The Chance (voto 5). This week he's there, with eyes wide open, It makes sense when he discovers that she was manipulated by all (by women Tyrell, to Littlefinger, the drunk Dontos) for the murder of the King. May never take matters in hand? Can you settle for always being a pawn in the hands of other more powerful and smarter? It's still a Stark, as well as the older Stark still alive, There are responsibilities and duties that should ensue. You must at least to his father and to all other members of the family who died at the hands of the Lannister. The hopes are slim, but maybe they will be appreciated and will begin to use your brain.

Jon Snow, voto 7. At Castle Black the Wildings are not yet arrived (but as we bring?) and this gives Jon time to antagonize some’ with Ser Alliser Thorne; I believe their comparison to introduce an evolution of the character of Jon, episode after episode, It seems increasingly to be the true leader of the brethren, both in terms of military expertise regarding both the sense of loyalty of the other Night's Watchers. The rest, After the events that he faced last season and considering the disappearance of Mormont, It is almost necessary that Jon takes on a greater role, almost driving: Thorne and his are complete idiots, He is the only one to have at least an inkling of what awaits them, and it is also the only one who seems to care seriously. With full confidence of Mormont before and Maester Aemon now, Jon Snow can only be destined for great things, They seem to start with our posting to home of Craster, where history intersects with that of Bran & Co..


Bran, voto 7. Beyond the Barrier the Bran group end up in big trouble trying to save Summer and poor Ghost, of which for some time were untraceable – possible that Jon has not yet understood that one Stark is better not back away from his direwolf it unimaginable misfortunes? Bran, by real Stark what's, do not hesitate a moment to satisfy the former Night's Watcher Karl revealing his identity, but with Hodor victim of games idiots, the direwolves imprisoned and Jojen prey to an epileptic seizure the situation is really serious, will Jon to save it?

White Walkers, voto 7,5. The zombies of ice you have to at least acknowledge a sense of solemnity and ceremony. Presented only as sovvrannaturali and cruel murderers, the final scene shows us other features: for one thing, the zombies are nothing more than kids that Craster sacrificed. But they're only his children or reproduce in other ways? And why wait patiently that they offered a nice toddler instead of attacking everyone and make a big mess? Whereas in King's Landing for a show trial and Daenerys has started off on a tangent with the liberation of slaves, the White Walkers seem to be the only face that promises a little’ action & fighting (beyond the Wildings, but getting to the far north we).

Great absentees of the week are Arya but, above, Stannis, and this calmness we don't like: Melisandre will be preparing another of his wizardry, what he never positive consequences. We are also nearing the half of the season and, considering the number of key events which have already occurred so far, one would say that the season promises to be very rich.


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