Game Of Thrones – 4×08 The Mountain And The Viper – by R. and S.


After two weeks off that seemed an eternity, Game of Thrones enters the final Furlong (Already!) giving turning points at various storyline. But above all we are witnessing the most anticipated event of this season, that between blood and unexpected plot twists don't disappoint and gives us a spectacular duel.

Theon, voto 7. Theon returns to interpret itself on the order of his Lord and despite a moment of confusion to the incessant questions about her identity, completes the task perfectly. If he had learned so well the solemn lessons of Ned Stark, It would have saved us so much suffering. The brainwashed Ramsay (voto 8) is a trick better than could ever be simple detention or prisoner's death; with this trick gets information and successes that could never have and without hassle. In its mix of sadism and madness is more dangerous than ever Joffrey: for the latter it all came down to his very fun, the bastard of Bolton instead knows how to turn his delight in utility. And we will never call you bastard, now that the father has obtained the entitlement, by Ramsay Snow to Ramsay Bolton – let us realize that now Ramsay is a true Lord, While Jon continues to be considered a poor bastard. When the Bolton are those who were able to make the most of cheating against Robb Stark, becoming the legitimate Lords and protectors of the North; a nice change from the Stark. The House of the latter is about to become the "new home" of Bolton. In a Word: heresy!

Daenerys, voto 6. The K gets a passing grade because for once (may be) not influenced by buonismi and Pietism, but uses the iron fist. Pity that you decide just when the other side there is Ser Jorah, one who has never abandoned, that has gone along with his every decision (even that crazy not to go for the Seven Kingdoms) and she always loved. And’ true originally approached only as a spy to Varys, but immediately started to love it, defending it from his brother and instructed her on manners Dothraki; In addition, like right now is remembered, prevented that drank the poisoned wine. An article by Vulture examines the role of spy of Ser Jorah, by inquiring about when the man has stopped serving King Robert; Personally I think he regretted it right after he leaked the pregnancy. Really deserves the immediate pain of estrangement decapitation? Just the man that an episode is the suggested dose harshness and mercy? And’ strange to see how with him does not reflect a second on decision, While with a complete stranger as Hizdahr Zo Loraq is more inclined to ponder. This inflexible attitude makes me think that maybe it's the love for man is the reason that in his past behavior does not see other than a mere betrayal; and then once again sin in his wanting to prove yourself to be a true housekeeper, yielding to personal feelings. On the other hand I quite liked the interpretation of Emilia Clarke who in his speech with Jorah has been able to make that mixture of anger and pain that her character evidence to the man most trusted. I do not understand why you "lower" Daenerys instead blow drying your hair to his servant, have you ever seen the Lady Mary Crawley par excellence of Downton Abbey do from hairdresser to her Lady's maid Anna? And Dany isn't just a Lady, is the K, as she keeps us always to remind us.

Jon, voto 6. In the far north the Night's Watchers continue to sit on our hands, even Jon this episode Shirker. The Wildings were coming we already knew, the only incident of note is the compassion shown by Ygritte to Gilly and her baby. If only Sam (voto 6) He knew, may stop feeling guilty and maybe start to get busy for the battle that is increasingly imminent.

The Chance, voto 7. For the first time in four years we see Sansa do something, take it slowly in her own hands, instead of being firm to suffer falling always victim of power games of others. And if at the beginning of his tale to Lord of the Valley looks like he's just looking for help, with the ingenuity that has always characterised, with the decision to participate in the wefts of Littlefinger Sansa surprise us like never before. Looks real as his interpreter said Sophie Turner in interviews during the presentation of the fourth season: Sansa did as a spectator to court intrigues at King's Landing for so long that he ended up learning the rules of the game (It took long enough, eh) It seems more than determined to put them in place in the first person, as clearly demonstrates the look in his eyes (along with the new and bolder clothing) in the scene where introduces new herself to Littlefinger. From here on out I don't know what to expect, I just hope we save the romantic twist/passionate in the relationship between you and Littlefinger (voto 6), because he's already creepy enough so. The va still credited to try moving Robin from the Eyrie, Maybe it's time that we get rid of that obnoxious child: Tonto how could die stumbling out from the Castle.

Arya, voto 7,5. We don't see her wandering the Seven Kingdoms and it is clear that I can no longer even she: at the news of the death of Lysa le all over your face a “are you fucking kidding me??”, and the laughter that follows is priceless. It still seems a step away from reuniting with her sister, but since previous attempts at family reunion Stark until I see I don't think: as for Robin, even such unexpected ennemila might happen from Castle gate Arya to the room where Sansa.

Jaime, voto 6,5. As expected, Jaime is the only one to stay close to Tyrion in what might be the last minutes of his life. The Lord Commander allows the brother to make observations and recall memories of youth between the serious and the facetious. But Jaime, the most charming and strong Knight of Seven Kingdoms, facing the imminent death of his brother, cannot abandon that aura of tension and fear that obscures the face, up to slip away as soon as it is announced the time of duel; He can barely look him and wish him a quick "Good luck". Before Tyrion the armor from Kingslayer Jaime showed during the first season crumbles inevitably.

Tyrion, voto 8. If the speech during the trial was finally vented, expressing anger accumulated over a lifetime of persecution and derision, time of the duel the heat leaves space to the reflections. Through the metaphor of cousin Orson that he kills insects for pleasure, Tyrion is wondering about the inscrutable reasons why men to kill other men: but it is precisely the absence of reasons to make it incomprehensible. How many men died, and how many more will die, for nothing but cruelty or the enjoyment of other men? Why it happens? “What do I have to die?”, asks Tyrion; “"I don't know"”, meets Jaime. Sometimes, just one reason there is, because as we've come to Westeros no one is safe. In addition, It is interesting to note that, Although the duel between Oberyn and Gregor Clegane was the highlight of the episode, the dialogue between the two brothers Lannister has occupied the same space: This is because Game of Thrones is not only made of unforgettable plot twists, much less plot twists for themselves; as much attention is devoted to the emotions and thoughts of the characters involved, which in turn contribute to create the atmosphere that surrounds those twists, to completely immerse the viewer in the lives of the Seven Kingdoms, so when those twists are realized the reaction will be the same as those who live these events firsthand.


Oberyn, voto 8,5. In a duel that looks like a dance, the Red Viper seeks revenge for his sister Elia; Oberyn didn't just win, He wasn't interested in the life of Tyrion, what he wanted was a public confession and a murder charge against Tywin Lannister, but once George r. R. Martin reminds us that the men of honour in Westeros are often even shorter life of others (R.I. P. Ned Stark). It is the desperate desire to do justice that distar Oberyn from duel, that makes him do a faux pas, intoxicated as is hatred towards The Mountain, it instead is driven simply by the pleasure to kill (for him Oberyn is nothing more than what the bugs were for Orson). The scene of the death of Oberyn (as the horror on the faces of Ellaria) inducted in the anthology of the most shocking deaths of Game of Thrones and television in General: the entire episode was nothing more than dialogue awaiting the duel, an exasperated waiting, but those three final minutes, so spectacular, have largely satisfied.

We are now on the eve of the ninth episode, that in all three previous seasons was one in which the most significant events occurred (the beheading of Ned Stark, the battle of Blackwater, the Red Wedding); This year, Weiss and Benioff said that the grand finale will be, actually, in the final episode, but this does not diminish the anxiety over what may happen next week: di nuovo, No one is ever safe in Westeros.


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  1. I would have given it so less to oberyn to have him killed like an idiot (and having deprived of his pleasant company)

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