Game of Thrones – 5×10 Mother s ’ Mercy (Season Finale) – Review by R. and S.


The most anticipated final Game of Thrones has arrived, After a week full of expectation and speculation. An episode of a ’ hour only, where, however, they managed to condense all the storyline without the little time left at the expense of narrative and quality. Is not missed anyone and especially not been lacking large and disconcerting events, that left us open-mouthed, But even with many questions.


Stannis, voto 0. More and more idiot, more and more obnoxious. The turn your back on all, even his wife has more common sense than he, but there is nothing to do ’: don't stop the army half ’, don't stop Selyse's body hanging from a branch, don't stop even the eloquent ’ brain Melisandre (voto 1), who was the mastermind behind all this great military operation. On the strength of his useless pride leads his army to massacre (tell me if we have to cheer for Bolton!), but unfortunately we don't die: We are sure that Brienne has given following his death sentence? Until I see I don't think!


Ramsay, voto 9. Will be a sadistic psychopath that every action we make impossible not to hate, but the former Bolton's bastard ’ is always winning. Ramsay has opposed his father's strategy of resistance to siege ’, the most convenient and prudent, to launch into a battle by ’ incertissimo outcome until a few moments before. It is courage or folly, Ramsay is in danger and WINS, di nuovo; Indeed – respecting the reputation that is built – is a real massacre, the image ’ from ’ top is awesome: There are no survivors, the same heir of Winterfell ensures that even the last soldier ’ Baratheon died despite the surrender. And who stops him more Ramsay? On this occasion it was definitely benefitted by deserters of Stannis, but it must be recognised that he could not imagine how the enemy army ’ had reduced. Unfortunately for him will not celebrate too much: not only has the satisfaction of breaking down Stannis, at home waiting for him a bitter surprise ’. Finally indeed Theon (voto 9) manages to assert itself on Reek; the threat to the life of the girl with whom he grew up gives the decisive shock, After the tiny signals of previous episodes. Greyjoy kills Myranda before he can injure Sansa; in addition to, aware that he had so reached a point of no return than Ramsay, does what we always hoped: he flees with the girl throwing outside the walls of Winterfell. Maybe it's the first true human gesture made by Theon Greyjoy in five seasons.

Disappoints a little’ The Chance (voto 7). I was hoping for some great action, in a striking scene, It is limited to light a candle and show some’ by chutzpah. Its transformation into Dark Lady, much anticipated after the finale of the fourth season, It did not give the desired fruits, but they are still made of progress. The best will be now that he finds himself completely alone (unless you find Brienne), in the company only of Theon, looking for a new way to take back its future and its Winterfell.


The belief that in the end there wasn't space for Dorne, in recent days the ’ wait is increased precisely according to the scene then announced: l ’ Anna interpreter, Jessica Henwick, He said in an interview with ’ Yahoo Singapore "What happens with the Sand Snakes is extreme. Very extreme ". What happens is not exactly what I expected, at least not now, I had put in for the injured Myrcella while trying to escape with Jaime in episode ’ 6 – in the novels the young is in fact affected by losing an ear. E invece Ellaria Sand and Snakes (voto 4) pretend to have accepted peaceful line of Doran, While they take advantage of the last second ’ available to poison Myrcella. L ’ only positive of this scene is that it gives a sense that between cells and Tyene Bronn, for the rest – plus I liked all the other ’ twist – the four women prove that they had not learned the lesson, ganging up with an innocent ’, from the little we saw, has nothing in common with the rest of his family. Before the plan of those nose proves, Jaime (voto 7) tries to confess to the girl of being his father, but she knows already "I think a part of me always knew. And I'm glad ’. I'm glad that you ’ ’ re my father "; a scene so much unexpected as moving: for the first time, Jaime is accepted and loved without having to justify what is or did. Not charge nor Myrcella asks explanations, includes the truth in the phrase "We don t choose ’ whom we love", d Moreover you ’ in love with a Martell. The father-daughter embrace ’ makes it even more difficult to attend his death: like the older brother, Myrcella dies in the arms of Jaime, without that he could do nothing to save her. Jessica Henwick was right in saying "Episode 10 sets the rest of the show on a very certain path ", kill voluntarily a Lannister cannot be considered a declaration of war; among the other ’ Cersei had warned that he razed the city to protect his children. And as Jaime will react? He was offered to go to save the girl, but he failed and this loss promises much heavier than those of Joffrey and Tywin, both compared to Cersei is to himself.


Daenerys, voto 6. After the ’ exploits of last episode Dany earns enough on trust, Although the words that appeal to the deserving would all Drogon ’ more. She saved, It hurt all over and ask him to eat to recover? Go you, you're mom afterall! Even the courage to surprise if not going to bring her home, obvious asks him to return to Meereen, It is not that his house! D ’ agreement that to the Seven Kingdoms should recover his men – and the other dragons! – but there is no need to define ’ Meereen home, even Drogon knows that those territories are not home! Nor is he ask her to fly away, He was about to be killed in order to save it! In this regard,, many have not appreciated that Dany has "abandoned" his advisors in ’ arena, but here I would defend it: the only important thing ’ at that time was taken away because it had not killed Drogon and certainly he would not accept other on his back, It's not a coach! Dany now finds himself in an area difficult to frame, with green expanses where sin comes the view, far from Meereen, but getting beyond the Narrow Sea. Until he finds himself suddenly surrounded by old acquaintances: the Dothraki, the same people who did not see that events have made it ’ Mother of Dragons. It is not clear who is in charge of the khalasar – in the novels is Jhaqo, the second to proclaim himself after the death of Khal Drogo – or what are their intentions; recall that after the death of Khal Drogo l ’ had abandoned, as guilty of not wanting to join widows and want to stay anyway the Khaleesi, killing one of his guards dothraki. The ’ appearance of Drogon could soothe any hostility, but for now the Dragon remains rightly to rest and the Dothraki surround his mom; whatever will happen, for me the ’ has reported Drogon in only places that feels familiar, the Dothraki Sea, where Daenerys Targaryen still aspired to conquer the Iron Throne and ’ that saw the birth of the Mother of Dragons.


Daario, voto 8. My appreciation towards him climbed in bet and bet again is skilled as well outside of the battlefield: is his idea of ’ l entrust Tyrion the City Government. It will not be a suitable consort for Dany, but I and my co-author we understand more and more because it is so fascinated! The rest can only come out winner by ’ obvious comparison with Jorah (voto 7), who saved children of Dany ’ Bitch but still has a long way to go in its thanks; and certainly, Unlike Daario, can forget any sentimental lapel.

Tyrion, voto 7,5. For the nano was a season of changes and continuous settlement, from King's Landing to Meereen ’, by Lannister to Daenerys Advisor. These continuous changes of forced perspective Tyrion to be a little’ more in the background than usual, but it always managed to make even the few scenes at his disposal. His weapons are the eloquence and l ’ ’ wit, and did not fail to put them on display in this episode: However right Daario, is made to govern rather than fight, and I ’ to see his political mind in action, possibly back to Westeros.

Varys, voto 8. Reappears after a long absence, When Tyrion needs him. Manage to get to the goal stated by himself and apparently without the difficulties of Imp and Jorah ’, past the chaos of Meereen after spacing ’ by Dany.


Arya, voto 8. Finalmente! Arya finally is back! If the fourth season had witnessed his transformation from child to adult, who defends abandoning piety and compassion for those who do not deserve, We have now had evidence that the transformation has not been in vain. An entire season of ’ boredom redeemed in minutes, where it was not possible to hold the joy for vengeance against Meryn Trant. Unfortunately it seems that there are consequences, given that Arya should be not nobody, let alone the ’ heir of one of the most important families of Westeros. Puts it very clear Jaqen, that makes blind and forces us to say goodbye again, Maybe this time permanently, one of the most beloved characters (between highs and lows).


Cersei, voto 7. His detractors can be satisfied for all seasons to come: the Queen Mother is paying a very high price for acts committed in a life dominated by anger and fear; Perhaps excessive price. The same Lena Headey in interview with ’ EW recognises that although his character has wrong, No one deserves such treatment. Cersei faces a ’ brutal humiliation in front of which one cannot remain indifferent and his interpreter is just perfect to make the emotions experienced by Lannister, from the moment you decide to bend and confess as faces a unexpected ’ "walk of atonement". Cersei literally knelt at the foot of’High Sparrow, confessing and asking for forgiveness for his sins, hoping to return by the son; not telling the whole truth – admits only the relation to Lancel and negates the incestuous birth of his children – but on the other hand ’ d could never acknowledge that Tommen and Myrcella are not King Robert without at the same time declare their end. However the High ’ Sparrow is not content, the woman must stand trial for the sins and atonement ’ denied that confessed. Have been abused, humiliated, left without food or water is not enough apparently; Cersei has to walk among the people, from ’ Sept of Baelor High the Red Keep, nude and with a shaved head, to the gods and people can attend his repentance.


The "Walk of Shame" lasts several minutes, with a crescendo of tension: from the initial silence of apparent ’ crowd, interrupted only by the "Shame" of septa, and the composure of Cersei you pass to any screams vulgarity, vegetables and launches a Cersei wound, dirty, that is no longer able to hold back the tears, until such a step by the Red Keep collapses to the ground. The scene is filmed so we can perceive the ’ advance of the walk from the point of view of the Queen Mother, living with her l ’ humiliation and fear that is trying: is at the mercy of a people who do not save in naughtiness, taking advantage of the decline of mercilessly what until recently was the most powerful woman of Westeros – Luckily they are "good people" of God-fearing and that "The Mother is a merciful"! The only light that makes ’ stand is the Red Keep Cersei that slowly approaches, There will finally be his son, and after the fall picks up the latest efforts to get there. Waiting for her uncle Kevan, ma soprattutto Qyburn along with his famous "work", the new giant and quiet part of King ’ 's Guard, formerly known as Ser Gregor Clegane's "The Mountain"! Qyburn was able to bring it back to life somehow and can be useful immediately saw the waiting process Cersei. High Sparrow careful, you pulled the rope too much and now even your gods will protect you!


Jon, voto 9. Between Grey’s Anatomy and Game of Thrones I lost the man of my life ’ twice within two months: trauma from which are you never go back. The speculation the fate of Jon wasted, from reincarnation in Ghost resurrection by Melisandre (better than the first, who knows how I reduced that witch); tuttavia, both Kit Harington that Dan Weiss were very clear: It just died. Jon remained faithful to himself until the end: What mattered to him was the common good, the big big picture, He thought of the future. Just like Ned in the first season, Note the same Kit, Jon does what is right, But what is right is not necessarily what should be done in the individual circumstances that arise: caring the fate of all Seven Kingdoms forget to pay attention to (petty) men who surround him, leading to their treachery and, above, by Olly. That's, If I may say so, l ’ only misstep that Jon has committed (In addition to fall like a tawny owl in the trap); but then he's always been a soul too good compared to that bunch of morons in black clothes, a mass of dull minds that honor ’ do not even know where home is. In misfortune are glad that Jon has been dedicated the last scene ’: not deserved nothing less.

This changes a little epilogue’ the fate of what is expected for the future, for many fans who hoped the origins were revealed Stark and half half Jon Targaryen, Maybe in a final meeting between him and Daenerys: ice and fire. Instead, How often was this season, It takes a new direction, but without a doubt we cannot complain of the foundations that were laid for new storyline. Ladd and Martell are on a war footing, the White Walkers are closer than ever, Sansa is escaped, Stannis was finally defeated, Daenerys is about to begin a new journey: in an episode that has bordered on perfection, Game of Thrones shook the foundations from which we departed in April to stand completely renovated, continuing to revive himself as only he can do. The wheel of Westeros, that wheel that Daenerys wants to break up, continues to turn: you fall and you, in an all against all (now more than ever), which aims only at the ’ Iron Throne.

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2 thoughts on "Game of Thrones – 5×10 Mother s ’ Mercy (Season Finale) – Review by R. and S.

  1. You're sure that the reason for the defection of half Stannis's army is not just a concoction of Ramsey?
    A mercenary follows gold. Stannis has gold and the mercenaries follow, but no victories, nothing gold. Abandon may mean that someone has offered more, and according to me is why Ramsey you find with the whole army in tow. When he asks his father the twenty men, According to me is to go to corrupt the mercenaries, prometter their riches and scuoiarli one by one, otherwise why would the father twenty men to show up with an army? No returns. I am convinced it was all a plan, among other things obviously succeeded. Personal opinion.

    1. It is not to be excluded, Although pay for deserting them seems more from Roose which by Ramsay; Ramsay is too fond of the skinning!
      I 20 men who had demanded they set fire to Stannis in the previous episode, that has created a whole lot’ of damage. Deserters of them attributed to the final choice of Stannis to sacrifice Shireen; between a gesture like that and be in a desperate condition with stocks and lost horses, hopes to beat Bolton to Winterfell to crumbling barricaded peak.
      The surprise attack by Ramsay could be depended on for some who had gone undercover to spy on moves by Stannis; but anything is possible when it comes to Bolton, are certainly not stupid or not would continue to win.

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