Game Of Thrones – 4×10 The Children (Season Finale) – by R. and S.


Game of Thrones greets us with a season finale 66 minutes, where we review for a final time almost all the protagonists. And as promised this is a high-level bet that each storyline is decisive and overwhelming progress. Apart from what happens at the barrier, the trait d'union is represented by Children of the title, several children who take new paths away from parents too so traumatic.

Jon, voto 7,5. Over the roar of the battle, Jon finds his usually look sad, but this time it's more than justified: must say goodbye to so many brethren perished in defense of Castle Black and, especially, to Ygritte. To avert the dangers of White Walkers all bodies are burned, and with what we see happening in Bran & co. It is definitely the best thing about. The comparison between Jon and Mance Ryder reveals the perspective of Wildings, which so far had not been much considered: do not climb the barrier to attack, but to protect itself (Although this theory is a little’ In contrast to the speeches made by Sandor Clegane and others in the last episode, in which they expressed only much anger towards men who had erected the monument of ice, by dividing the territory, without authority). Unfortunately for Wildings is too late, but Jon Snow, contrary to the inauspicious last week's finale, you save.

Stannis, voto 7. And if Jon you save is thanks to Stannis and his providential arrival borne Iron Bank-funded army. Apart from come defeated vile in the battle of Blackwater, for four seasons Stannis has done nothing but teeth grinding, complain about not being King walking around his table in the shape of Westeros and confabulating with Melisandre: It is very strange to see then suddenly something useful! We are grateful for his intervention, but we have an important complaint: the Game of Thrones Fanta the writing authors they sacrifice to buy Melisandre, going against all their ethical and moral principles, and the Red Woman practically didn't even view! Damn it, Stannis! You gave more space even to the Onion Man!!

Daenerys, voto 1. What happens in this season finale is the logical consequence of what happened in the end of season three. The K then it was left to become intoxicated by the word "Mhysa" (Mother) shouted newly freed slaves: the beginning of its decline. Not too slowly those new children have taken the place of his unique and true children, i draghi. The title of this episode is mirrored right at Mhysa of 3×10, The Children. Drogon, Viserion and Rhaegal were almost forgotten in the course of this series, barely saw them; Dany does not know what happened to his beloved Drogon, What kind of mother is? Those dragons were arrived in his life in the most desperate, giving new hope for the future; they had filled the void created by the loss of Davies and his son, becoming the sons that she would never have had. And now it's gone from "A Mother does not flee without her children" to bind them within a catacomb. Tears are not enough to feel pity and sympathy for what he does: turns his back to his children because he replaced them with other, those freed slaves who do nothing but complain about the new State they are in. The K used his dragons to save herself (2×10), to "purchase" the Unsullied (3×04) and to scare any opponent. But now that create some problem – what did you expect them to do? Learn to spit water and become vegetarians? – abandon them, without even thinking that perhaps his final choices are not so sensible. Daenerys Targaryen is a, It belongs to the Seven Kingdoms, being the Mother of Dragons is part of its existence. She is not a Mhysa, that Word has clouded the brain, did it make you feel important, loved and responsible for new lives of those slaves, causing them to forget its true destiny! Turn your back to his true children means losing herself. The proof of direwolves of Stark: every Stark who has somehow distanced his direwolf has met a tragic fate; While Bran, Rickon and Jon are the only ones who, in spite of everything, they perform. Which suggests that after this season finale to Daenerys will be worse, at least until he returns to reason, instead of remembering to be the Mother of Dragons only when you must announce.


Cersei, voto 7,5. Although the Regent Queen has not always praiseworthy behavior, don't you dare ever make the mistake of Dany, Cersei would never abandon her children; "Love no one but your children" told Sansa and she always made him. And now to avoid the risk that the last child together, Tommen, from being destroyed by the intrghi of Tyrell and father, tackles the latter by imposing its position. As much as scrappy, Tywin has always managed to fold it, but not this time, nothing can impose them by marrying Loras and moving to Highgarden. Cersei playing the card that Tywin has perpetually feared: confirmation of incest between her and Jaime; that secret that the twins have been trying to defend, now becomes the tool to win the will of the father, to clear all power that man has on her. To raise further the rating is its ability to seize opportunities, with the decision to "Save" – howsoever – Ser Gregor Clegane: Cersei knows that man can always prove a key weapon, especially now that its Jaime is no longer able to fight; you never know when you might need it. The only drawback of these final scenes of Cersei's attitude towards Jaime, playing again with his feelings: passionate approach is just another slap to the father after the verbal clash just completed, is satisfaction with the victory against Tywin that soul, no love for the brother.

Jaime, voto 8,5. Jaime takes the ultimate noble gesture of a series that saw him demonstrate in a crescendo that behind the label of Kingslayer much else; man is the only one that recognizes the value of family, Despite the words of sister and father. Jaime save Tyrion from certain death and tells him goodbye in a fraternal embrace that closes perfectly a season that has emerged as a man rather than a Knight. Too bad not open yet my eyes to Cersei; Although recognize how a "hateful woman", especially after what you did to Tyrion, love is too strong for her to understand that her feelings are not so reciprocated.

Tyrion, voto 9. In this final Tyrion suddenly finds himself in uncharted territory, before saying goodbye forever to his brother (the only family member with an ounce of heart) and, shortly after, Let the hate, pain and revenge take control of himself. All these feelings are the reason for the murder of Shae, that marks a point of no return; but then, the beginning of the end came when she testified against him, and as expected did not do for who knows what (unlikely) noble reason, but simply is sold to the highest bidder. The fact that this supplier was Tywin is the straw that breaks the camel's back, but after killing Shae Tyrion still shows signs of the man who was, signs that read like that '”I'm sorry” murmured to the body of the woman he loved. Other signs of the old Tyrion are in reaction to the words of the father: reasons to be a little bit angry against him had several but the moment when everything changes, the moment you decide to act, is when Tywin emphasises very clearly that Shae is nothing but a whore. This is the umpteenth and final insult to the feelings of Tyrion, that stresses “"I am your son. I've always been your son”: that's because of his pain, throughout a life spent being disowned by his father. Peter Dinklage offers, as expected, an admirable interpretation: his eyes while pulling the crossbow and, above, While calmly and self-control charging for the second shot, reveal all the inner drama of his character. As if the episode 4×07 It wasn't enough, other material from Emmy (Maybe this year vince, who knows).

Tywin, voto 6. The Hand of the King is the protagonist of an episode in which he is facing a blow after another, until that fatal. The children raise their heads before the lion, After a life of subjugation and humiliation. Tywin has established itself over the years as a great man of power, able to understand and assess every situation for maximum profit; and to do that he exploited his sons, focusing heavily on the good name of the family. Tyrion has always threatened just because they exist. Cersei and Jaime have been a loose cannon ready to explode, but that Tywin was always refused to see. Place before the fact the man keeps a stiff upper lip that sets him apart and makes him even on the toilet before the youngest child ready to kill him. The Hand of the King he never believed it possible that his children would rebel and until the last tries to sort it all out without fuss. Cersei the mutes with words, Tyrion hitting it to death with a crossbow. The great lion Lannister dies injured in his pride in every possible way. And he himself warns us of his: having spent my life condemning her son to his whores, Tywin takes you to bed just to Tyrion. Respect for the good name of the Lannister was for him a mere matter of words, her chambers did what he had always blamed – How to take Cersei? Framing the fall of the lion's The Rains of Castamere, the same song was Tywin Lannister's hegemony and is now unable to hear.


Bran, voto 8. The young Stark struggle and is rewarded for his tenacity with the achievement of its goal: the meeting with the Three-Eyed Raven, Announcing a destiny other than what was imagined, "You will never walk again. But you will fly ". Bran, like Arya, It is now on a road that sees him far from his family from what's left of Winterfell, his future is a big question mark. And it especially if we think this scene is described by our beloved George R. R. Martin in the last book published, A Dance with Dragons. The character of Bran is that chronologically ahead of all, which means if Martin will not publish The Winds of Winter by next April (thing that I'm afraid that's impossible) and if we'll see the little boy also in the fifth season, We will be witnesses of his fate before the screen on the pages of the book. That possibility worries me a lot, having read all the books allows me to be psychologically prepared to various shocks twist Game of Thrones, I would not repeat the traumatic experience of having witnessed the beheading of Ned totally unaware!

Arya, voto 8. If at the beginning of the season we have highlighted certain aspects clear symptom of the new Arya, more inclined to give in to vengeance, Now you can say that the transformation has come to fruition. Before suffering The Hound's dying remains entirely unmoved, and also denies the extreme gesture of mercy: because the names of hatred were not just a pastime, Arya took them seriously, and this is his way of making a difference avenging the poor butcher Micah of season one. After thirty episodes (and 3 years, for us viewers) constantly running away, always entrusted to someone (or seized by someone) Arya is also aware of a new reality: If so far it has been chaired by a desire to reunite with his family, at least one member of his family, He knows that it is all in vain, now that Starks ' there is nothing left (at least from his point of view). Indeed, wisely and despite Brienne represents a last link between Arya and mother, the young Stark decides to not follow it and continue his journey alone. What could offer Brienne? Where Arya would be safe? In none, and so it's fair to leave everything behind and seek their own destiny elsewhere. The goodness of choice is confirmed by the reaction of the sailor that Arya is aimed: Jaqen h'ghar (or its currency) can lead Arya towards her future.

As always the months of airing of Game Of Thrones have passed too quickly, and a limited number of episodes per season does not help (It also says George r. R. Martin!). This year's motto was “The Valar Morghulis Theme” ("all men must die), and in fact the characters that they said goodbye were several (RIP Oberyn), that next year we expect a season marked by “Valar Dohaeris” ("all men must serve)? The final scene dedicated to Arya, in addition to, lets think for a fifth season harbinger of big news in New Territories (at least for her), but given the latest events we can say that the tide has changed for all characters. The odds leave anyway as long as you are: If there's one thing we've learned, is that with Game Of Thrones You can never take anything for granted, any prediction is always turned upside down. So let's start the new countdown: – 10 months to next season!



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