Game Of Thrones – 4×07 Mockingbird – by R. and S.


The seventh episode of Game of Thrones is always an important point of the season because it lays the decisive prerequisites for the evolution of recent events. The first was the betrayal of Petyr Baelish against Ned, in the second the alleged killing of Bran and Rickon by Theon, in the third he laid out the groundwork for the next Red Wedding. And once again we are witnessing not only the umpteenth twist by the scheming of Littlefinger, but above all the development of trial by combat by Tyrion.

Daenerys, voto 6. The K earn passing grades this week because for a moment comes down from the pedestal and assess the recommendations of who's next. If Daario calls for hard line with the rebels of Yunkai, urging it on her desire to repay the injustice with justice, SER Jorah the calls for calm, because in order to govern – as in all – we must also know how to compromise. "There's good and evil on both sides in every war ever fought" and the reference to Ned Stark fining him very well: for Dany, Ned, as an ally of Robert, It's like the Lannister who slaughtered his family, but we know that he was far from guy. SER Jorah is living proof and Daenerys finds a solution somewhere between pity and "Kill the Masters", entrusting to the noble Hizdahr zo Loraq to bring his message to masters of Yunkai "They can live in my new world or they can die in their old one". If all these mental energy to process the catchphrase he used to win the Iron Throne, would surely be spent much better. Really doesn't seem even much convinced of what he does, especially as influenced by the weak to Daario. And’ funny that to come forward in suggest the way are her two suitors, but Ser Jorah should realize that against Daario has the slightest hope. The Commander of the Second Sons is a strong and bold Warrior and a young woman as Daenerys cannot remain indifferent to its charm. But his desire to have a man to fill the void left by Drogo collides with the role as Queen, that prevents her from letting go with a simple Commander, How will resist? Very little I think after nude scene that is responsible; an image that is the exact opposite of that of last season: If in episode 3×08 "Second Sons" was she getting out of the tub naked in front of the pledge of allegiance by Daario, This time it is he who undresses on the order of his Queen. Instead of taking classes from Tywin, Dany seems more on the line of Cersei.

Cersei, voto 7. Queen Regent doesn't let down neither by the idea of Tyrion nor by Jaime memomazione and pulls out the trump card: The Mountain, Gregor Clegane. In the course of Game of Thrones we saw and heard several times, but in this episode we are remembered some of his iconic acts to understand who we're dealing with. The assault with fire to his brother Sandor crimes at the time of the fall of King's Landing, the armed wing of Tywin Lannister is a giant indestructible and ruthless, that is the good and the bad weather for the lands of Westeros, immune to any penalty due to his Lord. For me it was enough that awful horse beheading during the tournament in honor of the Hand of the King to make it memorable. Only his name stirs terror in opponents and the news of his choice he removed – temporarily – at Tyrion all hope, Cersei has then a sample with which at least on paper, the victory is assured. And shows that it can get by fine without the help of Jaime.

Brienne, voto 6,5. Despite his attitude a little’ seconded and mocking with the poor Podrick, the Lady of Tarth pays off his sincerity with the discovery that Arya is still alive, Thanks to the meeting with the Nice Hot Pie. This time it went well, but I think Podrick is right on the prudence that should have in speaking of their mission. And anyway without him the connection the aunt of sisters Stark Brienne wouldn't do.

Arya, voto 6,5. The young Stark you redeem a little’ from the tedium that had marked the past episodes by taking care of The Hound after the brief confidences of the latter, small evolution in their complicated relationship. More relevant, in any case, his reaction to the sight of Rorge: If already at the beginning of the season we had emphasized that Arya was no longer a child but, on the contrary, had a decent feel for the death and revenge, Here again he takes a lesson from the first season: “stick them with the pointy end”.

Melisandre, voto 7. The Red Woman returns after a short absence, and reveals some of his secrets; It must be said that despite having the certainty that some of her sorceries are trivial tweaks, Melisandre also vaguely mysterious Halo that doesn't lose its uncanny: his insistence to carry Shireen when they leave (for where, exactly?) lets not bode well again, at a minimum the sacrifices to the God of fire under the gaze of a daze of Stannis and Selyse.

And if to Dragonstone we organize departures, in the far north the Night's Watchers are preparing for the arrival of Brutes; or at least, should prepare. In fact, Jon (voto 6,5) continues to be the only with some clever idea, but unfortunately it's surrounded by a bunch of idiots led by Alliser Thorne. This time Maester Aemon did not come to her rescue, then the Watchers if they remain there, exposed, without any defense, waiting to die at the hands of Gratuities Ryder and whatnot.

Tyrion, voto 7. After the outburst of last episode and the request of the trial by combat, Tyrion finds himself having to deal with reality, and everything seems to go against. Not only Cersei has hired The Mountain, but there is a stampede as Tyrion's champion; He thinks its all, clings to life with every means at its disposal, but after admission by Jaime on his poor skills as a swordsman and lefty Bronn, What remains? Brief encounter on Bronn, voto 5: I understand the coherence, but more than consistency in his behaviour I can only see cowardice: like Shae, would do well to remember that everything he owes only Tyrion, un po’ of appreciation wouldn't hurt. Tyrion view, as usual, great honour and graciously accepting his decision and, then, his fate: certain death (and pretty much at the hands of his own family). But luckily there is Oberyn Martell (voto 7)! As noted by himself, This trial by combat is the perfect opportunity to avenge his sister Elia, and you can bet that don't waste, considering the hatred that feeds toward the perpetrators of that crime. The Prince of Dorne, suddenly, reverses the situation, and the expression of surprise on the faces of Tyrion is emblematic: a moment before it was specciato and now has a real chance of salvation. Also interesting is the story of the visit of Oberyn to Casterly Rock at an early age, more for the light it sheds on Cersei: his hatred for Tyrion was never a mystery, but such malice on the part of a little girl is a bit out of the ordinary, even considering the loss of mother; that there is more behind their relationship? that the origins of this conflict are not as simple as they seem?


The Chance, voto 6,5. This week he deserves a passing grade for having slapped Robin, also known as the child more irritating, obnoxious and capricious of Westeros. Sansa has reacted way too sweet in front of yet another destruction of Winterfell and you wouldn't even had to feel guilty, much less apologize to that crazy aunt. Obviously Sansa regains its natural idiocy seconds after, with the arrival of Petyr: like a true lady which is, you would portray a little’ faster from that Kiss. The reaction of Lysa (voto 7) the betrayal is priceless, He can't hold his madness, but the trap is around the corner. In fact, that kiss of Littlefinger (voto 8) shows how complicated her feelings for Sansa, oscillating between devotion to Cat and the illusion that love get love that Cat would be like Sansa never gave. These feelings, combined with the fact that, as we learned, Littlefinger is the real man behind the scenes of all the vicissitudes of Westeros, Since the war of the five Kings, create the perfect combination for the Cliffhanger that has in store: precipitate Lysa from Porta della Luna. I challenge anyone to admit to not having enjoyed the end of Lady Arryn, nor Sansa would have deserved to die like that.

In view of the final, then, Here's that open new scenarios: Littlefinger Lord of the Vale of Arryn (location certainly more than helpful to his plans of conquest of power) While at King's Landing the balance between families Lannister and Martell seem to come to the breaking point, for the life of Tyrion. Not by chance, right now there is a two-week break before the next episode: to give way to catch my breath and prepare for the final act.


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