Game of Thrones – 5×09 The Dance of Dragons – Review by R. and S.


Expectations for the ninth episode of Game of Thrones are always very high, and despite the great events at the barrier in 5×08 This season has not disproved. By ’ far north to the far south ’, Westeros is crossed by major upheavals, that no doubt will mark the course of his future history.

Stannis, voto 1. It was l stupid ’ we always knew, and even though deep down I expected it fell again into the clutches of Melisandre (voto 3), I gave him the benefit of the doubt until last ’, until it did burn alive Shireen. Even at one point Selyse was reformed (always a tad late, eh), While Stannis nothing to do, a complete sucker that goes around sacrificing his daughter Westeros the Lord of light: someone should tell him that even Abraham was stopped before immolating Isaac, and although that story sounds ridiculous to me has more empty logic that dwells in the minds of Stannis.


Ramsay (voto 7), you don't see, but it does feel the effects of its decisions through the fires to Stannis, the famous mission with 20 men mentioned in the previous installment. Ramsay once again with his manners gets what she wants.

Jon, voto 7. A po’ of well deserved rest for the Lord Commander after the fatigues of the last week; I seriously feared Alliser Thorne's not that did cross the (and the ’ feared even Jon), but that was only the first of the problems: other confreres are not very happy of ’ arrival of Wildings and is natural to expect repercussions. Even the little Olly does not promise anything good with his face always angry: I understand the trauma for the loss of parents, but you have to be idiots to not understand and share the Jon!


Arya, voto 7. As hoped is the return of a man from his past to rekindle the ’ interest in the storyline of Arya; with the arrival of ’ Meryn Trant to Braavos true Arya returns to take over, putting aside the ’ training with Jaqen H ’ ghar and giving new priority to his personal vendetta, the names of hate ’. At this point, and after several episodes devoted to boredom, I'm curious again to know the outcome of this story ’: Arya will be recognised? Kill Meryn? And if he will, What will it mean for his personal and spiritual journey?


The premise for the scenes set in Dorne were high, the first time was in the territories of the extreme south of Westeros ’ with great curiosity and enough concordavo reader: the Sand Snakes I never born, but the rest of Dorne gave good moments. Too bad the show changes – between characters and storyline have not respected – absent the expectations, the scenes at the House of Martell are slightly less boring only those of Arya. Jaime (voto 7) confirm with the daughter/granddaughter calm that has always characterized the relationship with Cersei: d ’ agreement which could not afford to syndicate on Myrcella clothing ’, but the Princess should be a little nicer since you come there just to protect it – you don't know how things stand, informed before you speak! Equally the Prince Doran (voto 7) reiterates its peaceful and cautious line: In addition to drive back the idea of a war ’, includes why Jaime has introduced in his palace and agrees to Myrcella's departure. Doran forgives all, by Bronn to grandchildren, not contested in its decisions only as sovereign, because, Let's face it, Okay not to launch headlong into a war, but that absolute calm and indiscriminate really does think he's right in saying Ellaria that ’ man has no backbone. This attitude, however, may just be a mask, the Prince is not stupid nor has short memory compared to the actions of the Lannister and allow the return home of the betrothed his son may have caught a ’ exciting opportunity; and in fact Doran causes go with them to Trystane King ’ 's Landing and get placed in the Small Council assigned to Oberyn. Let us not forget the saying "l water ’ cheta is collapsing bridges"!


Daenerys, voto 10. Expecting the scene in Daznak ’ 's Pit for three years, that is, since I read the last chapters on Khaleesi of "A Dance with Dragons": When Dany would finally be back to Daenerys Targaryen, the Mother of Dragons. The Khaleesi is forced to witness and give off the "games" of Meereen, without being able to hide this time even the hassle for the situation; to distract her, however, c is the ’ triangle which is leading with Daario (voto 8) and Hizdahr. The scene is expertly constructed along the lines of fighting two weeks ago, making us believe that the real danger is still at the center of the arena ’, dove Ser Jorah (voto 7 for heroism ’) fight for life. At least until victorious pulls a lance just behind his Khaleesi, that was about to be stabbed by a Son of the Harpy; at that point the ’ arena is full of enemies in every corner: the Unsullied, Daario, Tyrion seek to protect their Queen and while Hizdahr is killed, Jorah is to help Dany, that accepting his hand, put a stone on the past. Daenerys finds himself with the people closest to her in the middle of the ’ arena, surrounded by an immense number of Sons of the Harpy, There are no escape routes; the resignation appears to be increasingly road, the same Khaleesi it takes to hand Missandei and closes his eyes, ready to face what will be. But in that instant ’ who feels an unmistakable sound: Drogon (voto 10) reappears in front of the mother as it happened at the end of episode 5 ’×02, in other words exactly when you need it most by his son. The Sabha and Dragon Burn opponents and there I couldn't help but say "Mommy's little touched!" – It won't be a perfect exclamation ’ given the size of the Dragon, but emotionally there is. However, the Sons of the Harpy is too much and also threatens the defeat of Drogon meet lance hit him all over; in an interview ’ George R. R. Martin said, "And I want my readers to feel that fear as they turn the page", here as for the Red Wedding with me we succeeded in full, When I read the pages about this scene I was terrified of turn page and witness the death of Drogon and Dany. Though daenerys, After too long a period in which he put aside his nature, finds herself, approaches to her and despite him Drogon is not properly sweet, not intimidated because he knows I never hurt; Dany does what in all Seven Kingdoms is now just an old legend, What was always intended to be a true Dragon Queen: salt on his dragon and flies off with him, leaving Tyrion, Jorah, Daario and open-mouthed Missandei, aware that they had just witnessed something epic. Small side note for Tyrion (voto 8), but especially for Peter Dinklage: the war, in all its forms and variations, not your environment, the battle of Black Waters had more than enough; and this sentiment is clearly in the eyes of the law n. While remaining always on background, with few shots Dinklage manages to convey all the terror of Tyrion for being in the middle of that fight, But despite this does not yield, ain't giving up: terrified, How can still fight for his life and that of his new Queen.


Small note, the death of Hizdahr: in the books does not die, but there is a strong suspicion that there is him behind a possible attempted murder of Dany, fearing that the true leader of the Sons of the Harpy. Although the latter show the kill, I do not exclude that it was their accomplice – d ’ indeed is he who insists because there struggles Daenerys in Daznak ’ 's Pit – like other masters of Meereen.

And’ from last season that one of the main themes of the storyline on Khaleesi is its difficulty in Taming the Dragons, thus forcing us to witness harrowing scenes and questionable choices; but now that ugly period is over and the doubts on the subject are at zero, Why not just a Daenerys Targaryen, She is "the blood of the dragon" – otherwise her brother Viserys had all else ’ fate. After the proclamations of the last episode that we have confidence in the conquest of ’ Iron Throne, with this gesture we can only cheer because Daenerys flights to recover what is its "with fire and blood". And so the ever-critical – and weepy – episode nine Game of Thrones gives us some’ hope for the Season Finale after the totally unexpected drama of poor Shireen.

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