Game of Thrones – 6×06 Blood of My Blood – Review by R. and S.


"Blood of My Blood" is the title of this episode and the bond of blood permeates all storyline involved; from the family, found, abused or betrayed, to that of the dothraki horsemen with their K (“Blood of My Blood” It is in fact the phrase with which the Knights of blood call their Khal). A relatively peaceful episode, con una giusta dose di novità che lo rende interessante pur permettendoci di tirare il respiro dopo la settimana scorsa. But with every storyline now at a decisive point, We can consider it as the calm before the storm. And who knows what kind of storm we are preparing.

Game of Thrones picks up right where we left off, with Meera (voto 9) that exploits that can simply garantitole by the sacrifice of time Hodor to rescue Bran (voto 7). The young man makes the maximum foreign from his physical strength, protecting Bran until ’ last even if it means to be a human shield when the zombies join them. Bran instead is still trapped in her visions, that follow each other feverishly mixing times neighbors, away and perhaps even future. Let's review scene imprinted in our minds like the death of Ned, the birth of the Dragons, the Red Wedding and the battle of Hardhome; but also very far past frames, including, oltre a scampoli già visti della Tower of Joy, There is a crucial episode in the history of the Seven Kingdoms: "Burn them all!", l ’ order King Aerys now dominated by madness, addressed in all probability to a young Jaime Lannister (You can see from behind while draws his sword) – We know what happened right after. Bran awakens when the end appears near, just in time to watch all ’ arrival of their Savior: for readers it is Coldhands, a figure described as dead, but alive at the same time, with details similar to those of the undead; in the novels he had saved Sam and Gilly and had then accompanied Bran and his team from the Three-Eyed Raven. There are various theories about his real identity, and one of these is the road taken from the show (and denial instead by George R. R. Martin regarding the novels): scarf and hood reveal Benjen Stark, the brother of Ned, Ranger of the Night's Watch ’, disappeared beyond the Barrier shortly after having led his nephew Jon Snow. Not a surprise, for a while it was suspected his return and many had predicted in these circumstances. Benjen was mortally wounded by White Walkers, but the Children of the Forest have saved the same way had created the same White Walkers. And now it's there to help his nephew, neo Three-Eyed Raven.


After a week off we go King ’ 's Landing, true focal point of ’ episode with the Lannister-Tyrell ready to spring into action. Soprattutto, the capital is once again the "rat's nest ’" described by Ned Stark, a whirl of deceit that are intertwined, all deceive all and now l ’ last smile is again l’High Sparrow (voto 8). When it looks like the strange Alliance Lannister-Tyrell, He sees Jaime and Lady Olenna its standard-bearer, is to achieve its purpose, l ’ High Sparrow surprised everyone by saying that Margaery (voto 8) will not face any Walk of Atonement because it already has atoned for his sins by converting a ’ other person in "true light of the Seven". Obviously the new enlightened can only be that sweet disposition ’, friendly and highly manipulated by Tommen (voto 4): Crown and Faith are now United. The breakthrough explains the conversation happened earlier between Margaery and husband, with the first recognising how much goodness and kindness expressed in the past were just a way to gain the favor of the people and how well did l ’ High Sparrow. Thus the Queen swipe deftly between truth and lies, pretending to play along of the religious to save herself and her brother. As in the past, l ’ deception does to perfection, because if with Tommen has easy life, pure l ’ High Sparrow seems certain to have won; evidently has no idea who he is "The Queen Margaery Tyrell".


For now the religious can still gloat, species in front of ’ humiliation to which it is subjected Jaime (voto 6). In a scene reminiscent of the leave by Ser Barristan Selmy by Joffrey, Lord Commander of the Kingsguard and Jaime tommen lays the bans from King ’ 's Landing, sending in the Riverlands to recapture of Riverrun. Jaime doesn't fit, But it's Cersei (voto 7) to encourage it to take advantage of it to restore luster to the name of the Lannister. We see here a Cersei calm and reflective, Despite the blow suffered by his son; the recent heartbreaks they must've taught that with someone like l ’ High Sparrow, dash headlong into threats and violence is not the best way: patience and coolness are the most effective weapons of the religious. The departure of Jaime for Riverlands reports on screen Walder Frey and Edmure Tully, We hadn't seen from the Red Wedding. With a new wife and increasingly grumpy, Lord Frey has all the ’ intend removing Riverrun to its rightful holder, Brynden Tully: his trump card is the grandson of this ’ last, Edmure, il più inutile della Casata Tully e sulla cui fedeltà non metterei la mano sul fuoco.


And finally, When all seemed lost, When boredom was infecting every corner of his storyline, Here's that Arya (voto 9) Returns itself: Nobody gives a shit about becoming No One and doesn't give a damn even her, perchè al momento di portare a termine la sua missione avvelenando Lady Crane torna ad essere se stessa e decide di salvarla. L H ’ ghar ’ training with Jaqen is served for this, to find the true Arya: and in fact, After that impulsive, back to accept herself and concludes that long escape initiated by King ’ 's Landing in the first season. Arya picks up his life, and it does going to retrieve Needle, his sword, been hiding all this time; not the ’ he had thrown it away as it should have, perchè in fondo sapeva di non poter rinnegare il suo passato.


After a few episodes of absence is also found Sam (voto 8), arriving in Corn Hill with ’ goal of letting Gilly and the son by his family. Dad Seaworth responds perfectly to the description that Sam had made over the years, Let's say that ranks with the title of most affectionate father of Stannis ’ year. Thankfully c ’ 's Mom husband intelligence shortcomings at MoE Seaworth, but it is not enough: Sam tries, but cannot agree to leave his Gilly (and the child) in a house where his presence would be just tolerated, considered little more than a servant as Wilding, He just can't do it; and then the door away, towards the Citadel; non è chiaro come farà a gestire la presenza di fidanzata e figlio, Since it is still a member of the Night Watch-’, but something we will invent.


Travelling to Meereen, rally from Daario, Daenerys (voto 7,5) back to show his intentions to conquer the Seven Kingdoms. But this time don't seem to empty words and inconclusive that we have heard too many times: with an emotionally compelling speech and reminiscent of his Khal Drogo in the first season, the K sounds strong and confident in his purposes. A feeling reinforced by ’ picture of her on the back of Drogon, He does finally return. It is not the Dragon running from her like in the past, is Dany to retrieve it and present it to her Khalasar, who in the face of that scene and the words of the woman can only convince himself more and more to serve you, not which simple Knights, but as Knights of blood. I have so much confidence in you, Dany, but now let us turn to the facts!

The season seems hardly begun yet we have already passed the half, and week after week takes shape more and more the Starks ' revenge: destroyed in the last few years, decimated episode after episode, Ned's heirs are now more aggressive than ever: are few, but very determined. Bran and Benjen beyond the barrier with White Walkers, Arya South, Jon and Sansa to war to reclaim Winterfell. We couldn't ask for anything better, and if we add to this Danerys (may be) ready to invade Westeros… well, the great thing is coming.

Rating all ’ episode: ♥ ♥ ♥ Quality TV

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