Game Of Thrones – 4×09 The Watchers On The Wall – by R. and S.


this week Game of Thrones He maintained the tradition of spectacular ninth episode, both largely met expectations created around the clash of the Night's Watch, Wildlings, anticipated as the largest battle in the history of the series.

Jon, voto 8,5. As the son of the late Ned Stark, We always knew that Jon was destined to do great deeds, even in the Night's Watch. And in fact, It seems that all the vicissitudes of the barrier, from the first season to now, have served to pave the way for this watershed moment: not only a great clash as North we'vehad from time, but also a profound evolution to Jon Snow, that from someone else's perennial yeoman, perennial performer of orders of others, Finally takes the lead and shows what he's capable of. We have already had a taste when he was trying to convince Alliser Thorne to follow his advice to repulse the enemy, but so far they always clipped his wings, had always been silenced. During the battle Jon finds its voice, and makes her feel all his confreres, guiding them towards a temporary victory (as noted by himself, the attack is not over and the outnumbered will be felt). Freed from all labels, from bastard to Lord Snow, Jon is a mighty Lord Commander (and finally we review Ghost in action at his side), Although it seems to me that the moment he made the command has not been stressed enough: the phrase “you have the wall” should have been directed at him, Why is crucial, outward symbol of that evolution and of that change we have outlined, and it is more than obvious that Thenceforward anything, especially Jon, will ever be the same. Other evidence of his new maturity is the final decision to go, alone, to kill Mance Ryder (at least trying): It cannot be said that Jon does not take his duty in the Nigh ' t Watch seriously! Before I get to that point, but, There is another fundamental event in his life: the meeting with Ygritte (voto 7). The kissed by fire is exactly as we left it, that is quite a bit altered for dropping by Jon: It is not one that takes good tears. Full of aggression, impetuous, Ygritte attack Castle Black and seems to never meet obstacles, determined to kill everyone and take revenge by killing Jon. But when she sees him obviously cannot remain indifferent, and its much-flaunted safety disappears suddenly. Despite its continued “you know nothing, Jon Snow” in the long run could be disturbing, the scene of his death is one of those peculiarly successful: in particular, such as stresses the Director of the episode Neil Marshall, It should be noted the effect of watching her die in the arms of Jon in slow motion (more unique than rare in Game of Thrones); in doing so, Ygritte and Jon are completely detached from the events around them, just like in the cave, just the two of them without that war that has always been destined to a sad ending.


Sam, voto 9. The young Seaworth has always been one of the most sensitive and goodish throughout Westeros, a very rare commodity to find in these territories. In this episode Sam reached the height of its evolution from poor guy forced by his father to join the Night's Watch, but that wouldn't be able to handle even a duel with wooden swords, a confrere determined and ready to fall in battle. In the opening scene the bookworm of Castle Black tries to wrest information from friend Jon about how being with a woman, an experience she believes will never try after the supposed loss of Gilly and the imminent clash with the Wildlings. Certainly not for the vote lent, because by express reader how much Sam took the flaw that contains: you talk about not having wives and children, but nowhere is mentioned the prohibition on making sex. This perfect ploy might give more thunderous applause from his fellow than you have ever done for killing a White Walker. The pain of love are even spring for one of the profound monologues of Maester Aemon, that although blindness can always see every detail before any other person. "Love is the death of duty" also reminds him elder Targaryen, but it can also be an extra motivation. And so it is with Sam, that after arrival of Gilly appears stronger than its duty to defend the barrier. And shall give full demonstration facing the battle where the impact between the Wildlings and Night's Watchers is physical, not losing even when the fellow Pyp dies in his arms. Sam gives orders, It reassures, informs Jon about the situation and fights without hesitation, making us almost forget the boy fearful that we met 4 years ago, that indulged in fear before the first attack of White Walkers. And’ true that after that event had killed one of the latter, but it was a sudden act, due to contingencies, himself in this episode admits that he didn't know what he was doing. This time instead of Samwell Tarly is master of himself and manages to instill safety also in other. And John Bradley is just as master of its interpretation, giving a good Sam Yes sure and brave, but at the same time sensitive and as good as always, not going to distort the character who drove so far. Romantic and innocent as Sam is also the kiss with Gilly, well away from the Fiery moments that Game of Thrones We have become accustomed: a chaste Kiss, but still soulful accompanied by the promise "I promise you I won't die" – and it takes a lot of nerve to tell Westeros.

Ser Alliser Thorne, voto 7. A hateful character since first appearance, the perfect stereotype of the bully in a position of command. His absence had not been felt, but he still fully recovered in this fourth season with cocky attitudes toward the usual Jon Snow. But the impending attack of the Wildlings shows it in a new light: the common enemy can bring distant locations and Ser Alliser admits in front of Jon was wrong not to listen. Too late, but from a guy like him is an important gesture. And also in battle the Lord Commander proves to be strong and capable, down on the field side by side with his men, without fear of confrontation. He fights strenuously until he is forced to retreat because injured by Tormund Giantsbane. A surprising behavior for classic bully, confirming that in Game of Thrones the strength is given by, complex and deep beyond the first appearance. No surprise from his "drinking buddy" Janos Slynt (voto 1) – personally inserted between the names of hate since vile treason against Ned – that melts like a pudding under the hot these days just to see the Wildlings from afar. A total inept capable of making the big voice with only the faint. The lesson imparted to him in the second series by Tyrion is not enough, believed he could Reprise his role from the brush off even the barrier, but as soon as the enemy, that in King's Landing has never even caught a glimpse of, appeared, went into hiding like a coward who has always been.


The battle, voto 9,5. The clash between the members of the Nigh ' t Watch and the Wildlings was truly epic, and now you explain all the excited comments of actors and authors about. It is interesting that in the rest of the Seven Kingdoms nobody is interested in the slightest to what happens at the barrier (that in one episode recovers from the General tedium that characterizes) Despite being right there that you decide the fate of humanity: There are the Giants and the White Walkers, for God's sake!! Yet nothing to do, the Lords of Westeros are more committed to follow the succession of King on the Iron Throne to pay attention to a mass of murderers and rapists who consider virtually exiled. And the battle also serves as ransom for those murderers and rapists: the times when in the Nigh ' t Watch were men of honour and skilled swordsmen is now far, Yet it is now that we must fight and they do it to the best of their ability; in the face of the enemy, don't run away and don't give up (nothing but Janos Slynt), but bring out the courage and honor their oath. The iconic scene where, reaching out to certain death in the clash with the giant, Grenn and others recite the oath of the Night's Watch: those words turn them into heroes and help them to overcome fear. Very nice also the scene where the arrow from the giant hits a man on top of the Barrier, falling on the other side, at Castle Black: a way to merge the three different set where the battle was turned, Marshall still tells us in his interview. Its Director is undoubtedly the main reason for the beauty of the episode, with a shot at 360 degrees of the fighting raging in the courtyard of Castle Black really looks like to be there. Even music has played an important role, Personally I loved the use of the acronym: a melody that viewers know and which is so strongly identified with the series and the story of Westeros can only help increase the involvement and enthusiasm. Not to mention the sickle scene: special effects that even Michael Bay!

The temporary victory makes us breathe a sigh of relief, but as Jon we know that is not the end: numbers speak. So was the battle of Blackwater where the supremacy of Stannis was about to bring down King's Landing; but then it got Tywin with new allies and therefore greater numbers who had turned the tide. And now topped the rock's emotional ninth episode, We are one step away from the conclusion of this fourth season. On EW David Benioff and Dan Weiss promise that will be “The best ending yet” and with what we've seen so far we have no reason to doubt. The fates of Jon and Tyrion seem tragically marked, While great anticipation revolves around the Mother of Dragons who always gave us exciting finals. The same article states that the final episode will be well 66 minutes, that considering how 10 episodes pass quickly we have till the last second.


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