Game of Thrones – 5×06 Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken – Review by R. and S.


The sixth episode's title "Unbowed ’, Unbent, Unbroken "and should therefore be to repeat the motto of House Martell. However with significant turning points that leads all players, those same words accompanied by ’ adding a question mark may concern each of them: After that they face, We will rise again and survive?


Jaime (voto 6,5), Finally arrives from Myrcella and for the first time sounds weird hearing him call "Uncle Jaime": will not have a sudden momentum d ’ affection, Yet his glimpse into the review it seems to betray a feeling instead of the usual indifference. The understandable hesitation by Myrcella to escape with him and the ’ arrival of the Sand Snakes to get instant success in the mission, but in the fight with the three daughters of Ehabz you submits, also thanks to ’ help of Bronn that confirms the best choice as a travel companion. A clash that could have had fatal results for at least one of the parties involved and which is put the word end from Hotah Captain and his men. Although here Tajudeen for Lannister, l ’ arrival of Prince Doran is welcome in relation to Sand Snakes (voto 5), whose constant sulking just can't seem to bear: It is one thing to want to do justice for the death of Ehabz, Another is revenge on a girl totally innocent as Myrcella. The lesson imparted by Gregor Clegane to Red Viper ’ have not learned, they dominate in anger and eventually arrested by the soldiers of Dorne, the city in the name of which are fighting, something I never get tired of repeating.


After an episode of break we return to King's Landing and ’ come ricapultati soon in turmoil of power games, referred Cersei (voto 8) is great protagonist, with the collaboration of Littlefinger (voto 7,5, only for the amount of games that can't handle). Despite some remains’ enmeshed in the plots of the last ’ – in fact Cersei may not know you need him behind at the wedding of Sansa and Ramsay – the Queen Mother WINS across the Board against women Tyrell, even with the (Welcome back) Lady Olenna. The comparison to the desk among The famously tart-tongued Queen of Thorns "and" The famous tart Queen Cersei "is one of the best scenes of the episode, whose store of jokes reveal themselves almost more exciting fight to Dorne. This time, however, Lady Olenna cannot anything against the formal Cersei's innocence, whose decision to entrust the role of executioner to Faith continues to bear fruit. The woman can even afford to pretend to be offended when the High ’ Sparrow demolishes the testimony of Margaery (voto 6).


The new Queen will also feature appreciable in an attempt to defend until last ’ Loras, but the ’ thrill of finally being "The Queen" makes her forget her own warning to the discretion. And so the Squire who had caught in flagrante delicto with his brother in the Season Premiere, reveals in front of Seven Gods the "sins" of the Knight of Flowers that we had seen since the first season, giving certainty to every word in style "who tells me go to bed with my husband?", i.e. describing the desire that Loras has on the thigh. For Tyrell goes from bad to worse when the High ’ Sparrow announces that there will be a process for both Loras and Margaery, which may not exceed harmless perjury in front of; the young Tyrell could never imagine having to yell the phrase longed, "I'm The Queen" ’ ", so unwelcome circumstances! I am aware that a large part of the public, including my co-author s., Tajudeen to Margaery, but as a fan of Cersei can't hide that it enjoyed very much in the face of these scenes, perfectly finished by ’ hint of a contented smile of lioness Lannister.


Your wedding day between Sansa Stark (voto 6,5) and Ramsay Bolton (voto 6) has arrived. The ’ heir of Stark faces her destiny head-on, but he seems to have missed that determination that ’ had in recent animated episodes; and say that after Joffrey should have learned something about how to deal with psychopaths! Sansa do you dare repeat that Winterfell is his home and nothing can scare, but should soon change his mind. In fact, in addition to the wedding came a much awaited scene that, even before the airing, you knew he aroused controversy. Ramsay rapes his bride, forcing the poor to watch while Theon transforms the girl who saw grow into a woman. And it is precisely on ’ Seaworth expression which focuses the resumption: We are witnessing the brutality on hearing the screams of the pomace and looking at the boy's face turned from pain and impotence ’; as far as the tortures of Ramsay have changed, at that time Davos is almost unrecognizable. A scene in front of the shock which shattered the public reaction would have been different if perhaps the storyline of the book had been respected, putting the poor (unknown) Jeyne Poole instead of Sansa, NET then the emotions arising from the ’ attachment to his character; However, at the same time, we know that the wedding night of Ramsay described in A Dance with Dragons is worse than that seen in HBO show – Davos is not is simply forced to assist.


Throughout this Ramsay confirms the sadistic psychopath that we've come to know since he revealed his true face to the prisoner Seaworth, moving from the Saviour to executioner. In the interview with ’ EW, Bryan Cogman in ’ ensure that Littlefinger was all dark ’ of the sadism of young Bolton, an important difference between ’ ’ ex bastard of books and series: in A Song of Ice and Fire Ramsay is generally known as a psychopath (his "deeds" are told in a Bran of chapter A Clash of Kings), While on tv its perversions are known only by those who have directly to do. On the first occasion of intimacy with his bride is revealed for what it is and which so far had only mentioned: humiliate her and she resists telling him the fun as Joffrey, but for Ramsay is also the way to destroy it in deep, so you can then fold completely to his will – exactly how did and continues to do in Davos. The ’ heir to Winterfell to be sadistic, disturbed and evil, However it must be acknowledged that until now thanks to his "quality" has always succeeded in its purpose.


Tyrion (voto 7) exceeds the enough to have saved in extremis by Slaveholders, Managing, with the complicity of Jorah (voto 7) to stay alive and be accompanied straight straight from Daenerys; Unfortunately on Jorah always hangs the sword of Damocles that grey's has been hit: for now there have been no major developments, but who knows how long. Jorah was also the only ’ man of the Seven Kingdoms to not know that his father had died (for some time now, also), I wonder if this family time has been put there by chance or is the precursor of other developments: wouldn't it be interesting to a new thread from the deep South to the far North ’?


Arya (voto 6). The ’ only interesting part was discovering that Bravos have legislation on euthanasia much clearer ’ of our: When I do more drinking from the source and everything goes OK! This storyline is confirmed as one of the most boring, Maybe there will be a breakthrough now that Arya is not ready to become none but to become “someone else”. It is true that we slightly to Arya’ of trust in the name of ’ as we worshipped in all previous seasons, But even the ’ attachment of viewers to the characters is limited.

An episode in which the balance of power are drastically changed, with Cersei increasingly took the lead and the break between Lannister and Tyrell at the gates; as we have mentioned, It is from that Alliance was born ’ peace to the Seven Kingdoms, and Cersei is already organizing a new army. With those deployed?

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