Game Of Thrones – 4×05 First Of His Name – by R. and S.


An episode in which the female characters are master, proving that even if you don't have power are essential for the fate of the Seven Kingdoms. Women beyond the Barrier raised his head, deciding the fate of a battle.

Daenerys, voto 5. Now it's official: Daenerys has gone completely. His ambition to become the Savior of humanity doesn't make it more reason, forget everything: its origins, her dragons and its purpose. It has a fleet that would be enough to bring her, i draghi, his advisors, the Unsullied and Second Sons in the Seven Kingdoms, perfect timing now that a child is officially on the Iron Throne, ever time it would be more appropriate to fulfill his destiny. And instead takes the guise of the new State of disgrace where fell Yunkai and Astapor to stay put is "How can I rule Seven Kingdoms if I can't control Slaver's Bay?", What did you think once you were dismissed if they would all be beautiful there still respect his new order? Dear Dany is why you make alliances, a sovereign has certainly the gift of ubiquity, take lessons from Tywin offering his daughter to anyone just to stay in power. SER Jorah gives good advice, but she, because once he got it right doing his own thing, becomes convinced of being able to decide for the better by myself; too bad I have a selective memory and has forgotten the experience Mirri Maz Duur. Here it is its brilliant choice "I will do what Queens do. I will rule ", on Slaver's Bay, He believes he has conquered, but when ever?! Freeing the slaves and killing the bosses has only destroyed the main activity of those territories, as soon as he turned his gaze all bounced back worse than before; He doesn't understand that I'm not accustomed to a sovereign city, If he wants to be their Queen must abandon forever the idea Iron Throne and adapt to traditions of the world beyond the Narrow Sea; and there his monologue about being a Targaryen is useless. To make matters worse all persists the absence of dragons, of which uses only the name to inspire fear in his enemies. Do Not, No Dany, We didn't, wake up before it's too late. Even Cersei's more forward-looking.

Littlefinger, voto 8. Whilst Daenerys has an army that Athens and Sparta put together, but he's there to wonder whether it is enough to invade Westeros, Littlefinger proves that with a little’ ingenuity and poor moral limits even one man alone may be sufficient to dispose of the most powerful and reach goals that seem foreclosed. In fact, We find that, by acting quietly in the shadows, It was brought to light the fuse that Littlefinger at the outbreak of the war: revealed Lysa, When told of having poisoned her husband Jon Arryn, completely manipulated by a man pretending to love it just to satisfy his thirst for power. This is a real Cliffhanger: from the first season we were made to believe that the lannisters were responsible for the death of first Knight and, accordingly, the death of Ned that he got to investigate: and instead it was all a trap set by Littlefinger; in doing so, He got that his enemies are cleared each other and now sits serene one step away from the throne thanks to the Alliance with Tyrell. The thing I have to mention is that, in light of these new facts, for the unjust beheading of Ned is to blame not only his daughter Sansa, But even his sister-in-law Lysa: quando si dice “raise a serpent in bosom”!

Lysa, voto 7. This time we spared the gruesome scene of feeding your little Robin, but still made me die laughing Lysa. This woman is completely insane, would see good in an episode of Criminal Minds, especially after the change in personality during the conversation with granddaughter: a moment from the Oscars! The poor The Chance (voto 7.5, just for this scene) increased from gobbling of lemon cake (as we know, his favorite) screaming in terror “I'm a virgin!!”, in a scene that would be fine just to Game Of Thrones as to 30 Rock, so it's surreal atmosphere.

Cersei, voto 7. The Queen – because she is Queen inside – proves to be able to dominate his feelings for the son she can govern without trauma. Accepts the marriage with Loras and especially to Tommen with Margaery because, as is well explained by father, Although Tyrell are not reliable, are the only ones able to pose a threat to the dominance of the Lannister – bankrupt. As far as his temper often take her choices that can prove to be harmful – let Joffrey he decapitated Ned was an issue that could be fatal – this time Cersei tries to act with a cool head and also manages to appear friendly in speeches with Margaery and Oberyn. After his beloved firstborn, Cersei cannot afford to jeopardize Tommen and Myrcella, even if it means lowering the head, How has always advocated "Love no one but your children". I doubt, however, that in the face of that intriguing of Margaery and the quiet long Viper Oberyn will remain, but the important thing is that you play your cards right.

Margaery, voto 6. In his conversation with Cersei insists on acting the role of grieving widow by her husband's untimely death, even Scarlett O'Hara was more convincing. While with the groom doesn't skimp looks from lovely beast, with the mother-in-law tries to maintain a certain demeanor mourning. His acting is not perfect this time: the pretending of having to seek advice paterno on weddings with a respectful young man is forced to prove himself Tommen that could have been avoided with a more elusive, everybody knows that pure Pycelle is more influential than Mace Tyrell; In addition the edgy Punchline "I won't even know how to call you. Sister? Or Mother?"in the past, had cost a death threat unforgettable, kick her in the face again Cersei is a real affront. Careful Margaery, Grandma has warned that Cersei is not stupid, a cat would do well not to play too much with a lioness.


Oberyn, voto 5,5. This man could not do things that are most relevant to the plot rather than sitting around writing poems? Therapeutic chat with Cersei on both sadness for the fate of the girls in this world ruled by men is completely useless, or at least you didn't have to look after all this time. I'm ready to take this comment if you'll find that the boat built for Myrcella is actually a trap of sorts to scrub the Martell (I suggested my sister, Let us thank him!), But even then the highest score would Cersei, MICA to Poetic Viper.

Arya, voto 6. The sufficiency on trust for one of the most beloved characters, but he sees his storyline a bit’ sacrificed; the lament of the names of the dead by now we all know by heart, and we already know that Arya cannot more than The Hound, It would take some new item. Only positive is the memory of Syrio Forel, Although it was hard not to laugh at the joke of The Hound: “the greatest swordsman who ever lived and he didn't have a sword?”. Effettivamente, makes sense.

Bran, voto 8. The inability to walk does not prevent Bran to solve a situation that seemed hopeless: cannot ride or use a sword, but its ability to be empathic Metamorph proves providential. This however is not the main reason why I gave him a high rating; What I most enjoyed was the strength he has in resisting to be reunited with Jon; their meeting would have been beautiful, Finally two brothers Stark would be found after 4 seasons full of suffering, but Bran and Jojen is right to understand that continue in its mission must sacrifice love for the family, as he had done with Rickon. Developing all brothers Stark – Jon including of course – not only confirms the doubt as to whether someone like Sansa may truly be daughter of Ned!

Jon, voto 7,5. Our favorite Snow goes a high rating just because it's the only one who combines something while others chat and if the recount (and eat lemon cakes) throughout the episode; it reaches the 8 because in the final battle he defeats the enemy only thanks to the timely intervention of one of the wives/daughters of Craster (How would the professors at reception with parents: “his son is smart, but must be applied more”); It must be said, but, the sword stuck through the skull is one of the most impressive moments ever, I'd like the stab wounds to the womb of Talisa. L”the universe seems to find a balance when finally Jon and Ghost are reunited: I am deeply convinced that the dire wolves will prove useful in some way for the revival of Stark, and I expect a sudden return of Nymeria. Robb had already accustomed to seeing him fight with Grey Wind, It would be nice to see them all together in battle with their bosses (Maybe when they get a little’ grown up)? Already I envision a final showdown dire wolves Stark against Targaryen dragons (or an Alliance! would be unbeatable!), but maybe I'll run a little’ troppo!

And while the wives/daughters of Craster organize a barbecue Shack torching they called Castle, the screen goes dark and the episode ends, letting viewers assaulted by a great anxiety: “But Tyrion didn't even seen, There's people who have deployed to the Fanta Game Of Thrones!”.


2 thoughts on "Game Of Thrones – 4×05 First Of His Name – by R. and S.

  1. Daenerys is good, to hell with the inflated iron throne, better to reign in South!
    and in my opinion it is not true that Arya cannot more than the hound, says says because now it is fixed, but it turns out that you are fond of

    1. We believe Dany has a vision a little’ idyllic too how can be govern those territories; not even his, There will be a reason he was born at Dragonstone! Did Florence Nightingale syndrome to the nth degree!
      The Hound for sure does not deserve the treatment that the reserve Arya (He had also tried to save Sansa!), but maybe she has faced too many bad events to get attached to someone… What do you think?

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