Game Of Thrones – 4×06 The Laws Of Gods And Men – by R. and S.


This episode makes it clear beyond doubt that the war of the five Kings cannot yet be said concluded. Virtually all the main characters appeared, and that somehow (According to their) right, self-declared themselves Lords of the Seven Kingdoms and Protectors of the Realm (plus all those other names): some of those five Kings will also be dead, but it is clear that the struggle for the Iron Throne is anything but dormant.

Stannis, voto 5. This man is truly unbearable, would need a crash course in public relations: the Iron Bank doesn't care about his noble titles, rather, Since it is asking of the war finanziargli, would do well to smile a bit’ and show the minimum wage of courtesy. If he goes to get a mortgage to the BNL with the pedantic and the bored expression would laugh in your face as a penniless twentysomething taken with Imaginary cooperation contract and imaginative. Luckily there is the man who endures patiently Onion and remedy its trouble. Davos (voto 7) view towards his King a devotion and loyalty almost unjustified, especially considering that Stannis does everything to make things difficult for anyone's around (for example by being duped by Melisandre as a clueless kid); The Onion Knight should break free from this yoke and become self-employed, because you cannot go back to the smuggler? Surely he is more congenial to the baby sitter of Stannis Baratheon, First of his name, King of the Andals and the First Men, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms and Protector of the Realm (but that really?).

Theon, voto 7. Evaluate the performance of Theon is difficult. We are no longer facing Bronn, that kid cocky and jealous that to impress dad cheated on the only real family he's ever had. Now there is only Reek, one of the many dogs by Ramsay Snow, He would do anything for her master. Theon doesn't exist anymore, He died as his sister Yara. If in his first appearance this season had given a small beacon of hope, blocking learning of death by Robb, now that faced with the chance to escape back into the cage you prefer dogs, It is clear that we have totally lost. So the rating is based on its capacity – forced – to adapt to the new situation, being Reek. The latter is a loyal dog, who knows exactly how to behave in order not to anger his master, that is grateful for every small prize. To Reek, Bronn is someone else, a distant character that the bastard of Bolton wants interpreters to help him conquer a castle; such a role might game or give him a shock or to worsen his personality disorder. The State fell is awesome, so I can't deny being sorry for him – even if it passes before espii to blame for Robb.

Daenerys, voto 5,5. The mother of dragons basks in his madness. He's all smiles atop that throne/pyramid (claimed recently that the Iron Throne is another thing) and tries to balance justice, steadfastness and goodness. The fear it arouses in the members of the Small Council of King's Landing is entirely unjustified at the time: not only hasn't the slightest intention of sail, but his two wise Counselors can't even tell you if you throw away the money for two goats, will starve along with all her beloved former slaves. Up a little’ the tone of voice in front of the noble Hizdahr zo Loraq, but just a few words about the affection for the father to send her crucifix in confusion and make her forget his intentions to repay injustice with justice. Facing the pain of a son manifested for the parent, the K has labored breathing and staring because she has no idea that position hold. Where did the Daenerys saying a Ser Jorah "I do not have a gentle heart" and threatened to scream his enemies? The only reason has half a point more than last week is that appeared Drogon in all its glory. That poor little dragon must also put up the mother's sermon because he killed a flock; at the very least Dany will take turn her dragons in vegetarians to impress new sons. When it really should begin to realize that if he wants to govern in Slaver's Bay must adapt to the traditions of those territories, dove – I repeat – presentation, that becomes increasingly long, serves no purpose except to give the illusion of being a major sovereign.

Jaime, voto 9. The most charming Knight Seven Kingdoms ' proves yet again that beyond the Kingslayer label there is much more. From his expressions during the process you feel despair and disgust he feels for the farce that has subjected the brother, distinguished from other members of his family and the Court, holding the smiles of satisfaction for us to believe they are doing something serious – probably the only one who is really convinced you that tonto Mace Tyrell. Jaime has never hidden affection for Tyrion, He was the first to declare war against the Starks to save it from Tully and sisters once again can not sit still to witness his downfall. The Lord Commander of the King's Guard is willing to give up her future to be sure that Tyrion will not be sentenced to death: it bends to the will of the father with a promise that until now had never done even for the beloved Cersei. Despite the reputation that goes with it, Jaime does not hold back when it comes to protect those he loves: It did in the past with his father by killing the King, with Cersei pushing down from the tower and Bran now with Tyrion.

Tywin, voto 7,5. The death of his nephew is for him an unexpected windfall that actually makes the true King of the Seven Kingdoms, sitting on the Iron Throne is perfectly at ease. Dany should take lessons from Tywin not only in terms of strategy and alliances, but also in being able to take advantage of every opportunity and keep a stiff upper lip in various situations. Tyrion's trial offers in one fell swoop the opportunity to get rid of a child always tolerated pain and now what he always wanted to Jaime. The latter words are picked by the King's Hand before you realize how said: Tywin to do so will justice for Joffrey without getting the blood of the son, and the dynasty of the Lannister will continue thanks to Jaime's favourite as he had designed. Tywin always wins. During the process, the Lord of Casterly Rock does not let any emotion, Although I'm not judging the son for the murder of his nephew; Dany had a hysterical in its place. His composure is slightly less alone when Tyrion launches in his extraordinary speech; but it's just a little thing, Tywin was able to maintain the rigor of his role. If I weren't shamelessly Stark and Team he was not so obnoxious with their children probably give it a higher rating.

With his usual swagger, Oberyn (voto 6) swap some confidence with Varys (voto 7) which reminds us, If we forgot, He participates in the game of thrones. The fact that the carnal pleasures are only a source of trouble for political projects cannot agree: from the Trojan war to the abduction of Helen the impeachement of Bill Clinton for the Lewinsky scandal, the theory has long been widely confirmed. However, Varys seems much more dangerous than all other men of power, technically in the highest positions of its: What we know about her past and about his revenge should be in itself a cause for concern, but above all, keep in mind that Varys moves his row in the shadows; and Littlefinger showed what they're capable of those playing in the shadows.

Shae (voto 2), instead, you do not deserve nothing but humiliation and painful death; According to some Shae would testify against Tyrion to escape, Why blackmailed, even says that his words were not only denigrate him but to make him understand how wound to have been abandoned, because she loved him. From our point of view Shae testified just because it's a bitch bitch upstart. If he truly loved undertook a little’ more to be able to escape, or otherwise would die rather than pronounce those words; For more Shae is certainly not a fool, Tyrion knows full well that she moved only to protect it. But why be a nobody in a foreign place and unknown if you can have money and protection from those who paid her to speak? Why should give up these advantages? shouldn't, indeed, Why is a bitch bitch upstart.


Tyrion, voto 1.000. After being overshadowed for several episodes, Tyrion back protagonist, and it does it in style. His speech was full of hate and resentment will pass into history as surely one of the most memorable of the series, as it was for the words he spoke to Cersei in the second season (2×08): “A day will come when you think yourself safe and happy, and suddenly your joy will turn to ashes in your mouth, and you'll know the debt is paid“. And these words are an apology that Cersei used to bring up the brother responsible for the Joffrey's death in the eyes of others, But what makes herself so sure of his guilt. But remember that Tyrion told her before threatening revenge: “I have never liked you, Cersei, but you were my own sister, I know I never did you harm. You've ended that“. This is the focal point of the invective of Tyrion: throughout his life he suffered injustice, just for being a dwarf, But despite this never sought revenge, It has never failed to fulfil its obligations. He always knew Jamie and Cersei, but he never used this fact to his favor, because he loves his brother and why, in any case, He and Cersei belong to the same family. In her capacity as Hand of the King did what it was supposed to, i.e. Save King's Landing from complete destruction, defend the city from attack by Stannis. Eppure, even this was rewarded, his father watched with derision and contempt when, for having contributed to the victory of the Lannister in war, dared to advance claim to be heir to Casterly Rock. Tyrion has always endured harassment, its unique forms of rebellion were insolence and sharp tongue. But I cannot accept being killed for yet another crime he didn't commit: cannot be always scapegoat, man to be accused of not having to deal with reality, but guilty only “of being a dwarf”; he saved the entire population of King sLanding, and now those people and his own family are willing to sacrifice to redeem a kid and cruel psychopath. Peter Dinklage in seconds gives a Masterful interpretation, It is no coincidence that many already speak of Emmy; purtroppo, the awards are always unpredictable, especially in recent years, and in our opinion the Game Of Thrones has already suffered more than unfair treatment; in any case, It is never the last word.

The turning point came in the fourth season lay in the balance the fate of one of the most beloved characters, preannunciandoci a duel after which, regardless of the outcome – and knowing George R. R. Martin will not be granted – Game of Thrones will no longer be the same.


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