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This second episode of Game of Thrones marks the return and the first appearance of several characters, some of them we didn't think we'd ever seen. At the same time, however, others tell us finally adieu. But to get us really excited is the feeling emerging from more than one storyline that perhaps in the wind House Stark is finally starting to turn in favour.

Bran Stark (voto 8) back to the screens after a season d ’ absence, that makes it all the more evident not only the growth of ’ actor who plays him (is almost unrecognizable from the child of the first season), but also its improvements (Hi Arya) in supernatural abilities. Under the leadership of Three-Eyed Raven, the young Stark passes by the brief and hazy vision in season four, to live a real flashback of the father Ned as a child in the company of brother Benjen, the sister Mandee (sì, just she, the woman loved by King Robert and kidnapped by Prince Rhaegar Targaryen, with all the theories that revolve around) and a speaker Hodor aka Willis. The scene plays like a déjà vu of the one in the pilot had made acquaintance with the Stark family: in that situation, Bran was trained at archery bow ’ by Robb and Jon, While Arya would interrupt him, all under the eyes of Ned and Catelyn to balcony; in this flashback is Ned practicing sword fighting with his brother, her sister arrives on horseback and their parents watch them from the same balcony. In both cases, there was great joy in the House Stark, in both cases no one could know the tragedies that were waiting for them around the corner ’. While the continuous "Hodor" Hodor faced questions of Bran seems to hide some kind of meaning (seriously, now I want to know what happened to him), Meera is not of any help by sitting on the sidelines pouding because does not see obvious progress. Dear Meera, go to follow the storyline of Arya and then hold that thought. And in everything, Summer dov ’ is?


Arya (voto 6) still does not do anything: seems to relive last season with his training, one step forward and two steps back, but when will it end? When you can take a shower and settle down that hair? Even the allure of Jaqen H ’ ghar has limits, and its riddles begin to you drop. Nothing interesting to say even for the other sister ’ Stark: come sempre The Chance (voto 6) He's there to widening my eyes and ask questions without understanding anything, never take l ’ initiative, never giving a twist to the situation; so many times has seemed on the verge of turning point and ’ but nothing, never a joy. Thankfully c is ’ Theon (voto 7) to show some’ of intelligence: the past teaches us that it is not wise to leave the Starks for the Greyjoy, but this time it's different: Now we can perhaps say that it has atoned for his sins, but the guilt does not abandon him really never, is this his true conviction.


Everything in the Slaver's Bay ’ goes apart like the statue of ’ Harpy brought down by Daenerys; that's why l ’ arrival of Tyrion (voto 8) It Varys the Court of K even more sounds like a godsend. "Daenerys is the Dragon Queen", Tyrion repeats what he had already said Daario (and that Dany refused to listen), but adds the knowledge and wisdom that distinguish. Tyrion read dragons, He has always wanted one (Tyrion one of us!) and he knows that it is wrong to consider them only as indomitable predators driven by hunger. Drogon showed, the dragons are intelligent and loyal to their mom and who is sincerely on his side. If Dany didn't trouble them in the catacombs, those poor puppies don't eat anymore since she's gone. Tyrion is not limited to fine words, with a courage that rivals to Daario, goes from Rhaegal and Viserion, approaching them, speaks to him and frees them from the chains; After an initial hesitation ’, the two Dragons make merit and at least now I'm a little bit freer, giving us hope for a future where dragons will dominate the scene. Tyrion, you couldn't have come sooner?!


’ at King's Landing is the funeral of Myrcella and Cersei (voto 7) It is not allowed to get close to order of King Tommen, which in turn must submit all High ’ Sparrow. The Queen Regent also appears resigned this week in the face of constant humiliation and wounds that are inflicted: don't raise your voice ever, has shots d ’ ira, seems to accept his condition understands that there's nothing else to do ’. And when the son goes to her asking her forgiveness and help, does not hold back: Hugs Tommen without hesitation or conditions. Where the King lacks in defending Cersei, two other men involved. Jaime (voto 7) not restricted to direct the child towards reconciliation with his mother, but makes it clear that not all High ’ Sparrow will allow him to humiliate her sister again; l ’ High Sparrow however is increasingly arrogant and holds head the Kingslayer. More success for the future of Cersei leaves though glimpse The Mountain, Smashing literally all head ’ idiot that you are allowed to joke about his Queen.


On the vote in Ramsay This week in slight difficulty. The boy was in fact the protagonist of one of the show's creepy scenes. Fat Walda was l ’ only among current inhabitants of Winterfell to elicit sympathy and that baby was innocent, but it is obvious that Ramsay doesn't want to take any chances and prefers to be an only child. Direct it to the kennel and open the cages is just a slow torture for you and us, from the very moment that accompanies Fat Walda from Lord Bolton, We understand that he is going to do, because we know that he is now Lord Bolton. Ramsay has just killed his father Roose. This ’ last had blamed his plan to attack Castle Black, but the subsequent recognition of Ramsay as her firstborn prevented me from seeing you get the stab. It is here that my vote for Ramsay grows exponentially, because finally avenge my beloved Robb Stark in the best way. Roose was with Tywin Lannister and Walder Frey one of the architects of the Red Wedding, but above all, he was the one who gave the fatal stab at Robb with the joke "The Lannisters send their regards". Ramsay replicates the scene within the walls of Winterfell, Miss right "The Starks send their regards", but I can't expect too much. Kill Fat Walda and little is cruel, However by Ramsay wasn't expecting nothing less, want to eliminate every possible obstacle between itself and the power. Kill the father is not the best move given that the former ’ bastard stands out not for political strategy, but the satisfaction of seeing him dead – and in that way – prevails. Balancing would thus Ramsay a 7. One vote more so pulled because I fear for him like it's well considering its covenants. The new Lord Bolton believes to have enough support from Umber, the Manderly and the Karstark, that is, the Starks ' longtime allies. Really believes in their Alliance? Perhaps the only ones you can trust are the Karstark (one of them was also present and obliging all ’ murder of Roose), they arrived at loggerheads with Robb after ’ had executed one of them (guilty of murdering the two young hostages Lannister). But also on them I would not bet a penny.


The House Greyjoy is back on screens, happy true? Luckily we liberate the hell out of that Grouch convinced of Balon Greyjoy (voto 4): the brother EURON (voto 6,5) Indeed kills him, knocking him off a bridge. Let's then acquainted with younger brother Greyjoy, which despite its delusions of omnipotence (within a couple of minutes says "I am the Drowned God" and "I am the storm") is already appreciable only for having taken away Balon. Now, however, you open the competition to see who will sit on the Salt Throne, place only obtainable by acclamation. Going to make it Yara to dominate or will pay l ’ be woman in favor of his uncle Jacob? Balon's death (that was already in the books for a long time for a fall from the bridge during a storm, Although still speculasse of a murder on the orders of Euron) bears autonomously the magic made in season from Melisandre: with leeches (and the fundamental help of Gendry) the Priestess had "condemned" to death the King Stannis opponents; Robb and Joffrey had fallen shortly after, now it was the turn of Balon. Evidently some prophecy, Melisandre the nails still.


Melisandre (voto 9) for the first time it is also useful in other situations: It's sad and dejected, He just lost faith, but with just a little’ of coaxing and convinced by Ser Davos to attempt a ’ last witchcraft; And so, after endless speculation and constant denials, After a whole episode where we saw his dead body, just when hopes were beginning to fail, Here's that Jon Snow (voto 10) back to life!! I've always said “better dead than with Melisandre”, but see those eyes open has erased all doubt: how you could ever deny it? I'm very curious to see the Jon postmortem, has to be changed to something; whatever it is, Jon, We love you just the same! And now go and kill all those suckers of your brethren! Make us proud! The brothers traitors, Meanwhile, have already had the first lesson by Wildings, led by Tormund: they have everything to Jon Snow, and unlike Alliser Thorne (voto 0) not are traitors: What a pleasure to see those cowards throwing weapons!

With this second episode Game of Thrones goes live, and while doing so with an event on which all speculated for months the yield is absolutely perfect, the Cliffhanger fully managed. The magnitude of this series continues in season six with more strength than before; the credit goes in part to Kit Harington, than in a’interview with EW He even apologized for having deceived all, but especially to the pen of George r. R. Martin, that gave life to characters and stories so wonderfully complex; do not underestimate, Finally, Weiss and Benioff, They skillfully manage each week on this Titanic television transposition, giving us a ’ hour of adventure and magic week.

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