Game of Thrones – 6×05 The Door – Review by R. and S.


this week Game of Thrones seems to change log, with an episode from the slower pace and with minor events, all thoughts and strategies in view of decisive steps to be taken further. But no, because, suspended, in the last five minutes here all precipitates and our weekly psychological trauma is readily secured.

Jorah (voto 8) and Daenerys (voto 8) I'm a very emotional moment when for the first time in a long while is Daario doing the third wheel. But above all, for the first time in a long time, we see the K unable to hold back tears when Jorah reveals his disease and his being ready to call it quits when this will get worse. Jorah says goodbye, Reaffirming his love "All I ’ ve ever wanted was to serve you. Tyrion Lannister was right. I love you. The ’ 'll always love you "; and in front of this scene the jokes about him and the friendzone collapse miserably, making us really almost hope that his feeling may one day be reciprocated. Very unlikely to occur, but at least Dany finally forgives him and is not limited to this: the K entrusted him with the Mission of finding a cure and go back to her, in order to support once you start the Seven Kingdoms. Now Jorah has again a goal and especially an objective which relates to serve his Daenerys.


In Meereen Meanwhile Tyrion (voto 6,5) and Varys (voto 6) does the sponsorship of Daenerys and ally themselves to that effect with a new Red Priestess, Kinvara, the Red Temple by Volantis. The woman is the BlackBerry version of Melisandre, with which it shares the famous necklace. While Melly however had indicated before Stannis and now Jon Snow as "the one who was promised", Kinvara indicates in the chosen one of Daenerys Targaryen Lord of Light, that is the reincarnation of Azor Ahai. Personally I'd have more on Dany ’ too that on Jon, but opinions aside, Evidently these Priestesses for credible should at least find a common line. It Varys wastes no time in doing so note in Kinvara, with a brief description and location of the chosen ’ ex lapidary Stannis Baratheon, on which I'd be interested to hear the comments of the fans of this ’ last. But something like Melly Kinvara guesses: the woman shushes and scares Varys why nobody had succeeded before, intimating to know who talked to him from the flames when he was castrated as a child.


Election time in the Iron Islands where l ’ only noteworthy is just not applying to Salt Throne: Theon (voto 8) promotes Yara (voto 6,5) as promised, do not leave enchanted by the allurements of the people and hits his uncle EURON (voto 6) in his weaknesses. Unfortunately the Ironborn uncouth and chauvinistic people confirmed that they had left us a glimpse from the first moment and the vulgar jokes of Euron make inroads. L ’ man intends to seduce Dany with his fleet to then marry her and win her the Seven Kingdoms. We know how the K needs of ships, but Jacob has no idea who you're talking to, convinced ’ com is that as a woman you can manipulate it easily as he does with his subjects. The new King of the Iron Islands survives the rite of Coronation, However the grandchildren who is amused to taunt and is ready to kill were faster and smarter: Yara and Theon have already taken the fleet and left them to first to Daenerys.

We also find Arya (voto 6) and his damn workout with sticks; now that he has regained his sight and became "No One needs to perform his first mission, kill a ’ stage actress (and, especially, remain impassive in front of the questionable representation by the company of the events that led to the death of Ned). Of course Arya doesn't give us the satisfaction of carrying for his task, is there a stall and do in Jaqen questions you shouldn't do, but hopefully next time close the matter. Who knows what the next stage of its trading, my hopes of seeing her partner in some way to the Starks ' revenge seem to vanish very quickly.


At the most significant event is the seductive game of glances between Tormund and Brienne (voto 9): She's a precious, but we know that ultimately capitulate to the charm of the Wilding! A parte questo, Jon (voto 8) is very determined to find the allies needed to fight Ramsey, assisted by The Chance (voto 6), that last episode has consumed all the available intelligence ’: the great sound bites on the loyalty of the Northmen leave on time they find, because when it comes to acting is, once again, just hard-hitting. Does in fact return Littlefinger (voto 5), slimy as ever, and Sansa, He wanted to do the great lady stern to make him feel guilty after the violence of Ramsey, merely some mention also very vague and lets him go so, without being anywhere near his mocking smirk nicked. But a little’ of healthy physical violence no?


After a flashback that shows how the Children of the Forest created the White Walkers to defend themselves from humans, Bran (voto 5) is the engine of past and present events that lead to a tragedy after the ’ other. The young Stark takes advantage of the NAP of the Three Eyed Raven for a solo traveler, in a moment temporally indeterminate who sees a undead army led by ’ Night ’ 's King. It's obvious that it's a bad idea and this obviousness becomes reality when zombies and Night ’ 's King see Bran there with them: the Night ’ 's King grabs him by the arm, leaving a ’ imprint that Bran himself when he wakes up in the cave. The Night ’ 's King has branded, knows where ’ is and is coming for him. From then on, everything happens in a hurry, not giving us time to metabolize none of the dramas that take place. The undead have already arrived and invade the cavern, While Bran is in another flashback in Winterfell, making things even more complicated for Hodor, Summer and Meera.


Meera (voto 9) kills a White Walker Spurs Bran to enter the body of Hodor so that he can take him out, but he takes a ’ eternity because too much taken from its vision. Summer He jumps on the Undead to prevent from getting to his master and in a Flash is overwhelmed: According to direwolf just found, According to direwolf killed, I can't do it. Following the deaths of the Three Eyed Raven and Leaf, In short, a massacre and it isn't over yet. Hodor (voto 10) along with Meera succeeds in bringing all Bran ’ outside and locking the door of the cave. The Door! The Damn Door! In an overlap between past and present, see Bran also enter the body of the young Hodor (alias Wylis) that in convulsions can hear and repeat what is being shouted all ’ Hodor of this: "Hold the Door!", two words that join then in "Hodor". To allow Meera and Bran to escape, Hodor sacrifices himself "holding the door", He was attacked by the undead. Thus is revealed the mystery of that’ "Hodor" repeated continuously, a word which for years held the way Wylis/Hodor would die. The showrunner David Benioff and d. B. Weiss confirmed that it was the same George R. R. Martin, to inform them that the’ "Hold the Door" is all ’ origin of Hodor.


The leak of the episode within hours of airing with the avalanche of spoilers consequent to it was already a bad sign, but nothing could prepare for the flood of tears that we were destined to drown. Before Summer, We don't even have time to review and already the must say goodbye. Then Hodor, not a protagonist, but a character who we considered part of the family Stark since pilot. Dan Weiss interviewed by Entertainment Weekly you're absolutely right when about our reaction to the death of Hodor says "I think people will be surprised how hard it hits them emotionally". This especially thinking how he died: not just a Name Omen, but because of the little boy who always wanted to protect. L ’ recklessness of Bran, its not wanting to accept not being quite ready as the Three Eyed Raven has repeated until death, has created conditions of ’ attack of White Walkers and condemned Hodor from a young age. Wylis has suffered the effects of the power of Bran, It has thus created an irreparable brain meltdown; This does not simply makes the conclusion of episode even sadder, but – according to a theory of the fans – throws a new light on the role that Bran time traveler may have had in other major storyline which led to the current state of Westeros. Which and how many past and present interference caused Bran? Meanwhile, however, we try to recover from this episode heartbreaking. Goodbye Hodor. Goodbye Summer.

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