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Abbreviation for ’ postponed the opening of this seventh episode of Game of Thrones. A choice that has definitely taken aback every viewer and that was explained by Director Bryan Cogman with not wanting to reveal through the names of the cast present the reappearance of a character very loved by much of the public. It is on this return – not as unexpected because one of the actors involved had long hinted – that focuses “The Broken Man”, an episode of transition but at the same time reminds us that in Game of Thrones We can never let your guard down.

The Hound, the protagonist of this big return and the title of the ’ episode, He was given up for dead by now from the fourth season, After the defeat of Brienne and the abandonment of her captive/traveling companion Arya; all ’ now appears suddenly in all its glory, in a village of idiots led by a septon equally sucker. All that talk about second chances in life, on fate and the goodness began to irritate me after awhile, and I am very happy that these suckers are exterminated: at least now The Hound has found a reason to do what he has always come better: hate the world and sow terror among everyone you meet, not forgetting those traits of humanity that had slowly discovered. Welcome back!


Has already arrived in the Riverlands Jaime (voto 6,5), ready to take the reins of ’ siege to Riverrun to the blatant how embarrassing inability of Frey. In this way the Kingslayer retrieves a veil of prestige after numerous recent heartbreaks and the credit goes also to that ’ armor, what a, Let's face it, It returns l ’ most charming man of Seven Kingdoms. The merits of Jaime however end here because in verbal confrontation with Brynden "Blackfish" Tully is destined to succumb. L ’ ex Lord Commander is l ’ only reasonable proposal which could be an opposing position which his, but considering i spent with Catelyn Tully, his attitude is – echoing comments by Brynden – deludente. Risking everything, including loyalty to his own son, Catelyn had him freed in return for Sansa and Arya and now he shows up empty-handed at the gates of the House where he was to tear it off with his brother and give to those whom they killed her. Do Not, do not, Jaime, We didn't. Makes his reappearance Bronn, thing that pleases the audience, minus the individual concerned that not enough of the Lannister.


Another character that fascinates and leaves its mark is Brynden Tully (voto 7,5): a man of war, resolute, decided, He knows how to handle a siege and you can tell that Jaime has met his match. The Blackfish does not change its position of a millimetre even before the threat of hanging Edmure, because you know properly evaluate his enemy (who never would consider the threats of that ’ army scatterbrained Frey?). But his best gives it in dialogue with Jaime, where does this all his shortcomings and concludes with a peremptory “I wanted to see you […] I m disappointed ’”. Out of these notes the turns his back and walks away, leave the Kingslayer there alone with a fistful of flies in your hand. Tully 1 – 0 Lannister.


’ at King's Landing, Margaery (voto 8) with the mask of the woman devotee and admitting some past wrongs, He manages to hold off l’High Sparrow (voto 4). Of course in this new life dedicated to prayer and sacrifice, the Queen does not expect the religious the invitations to fulfil her marital obligation because "Congress does not require desire on the woman's part ’, only patience ". Many thanks ’ for such pearls d-edge High Sparrow. L ’ but man is not content to have full control over the Crown now present and hopefully future, want to eliminate every possible obstacle. It is obvious that his new goal is therefore Lady Olenna, from his point of view l ’ only able to trick his favorite follower. Here, too, Margaery is adept at securing Grandma, that before leaving King ’ 's Landing is the protagonist of ’ last vitriolic Exchange with Cersei. In hindsight the description that gives the Queen Mother has no actions Olenna replica: Cersei acted as usual driven by anger and fear without evaluating minimally the consequences. The Queen Mother feeling the pinch, but we do not give to defeat the lioness Lannister, We haven't seen his last claw. And we hope that the same can be said for the Queen of Thorns, which I doubt will retire to quiet life without trying to help his grandchildren.


Theon and Yara (voto 7 for both) they are target and confirm Meereen Volantis. Finally we see a smile on the face of Yara, whose real merit is however urge her brother to go back to being entirely Bronn, not the martyr who is not even worthy of a beer.

New time for the ’ army of the North, led by Jon Snow (voto 7); the Wildings offer him their Alliance, but the search for other armies among the old bishops of Stark does not go exactly as hoped: There are many doors slammed in your face, and he and Sansa if you return home with a few men, now on the eve of the clash with Ramsay. The Chance (voto 6,5) It confirms the usual disappointment, good just to fill her mouth with fine words but without conclude anything; the mysterious letter that we see them sign maybe could change things, who will be addressed? In any house or maybe Littlefinger, that is still bound by a strange and dangerous relationship? He certainly should turn down a little’ The crest, Since when can you afford to sneer at Davos, l ’ only man (After Jon) with a little’ of the brain in the middle of a makeshift army?


The vicissitudes of Stark brothers, however, have a silver lining, which is to introduce ourselves Lyanna Mormont (voto 8): This little girl of ten years in a few minutes steals all the scene, where he rose to the title of best character of the week. Clearer and more shrewd than it has ever been over the last six years, Sansa, knows how to hold the reins of a House, albeit small, still relevant (If only for the distinguished members who once made part); his loyalty to Starks (evident already by the same name, chosen in honour of the sister of Ned and, According to many, Jon's mother) is unwavering, and while it may provide only “62 men”, l ’ pride with which he does manages to instil some optimism for the future of the North.


C ’ is a new twist for Arya (voto 7), that after abandoning the idea of becoming a Faceless Man is determined to go home and pick up things from where he had left (We hope); too bad the damn Waif is just as determined to get her off: Arya is caught off guard and stabbed in the stomach but, to surprise, survives. There are many theories about what happened (Arya and the Waif are the same person? C ’ has been some Exchange of faces during the struggle? Arya expected l ’ aggression and it's all a set-up to scrub the Waif?), for now l ’ only thing sure is that Arya is haunting the bloody and seemingly dying city.

The ’ episode, as we said in the opening, is an episode of transition, that allows you to take stock of the various storyline, sizing up the situation and prepare for the final battle: now it takes only three episodes, armies are in place and the day of reckoning nears. With Jon and Ramsay in the North, Daenerys (and Yara?) in Meereen and King ’ 's Landing on the threshold of a civil war, l ’ season 6 epilogue seems to promise even better than all those passed.

Rating all ’ episode: ♥ ♥ ♥ Quality TV

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