Game of Thrones – 6×04 Book of the Stranger – Review by R. and S.


If last year Game of Thrones suffered many criticisms for a self-styled slowness in narrative, due to the lack of important events in the early episodes, now it is unquestionably and completely redeemed. A plot twist after another, continuous twist and pace seem to make the sixth season so far more overwhelming.

In King's Landing has proven its value as a Hand of the King "and now also in Meereen Tyrion (voto 7) tries to do his best. Allowing Lords of Slaver's Bay to end slavery only in seven years and prostitutes are questionable compromise techniques-Monica witnesses., but probably the most promising of the iron fist of Daenerys. Missandei and Grey Worm definitely have their reasons for not approving the line of Tyrion, However should first of all acknowledge that the advice we have given them the K led to a disastrous situation; try another tack evil cannot do.


Is l’High Sparrow (voto 6,5) to address clearly the title of this episode, "Book of the Stranger", telling Margaery (voto 7) its history, who he was, how he got where he is now and especially since she's not wearing even a pair of slippers: an unoriginal path of destruction before and total dedication then. Or at least that's the story he wants to convince us and the young Tyrell; because if the fans theories about real identity of man are followed, the girl understands immediately the trap concealed by the generosity of the visit to Loras. Margaery did not intend to give it won High Sparrow, but this time his pride clashes with the despair of his brother, that has now reached the breaking point by dint of abuse while in captivity. Loras just wants it all go away and although not a fan of Margaery, I can't blame her if she succumbs to desperate prayer of brother. Yet nothing seems to be able to save a Queen Margaery humiliation of Walk of Atonement; nothing apart from his worst enemy. Cersei and Jaime (voto 7,5) they finally not be slamming doors in your face and to devise a plan that even Lady Olenna is forced to argue for the sake of the beloved nephew. As a tool for personal gain, the High Sparrow became a common enemy to Lannister and Tyrell, that only States can hope to defeat. Since King Tommen Lannister army actions against doesn't want Faith Militant for not risking Margaery, before the Walk of Atonement begins, the Tyrell army enters the city without opposition from the City Watch, freeing the Queen and putting out the High Sparrow. A seemingly perfect plan – but if anything goes wrong it will be civil war (with most of the people from the High Sparrow) The Rains of Castamere – as highlighted in the background is worth at least the first point scored by Jaime and Cersei this season.

Theon (voto 7) back to home, where his sister wastes no time in their corruption on not having help when had run to her rescue. After everything he's been through, for once you could not accommodate this poor guy a little’ more decently? Yara humiliates him and even accused him of returning just to become King; Theon instead she wants her Queen of the Iron Islands. You will also have the support of Theon, Yara, But whereas the sovereign is elected by acclamation, I would remove the frown and pout constants that you inherited from Dad if you want to have the slightest chance against Euron.


The blood trail at Winterfell continues with Ramsay (voto 7) again one step ahead of his opponents. OSHA tries to deceive him and distract him, using the same technique used in the second season with Theon. But Ramsay isn't Theon, of which, however, has all the decisive knowledge for not falling for even one second into the trap of Osha. When she tries to retrieve the knife, It is clear that we are already to say goodbye after he had hardly had time to hear his voice; the scene can be only way, with Ramsay that removes another obstacle from the path. Now Rickon is really alone with Ramsay. A death that acts as a preamble to an element which we readers we feared were excluded from the show: the Pink Letter (because sealed with pink wax) shipped from Ramsay to Jon Snow which decrees the Declaration of war between the two. In the novels the letter arrives at Jon just moments before his assassination by the Confreres and important assumptions in the same are very different – so Rickon prisoner of Lord Bolton takes its meaning from the perspective of the letter in the different context of the series. Words and contents are partly different, in any case the Pink Letter reflects perfectly the tone and style of Ramsay Bolton, underlined by the constant repetition "Come and see".


And Jon (voto 8) they will pray again much to see with his own eyes; the former Lord Commander rejoins her sister The Chance (voto 9), and I must admit I review them together after six seasons ago a certain effect. Despite carramba-emotion, Jon is initially very hesitant about what to do, feel the weight of disappointment for a life spent fighting in the name of great ideals and never get anything; Why should start doing it to save Winterfell and the Starks ' name? Lo and behold, When you least expect it, Sansa becomes intelligent, so, suddenly. She urges Jon to reclaim Winterfell, But what is more shocking is that it is not limited to implore his help: invited him to join his battle, a battle that she will fight anyway, with or without him. But obviously just the Pink Letter to rekindle in Jon Snow the ancient honour of Stark, and before threats of Ramsay no doubt tenga: for Jon's war. (Meanwhile at the barrier, to dilute the minds, you see the first signs of what is our new favorite love story: Brienne and Tormund! Boys, support for you!).

The two Stark will also have the Covenant of younger suitor of Sansa, namely Robert Arryn, the son Nincompoop by Lysa; of course continues to be a pawn in the hands of Littlefinger (voto 7), We find after an absence. The master behind the scenes, the man who started all the events that have led us to where we are today is now departing for the North, officially to save Sansa; but you know, you better watch out, Littlefinger is always two moves ahead.


Waiting to embark on rescue mission of their K, Ser Jorah (voto 8) and Daario (voto 8,5) find the time to tease each other about sensitive their attentions from young. SER Jorah governs the Exchange, However its never a joy we are stressed when we see along with Daario signs of Greyscale. On the plan of action is the beautiful mercenary to emerge, eliminating two dothraki and saving Jorah. Two warriors ready for anything for their Queen, but as I mentioned in the post above this is not a K like all other. Daenerys (voto 10) might abscond with his saviors, but in fact she has already saved myself: Despite the desperate situation has never made fold and now knows what to do to turn around. In the Temple of the Dosh Khaleen gathered continue to deride the Khal, the threaten to rape as Viserys did in pilot, but the little girl and pale isn't scared, Indeed it remains quiet and serene. Daenerys is poised to be again protagonist of one of the most exciting and dramatically important scenes of the series, which clearly recalls the finale of the first season. The K sets fire to the temple (closed from the outside) condemning to death all Khal and as then resurfaces from the fire naked and proud, This time before all the Dothraki. They cannot help but bow down to you, like Jorah and a stupefied Daario. Dany was saved from itself, without warriors or dragons and now with all the khalasar from her is stronger than ever.


A scene that redeems Daenerys Targaryen and gives way to his interpreter to wipe out any doubt on his already disproved controversy compared to nude scenes that are required: Emilia Clarke precises in fact to Entertainment Weekly I didn't use a stunt double for the recovery. On the other hand, however, the scene gives new life to an old debate among readers: Dany is invincible to fire all the time or I was just on the occasion of the birth of the Dragons? In the series the Targaryens is confirmed as its superpower. In the books you can argue that his hair had been burned by Drogon in Daznak's Pit – the same though had happened at birth of dragons. George R. R. Martin had ruled out that the targaryens are inherently immune to fire, thing for which we have the example of Viserys; However this does not mean that you can not be Daenerys. An issue on which conflicting opinions will only increase, especially concerning one of the characters that divides awareness among detractors and those, as the undersigned, that will love till the end despite all.

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