Game of Thrones – 6×01 The Red Woman (Season Premiere) – Review by R. and S.


L ’ wait is over. And it was no doubt worth. Game of Thrones He came back with a premiere in which each storyline picks up right where we left ’ and the tension never fails. The individual plots are important steps forward, that in two cases out of all are staggering, a ’ picture in particular hardly got off quickly from the mind. And Yes, We also have the answer to the question with which all actors on the show have been tormented in ’ last year.

Ramsay, voto 7. L ’ ex bastard doesn't let ruin the great victory against the Baratheon from death of ’ friend/lover Myranda: just long enough to say a few words in his memory and then recognize the’ "utility" of the flesh of the girl; After all, it's always about Ramsay Bolton we're talking. Unfortunately for him, the escape of wife Sansa is not to be underestimated to establish itself permanently as the leader of the North and the father did not lose even a second to let her notice. Roose from good strategist has a point – although the lannisters currently have something else to worry about – however maybe Ramsay deserves some credit in addition. The father took care of every detail, politician, but everything else did the son, legitimated by interest, though actually still treated merely as a bastard: Lord Bolton reserves only a cool compliment to the battle followed by an endless series of barbs. The calm of Ramsay against him is amazing.


The Chance (voto 6) It deserves a passing grade just for not being dead yet; his escape with Theon takes about a quarter d ’ now and again, When they are joined by the men of Ramsay, She does nothing but wait to be rescued by showing off his usual look afraid. Thankfully c ’ is Theon (voto 7) with her, who guides and, Despite the brainwashing and physical-psychological trauma, is the smarter of the two and it also makes it useful in combat. Returning to Sansa, It is already so much that, aided by Podrick, can recite the pledge to Brienne (voto 7), that after five seasons is finally able to protect at least one of the daughters of Catelyn.


Further north things don't go smoothly; at Castle Black we finally have the official confirmation: Jon Snow He's dead (voto 8, because it is perfect even in death). L ’ hypocritical speech with which Alliser Thorne and that bunch of idiots (voto 0) try to justify their deeds impure, it is becoming increasingly apparent how obtuse, people with moral thickness of a dead rat. Luckily there are the few brothers loyal to Jon, led by Ser Davos and Ghost (How heartbreaking the scene where Jon tries his hand with the nose?); I hope with all my strength into a clash between the two factions of brethren, How nice would it be to see scroll their wicked blood. The main doubt, Right now, comes from Melisandre (voto 5): in a most disturbing scene of childbirth of the smoke monster, We see her undress around and changing appearance, becoming an old man with white hair. The theory of my co-author, that I feel compelled to share, is this the true appearance of the Red Woman, What we have seen so far is just an effect of the necklace she wears; and actually, before d ’ now, not the ’ we had never seen it off. This nightly ritual of undress before going to bed, obviously, It doesn't happen by chance right now: takes place in a very gloomy atmosphere ’ and Melisandre seems almost resigned, as if he knew he could not do anything. It's finally l ’ the beginning of its descending parable?


Unlike past seasons premiere, We spend very little time in that of King ’ 's Landing. Cersei (voto 7) She lives with the pain of losing demeanor of ’ only child, No screaming or threats of revenge, just the memory of sweet Myrcella and d ’ moment of truth of all prophecy receipt. The Queen Mother seems resigned, as if despite everything he faced, He knew that the ’ nightmare that l ’ accompanies my entire life – death of his three sons – you're still doing and nothing will change things. But Jaime (voto 7,5) There is, now that you've heard a father for the first time: l ’ man promises to take back what was taken away and with the interests. A year ago the twins Lannister had split up at a time when they could not be sentimentally farther, but now the pain for her daughter seems riavvicinarli.

Two other brothers are kept at a distance, Loras and Margaery (voto 5). We find this ’ last in the same cell where Cersei had visited, still incarcerated having not the slightest intention to confess his sins. Obviously the young Tyrell asks his brother, but forgot about the husband who continues to worry about her. However, what there is danger ’ forget is the coveted title of "The Queen" who insists on the fly without realizing its uselessness.


The trailer that preceded this long-awaited premiere had shown very little of Dorne and had nothing left to see the turn of events that took place. Ellaria Sand and Snakes (voto 3), with the complicity of the guards, take control of the city, killing Doran and the son Trystane, leaders guilty of excessive weakness. Prince Doran has scarcely got to realize what is happening and we with him. It all happens in a matter of seconds, including the death of Trystane, hit treacherously by Obara – Act that makes those three humps even more annoying. And here I remain perplexed for a moment: Trystane was supposed to leave for King ’ 's Landing to sit in the Small Council, so when and where he was killed? Maybe it was on a second boat that was supposed to leave immediately after that of Jaime. The death of Doran and his heir completely undermines the context dornishman, whose position relative to the Lannister can only get worse now that fails l ’ only reasonable counterpart (Doran). And the same can be said of literary storyline is now absolutely impracticable – a little’ a shame, but considering everything you already brewing, It is also understandable that the ’ have cut. Martin, trust in you to restore prestige to Dorne!


Daenerys, voto 6,5. Linked, whipped and humiliated by those who were once his subjects, Dany bends the head, Drogo's death did not ’ and he has no intention of doing so now. If the ’ have dropped her ring proves a move effectively to address Daario and Jorah, naming the dead husband rescues her from ’ being raped by men who l ’ have captured. Like Margaery, insists, however, waving its long as redundant title: the Dothraki didn't care all ’ time of death Drogo, let alone now. Per Khal Moro She is only the widow of one of the most important Khal, This means that neither he nor other men abuse her, but at the same time that the same fate that had escaped after the first season returns: must live in the temple with other widows. On, Dany, What did you expect? "It is known" (that joke dothraki has returned to haunt us). And to think that in season four she could sail from Meeren for King ’ 's Landing with her dragons, his Unsullied and all (I repeat, all, including Ser Barristan!) his advisors. Now, however, is a prisoner of the Dothraki, his beloved Meeren is in chaos and the fleet of ships that once so craved was burned. Fortunately there are Varys and Tyrion to supervise the situation.


Finally, We also find Arya (voto 6 politician) in the new phase of his training; It deserves a passing grade on trust and despite the beatings received, at the bottom has yet to learn to live as blind. I hope that this ’ year its storyline is a tad more exciting dell ’ last year, in which you redeemed only at the end, and I also hope that you see any connection, also remote, with other events, to give a sense of unity, even considering that we are now well over half of the televised saga.

Nel complesso, l ’ episode has more than met expectations, with some unexpected twist that messes up the cards on the table; giving new rhythm to the series is, Right now, the mystery that surrounds the figure of Melisandre, that also gives the title all ’ episode, and considering the threat that comes from beyond the barrier, it can be said with some degree of certainty that it will continue l ’ attention for North, initially seen as a place secondary to the power struggle of King ’ 's Landing and now, instead, Theater of the most important battle, one for the survival of humanity ’.

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