Game of Thrones – 6×03 Oathbreaker – Review by R. and S.


After a brief summary of past events and a plot twist that indelibly marked the course of events that will be, the sixth season of Game of Thrones goes live, bringing us fully in the dynamics of power games, both the North and the free cities.

Bran (voto 8) still satisfy the curiosity that George R. R. Martin has matured since the first page of his novels, This time bringing us directly in front of one of the times that we were waiting anxiously. Time we are at the end of Robert's rebellion, the battle at the Trident has just ended with the victory of this ’ last on Rhaegar Targaryen. Ned and his men arrive in front of the Tower of Joy (among Red Mountains of Dorne), where is the sister Mandee – kidnapped by/eloped with Rhaegar – and where there are Guard members of the Kingsguard, including The Sword of the Morning ", Ser Arthur Dayne. It is with this ’ last that men of Ned fall one after another and the same ’ Ned may die. But we know that that clash ended differently and for a reason that neither we nor Bran we never expected by ’ honorable and loyal Eddard Stark: the wounded Howland Reed (the father of Meera) hits Dayne behind, saving Ned; a "detail" that child has refrained from reporting to Eddard. As he never told anyone what happened soon after with his sister. And it is precisely here that the Three Eyed Raven turns into George R. R. Martin Bran and us television viewers to continue blocking. We know that just before he died in the Tower of Joy, Lyanna tore to Ned a promise that has plagued until the end, but that "Promise me, Ned " remains still there, shrouded in mystery to make us leap myself with the various theories that revolve around.


Jon (voto 9) is perfect in life, dead and zombies: during the temporary death has not forgotten his honor, and how it taught him the death of his brothers Ned run traitors. If Alliser Thorne, as every time he opens his mouth, with the latest statements gave the ’ another demonstration of his stupidity, the angry face of Olly terribly irritated me: that child inept doesn't even have the dignity to ask for forgiveness. It must be said that Game of Thrones has largely scaled back the sensibilities of viewers toward children: Since airs, indeed, It was considered socially just hope in death (possibly painful) the young Joffrey, and now see the inert body of Olly hanging from noose gave me a great satisfaction. Won't repay Jon of betrayal now (and I was dead), But if the ’ is definitely deserved. Returning to Lord Commander of our hearts, If it's true that it's always Jon Snow, It is also true that death has changed something in him. In a ’ interview Kit Harington l ’ had anticipated and now Jon Snow confirms it: after death there is nothing ’; and this terrifies him, Replying to an atavistic ’ question of mankind is the most disappointing can. But although nothing waiting for him after the life without this ’ last of the hope of redemption and light that has always characterized mankind, by ’ other side does flare up in Jon a sort of sacred fire that causes him to live down fully every moment, free from earthly constraints that nothing means more to those who know l ’ human experience in its entirety. And that's how you create perfect conditions because Jon is free to leave without being less to his promise: no longer tied to the Night's Watch, can abandon Castle Black and go do what I always expect to see: reclaim Winterfell. Jon, support for you!!


I wonder what he'd think of all these innovations the worshipper Sam Tarly (voto 8), that with the usual tenderness does his best to protect Gilly; Maybe the Citadel (If you ever come to us), studying the texts to become Master, to find the weapons to be used to once again become the right arm of Jon. The rest, every hero needs a friend Yugi.

Does finally progress the storyline of Arya (voto 6): Finally completes her workout, regains sight and becomes No One. All right, What now? The phase of the mystery for her lasted all too, I demand to see it again involved in the plots that count, I hope to see her use her new abilities to avenge the Starks (seriously, We cannot leave this task to Sansa), Maybe an ally of his half-brother. Ah, What a beautiful rematch would be!


Daenerys (voto 7) is carried out at Vaes Dothrak. The Dothraki city in the first season had been the stage of many important scenes, including Dany that according to the ritual dothraki ate the heart of a horse, demonstrating pride and unexpected force that l ’ have never abandoned. Despite his condition worse than bet stake in fact, Daenerys not fold ever head, remains courageous and fair; It is true that continuously repeat his titles is annoying, but also the fact that the Dothraki unwilling to recognize the value of she who once praised as mother of the Stallion Who Mounts the World "just because women. Daenerys was not a K like all other, that you thought that he (Drogo) would conquer the world with you at his side "for her if anything was worth instead. But now risks an even worse fate of ’ join the Dosh Khaleen because you are not submissive immediately.


Daenerys took a deluge of bad decisions, many of them because it applied to territories beyond the Narrow Sea uses of Seven Kingdoms. Varys (voto 8) you know that each context must be looked at from the perspective and handled accordingly; It is in this way that manages to make happy the prostitute accomplice of the Sons of the Harpy in Exchange l ’ the identity of the perpetrators of the riots (the Good Masters of Astapor, the Wise Masters of Yunkai and the Lords of Volantis). A news that interrupts the situation d ’ embarrassment between Tyrion, Grey Worm and Missandei, paving the way to attempt to retake the Government of cities conquered by Daenerys.


In King's Landing ’ things are not going well at all even for twins Lannister who must swallow several toads. The Small Council meets under the control of ’ Hand of the King Kevan Lannister without Jaime and Cersei (voto 7 for both) be informed; Lady Olenna, that there is catching anything, He has a reserved seat, While Jaime, Lord Commander of the Kingsguard who which has every right to participate, has to endure even Maester Pycelle pretend not to remember it that way. Loyalists to Tywin Lannister as disrespectful with his children, the current members of the Small Council you dig your own grave by themselves if they don't put the brakes on their tongues. The little birds by Qyburn may indeed give a Ser Gregor of that training in view of the ’ eventual trial by combat for the fate of Cersei. This last ’ Meanwhile the strong woman and ruthless proves to be returning as we know it (and we worship). The charges for his trial has not yet been announced, but l’High Sparrow (voto 7) don't give up and just a few words on ’ love and gods to distract King Tommen by way of defending the mother; one thing though I must acknowledge all ’ High Sparrow: admits l ’ pure and unconditional love that Cersei proof for his children, beyond any sin could ever have committed.


Ramsay (voto 6,5) became Lord Bolton, but around him has the void: the father and Myranda died, his wife and Reek have escaped and on its allies can hardly put my hand on fire. But for him things are arranged by Sun, giving it back to a position of absolute advantage over enemies. Initially l ’ arrival at Winterfell by Lord Umber Doesn't bode well: l ’ man meets the limits of ’ outrage toward a Ramsay that maintains surprisingly calm, Indeed it seems almost amused by the daring of his host ’. Smalljon is not going to kneel before Lord Bolton to help him against the Wildlings, on the other hand, however, has a gift: along with Osha, the youngest of the Stark, Rickon, showing proof of identity the severed head of poor Shaggydog. We left Osha and Rickon after separation from Bran in season three, headed to the home of Umber, Last Hearth; for a long time we wondered what they had done, but they sure didn't want to see them so. Now Ramsay has a ’ weapon against both Sansa that against what is supposed to be his next opponent, Jon Snow.


Contextualize: Smalljon is the son of Greatjon Umber, the Lord that this Grey Wind had ripped a finger in the first season because he had raised the tone against Robb, which then became great ally. In the books is a prisoner of the Greatjon Frey from the Red Wedding – why the Umber cringing at Bolton – here Smalljon informs us that the father is dead. Without Greatjon prisoner and if actually Rickon and Osha have remained by Umber for this long, l ’ only reason the about-face of Umber are the Wildlings and especially Jon Snow, guilty of having allowed them to settle in the territories next to Last Hearth. Suspect the gift for Ramsay was Rickon made me both hope that this was a false Rickon to fool Lord Bolton: Unfortunately it is really the son of Ned and Shaggydog head not argues in favour of a possible farce against Ramsay. How cheeky, I Stopped and the Lord Bolton allies seem so seriously Umber (Although hope is the last to die ’, especially when it comes to the Stark).

After the ’ illusion arrived with the first two episodes, again we are left with the Starks that in one way or the ’ else end up in the worst situation and their direwolves are always the symbol. Kill Shaggydog and leave Rickon in the hands of Ramsay is a choice of the show – in the novels it is impossible because there are many different elements – that no doubt will discuss, beyond how events will continue. But now with Game of Thrones We got used to it however you think about this twist, There are good prospects to remain in suspense for several episodes to come.

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