Game of Thrones – 5×08 Hardhome – Review by R. and S.


In the face of those who complained about the lack of action in this season, Here's that Game of Thrones do you forgive amply with an eventful episode, totally unexpected and even more welcome.


Daenerys, voto 7. The ’ anticipated and desired meeting between Khaleesi and Tyrion meets all expectations on marriage between these two important figures. An intense exchange of jokes where we find the Dany where we placed so much trust in first seasons. His recent aground in de slave ’ 's Bay has led to a sharp decline of consensus against him, where the spirit from crocerossina prevailed on claim of ’ Iron Throne, bringing it to a series of choices more than questionable; that's why in comparison with Tyrion saw me destined to succumb in front of all of the intelligence ’ ’ Imp. But Daenerys managed to keep him head, tone-on-tone response and submit it to a skillful ’ assessment before deciding what to do. Follow the advice of the Lannister on Ser Jorah is already a good sign – also because I do not find that the location of the ’ man is comparable to that of former slave executed ’ in ’ episode 5×02 – but are there any other reasons that I bode well. The Khaleesi for the first time in too long resumes talking about the conquest of ’ Iron Throne, for this ’ last ’ wants to help Tyrion – are thanked all of Westeros, He is remembered! And even when l ’ Imp le insinuates doubt, suggesting that perhaps are the lands beyond the Narrow Sea his house – this could you own Tyrion save! – Dada does not affect its (found) true mission, ribadendola with a joke, "The ’ m going to break the wheel", that reminds us of the Khaleesi that much love, the Mother of Dragons Unburnt fuel that makes dying his enemies between the screams.


Tyrion, voto 7. Finally we find the most loved Tyrion, that is smart and brilliant political mind, able to infuse common sense into those around him, just as now happens to Dany. Tyrion doesn't miss a beat, and if she keeps the head, He manages to bring the conversation where he wants, because at the bottom, Although in different positions, now have the same goal: Daenerys on the Iron Throne ’. Until this scene was complaining the poor attention devoted to reflections by Tyrion in ’ last period: focus was on individual misfortunes (the escape, the Rapture, the Stone Men), but never about what he thinks of Varys plan. Now I finally understand what the ’ has led to choose the Targaryen, that is a rather thorough study of Dany, and you can tell that all credit is Varys; something strange, but actually it is also thanks to him if Dany came so far, and it's especially about her if now she and Tyrion found together, Finally I decided to conquer Westeros (at least in words, We'll see the facts).

Jorah, voto 6. Avoids the death penalty thanks to Tyrion and as always he forgets the pride at home ’, but it must be said that not even allows him to Daenerys to open mouth. Jorah's disease progresses, and this may be another reason for his obstinacy, his attempt to go for broke in the fighting: without its Khaleesi, so ’ has to lose? As my co-author, Jorah would regain Daenerys between blood and sweat, but with Daario as contender did not precisely no hope!


Cersei, voto 5. Unrecognizable; If the feeling not persevere in death threats, understand that we are facing really tough would be Cersei Lannister. His fall from grace has not seen via d ’ at the time output, with his obstinacy in not wanting to confess. (D) Moreover, the ’ have taken all possible charges – fornication, tradimento, incest and dulcis in fundo l ’ assassination of King Robert – confess would mark the final end, as well as that of born from sin Tommen and Myrcella. Ned Stark had already offered the ability to flee with their children before they reveal to Robert their fatherhood, but then the lust for power had the better, also thanks to ’ support of an unspecified number of traitors to the Crown/the Lannister fans l ’ honor of Ned just won't go down. But now that there is more ’ Tywin to ensure favors, all turn their backs; Tommen is too naive to understand what to do, Uncle Kevan not worthy even of a visit – this inflexibility perhaps could have long ago instead of egotistical do always obedient younger brother – and the High ’ Sparrow does not show an ounce of gratitude for having made what is, from poor of filthy lanes of King's Landing in new ’ first inhabitant of the Great Sept of Baelor. The unique ’ that remains is his faithful – and always at work – Qyburn, but little can be done if you don't recommend the lesser evil, i.e. confess; for now just don't talk, best dirty, dressed in rags, forced to lick the ’ water on the floor and to suffer the bullying of his captor rather than kneel in front of those people without shoes! Will remain for a long time of this opinion?


Arya, voto 6. Continues the storyline's pointlessness of ’ Arya, that now sells oysters and finally has new clothes. The constant bickering about whether he is ready or not ready to serve The Many Faces God could arouse curiosity for the first few weeks, very tired now. Worth enough just because I hope that the guy who will (presumably) kill reveal something amazing: must be a link with all other textures! This is the only hope ’ to which I cling to tolerate her scenes.

Theon, voto 7. From incurable fan of Robb I had a period where the ’ hatred of Theon has surpassed that for Joffrey. The ’ have turned their backs on what was in fact his brother was the ’ origin of all evil then happen to the King in the North, then it deserved everything that Ramsay was doing – for once I agree with Sansa. But now the pity for him increases stake in bet, especially painful for his inner struggle between Theon wouldnt help Sansa and the Reek terrified by the master; maybe even for him it was time to begin a climb, so forgive himself for his past. And an important signal in this sense, for the first time since the torture of Ramsay have changed, the boy tells the truth: put in front of the pomace and anger to the faults committed, Theon's ’ imposes on Reek for a few minutes, telling the girl he never killed Bran and Rickon.


The Chance (voto 6,5) on the other hand gets a little’ the voice, but only with Reek, i.e. only when does not risk anything; now, however, is in possession of valuable information, will use them beneficially? Will organize the long-awaited rebirth of Stark? Despite the long proximity with Littlefinger, Sansa has so far rarely implemented his teachings: It is limited to a few sharp phrase here and there, but must do more. Must plotting, plotting, betray: the allies are, and Theon is the first from which: manages to break the influence of his master ’?

The possible departure of Ramsay (voto 5) could help in ensuring that Theon is able to emerge more and more, However, the idea of ’ young Bolton to embark in the battle is not between the best that had. Normally his sadistic is successful – the Moat Cailin mission that involved Davos last season is an example – but this time maybe that wary of his father has more common sense: are protected by walls of Winterfell and with sufficient supplies, While Stannis and his men will be already suffering the effects of the first snow, Why risk?


Jon, voto 10 and praise. That man!! That hero!! That Lord Commander legendary! If Jon has already demonstrated in the past to be a man of honor ’, This is the ultimate proof that nothing can ever make us think the opposite of him. The second half of the ’ episode was dedicated to the men of Jon and Wildings, and if at first it seemed that was the typical setting for this season, i.e. many dialogues and strategy in view of the final showdown, the last fifteen minutes have radically altered the schema, giving us one of the most beautiful battles, even higher than that of the barrier in ’ Episode 4×09. The ’ abilities of Jon and Tormund in convincing the Wildings (with rare exceptions) to ally with them against the White Walkers has not been, obviously, a surprise; Despite initial tension, It was what we expected would happen, and this context made it even stronger than the dell ’ ’ surprise attack of Walkers, also because usually Game of Thrones reserve for the ninth episode events of this magnitude. The scene of the battle was extremely confusing: first do not understand what was happening, Once you find the enemy and closing the gate does not understand which side was Jon, don't understand if they were to fight against Walkers or to escape, don't understand if the boats were all matches or there was still one for him, insomma: that anxiety!! Despite this they were fifteen minutes well-built: not simply the pandemonium, but many small events within that constituted the leitmotif; c was ’ Karsi, the Brute that we knew would end badly when he said to his daughters “The ’ 'll be right behind you”, c ’ was the Thenn that succumbed to the ’ Alliance with Jon dying for him to seek the Dragon glass, and especially c ’ was Jon. After what seemed an infinite number of minutes where he managed to stay alive, in the clash with the Walker seemed on the verge of succumbing and hope was beginning to fade: at this point, here's the revelation, the Origin of the steel ’ his sword can kill White Walker. In what all of a sudden looked like a ’ with crossover The Walking Dead, Jon if l ’ has fared and managed to escape just in time, but it's not over here: under the command of the Night's King ’, the leader of the zombies of ice, all victims of the battle became an immense army of the living dead. The feeling of dread and dismay has been amplified by the deafening silence that reigned on the stage, the same technique is used at the end of the Red Wedding in ’ episode 3×09: nothing ’ nothing but silence, where echoes the loss of players and spectators.

A stake to the heart-pounding finale that brings us back to the fantasy that is the background to the series since beginning of ’ pilot, bringing up the legendary Night ’ 's King. Retracing its history, exchanging glances with Jon takes an even stronger sense. The Night's King ’ in fact became such after by Lord Commander fell in love with a White Walker, only to be defeated by the Alliance of the then Lord of Winterfell and the King beyond the Wall. He and Jon Snow's ’ cross right now that this ’ last, the son of a Stark and new Lord Commander, We are putting across to a new alliance with the Wildlings against the common enemy. Just a case or Jon will play a decisive role in the fight against the Black Walkers?

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