Game of Thrones – 6×08 No One – Review by R. and S.


Everything suggests that the next episode will be totally focused on Battle of the Bastards, that's why "No One" pulls the sums of any other storyline. It's not the bet by big moment that we expected, but who more, some less, those in a hurry, who slowly, all the main characters arrive at points of no return that we envisage an intense Season Finale where there won't be allowed to pull the breathing even for a moment.


Jaime (voto 4) strategically achieves maximum results with minimum effort; even with zero effort, Since it takes a chat with Edmure, l ’ be more useless and stupid of House Tully (a leadership that is not easy to achieve considering that we speak of the same tree to Lysa Tully). But Jaime is not a purely strategic discourse Tywin and you can't do, because it showed that under the ’ label of ’ is more Kingslayer c. Already from the promo didn't realize this would make me doubt every episode Jaime Lannister affection felt for him in recent years and in fact manages to earn more insults of Edmure and his soldiers. Which is a shame because it wasn't supposed to go like this. Basically I do not complain of differences between shows and novels though some just don't Digest, but in this case it is necessary since they ruined Jaime and killed off screen the Blackfish that should still be alive. C ’ is a decisive difference between series and novels: in recent Jaime knows about betrayal of Cersei with Lancel and it is from there that his feelings for her sister s ’ crack, contributing to that ’ her character's evolution started in term with Brienne. In the series it is not clear how Jaime know and how do you evaluate the accusations made by ’ High Sparrow to mate, in any case it is still completely blinded by the ’ love for her: is for Cersei that wants to close quickly and at any cost the question Riverrun, helping those who have betrayed and slaughtered the woman who rescued him and exploiting Edmure in the most despicable. "The things we do for love" he said pushing Bran down from the Tower in the pilot and repeats now six years, as if nothing had changed in him all this time; only with Brienne let that side of Jaime that made him one of the best characters of the past seasons, but it's too little.


Brienne (voto 8) ’ is perhaps the only good thing about the whole storyline of Riverrun: as we said, estimation and l ’ affection between her and Jaime are the increasingly fascinating their relationship, and it was a pleasure to see them unchanged even after a long time and political circumstances and the war rather averse; in this sense, is eloquent on their final farewell while Brienne and his trusty Podrick return to North. And they come back alone, because unfortunately Blackfish (voto 6) he wouldn't hear to surrender Riverrun to help Sansa; in doing so, but, does nothing but add all ’ list of dead men out of pride rather than take this ’ moment to do something useful (It is one thing to l ’ pride of Ned Stark, but here you are still talking about a Tully). Give him a passing grade only because at least he died fighting and because I was cute.


And Cersei (voto 6,5) needs no Jaime, He had before the prospect of a trial by combat given the impairment and – given the poor results gathered by humans between Dorne and King's Landing – He didn't now that this possibility was eliminated by King Tommen (voto 4). The latter has become a puppet in the hands of High Sparrow and, so much for the will to want to be stronger manifested the mother in the early episodes, contributes to the destruction of his family a bit after l ’ more, least depriving Cersei of her only chance to overcome the process. A real mockery saw l ’ impressive workout of The Mountain – too bad that ’ treacherous traitor of Lancel's got away. L ’ High Sparrow put Cersei in the corner, but I wonder what will you get from the process: an account is the question Lancel, Ben more is ’ incest; If the Queen Mother was convicted of this ’ last, also totally drag Tommen and therefore l ’ High Sparrow would lose his puppet. Luckily Cersei seems to have a backup plan thanks to the always trusted Qyburn, What have revealed its birds?

We also find l ’ loved Sandor Clegane (voto 8), who kills people to avenge his “friends”; on the way to the last victims comes across Beric Dondarrion and his Brotherhood Without Banners; the strange group rejoins, and you wonder why all you give always a lot to do to convince The Hound can still do great things in his life; Anyway, in Sandor don't give nothing either of the Seven Gods nor the Lord of light, and its unsettling answers give us always great satisfaction.


Finally we return to Meereen and witnessing the departure of Varys (voto 8) for a secret mission, What will be your destination? L ’ ’ high ’ eunuch is due all vote good timing: manages to avoid embarrassment among ’ nth dense skit l Tyrion, Grey Worm and Missandei (We really need? NO!!!), and the fleet of Slaveholders attack ’. Unlike Tyrion (voto 6) I didn't even have time to congratulate himself for ’ propaganda activities of priestesses (all with that necklace!), the plan with the Lords of Slaver's Bay ’ forces him to admit that he was wrong. For Grey Worm l ’ only chance is to stay to defend the Pyramid and actually without the dragons don't see how Unsullied and Second Sons to fight back the fleet. But when the pyramid seems under siege, with timing worthy of Varys (and that would make me turn up their nose if I weren't a devout follower) Daenerys lands with Drogon atop the same and do not seem at all pleased with how things were handled in his absence.


’ is not unique and Daenerys finds way home l: as announced in the previous episode, Arya (voto 7) takes possession of his identity and put an end once and for all this complaining of Faceless God. Unfortunately none of the theory about her attack proved to be exact, What we saw is exactly what happened, without makeup and without deception. I am surprised too that Arya had not devised a plan but it is entrusted mostly to chance, She expected more; retrieves some points with the final trap that lures the cursed Waif (But traces of blood were true or leaves them with the orange juice just for the care?); the fighting in the dark, with Needle in hand, repays at least partially around the time wasted to see it work out with sticks in the days of blindness. It is unclear the role of Jaqen H ’ ghar, that against all odds seems pleased with the actions of his more complicated student; but then who cares what you think Jaqen? L ’ only thing that matters is that “a girl is Arya Stark of Winterfell, and I'm going home "’”! Go, Arya, back to home! Finalmente!

The time flew by and we are now on the eve of the most decisive battles in the history of Westeros: the “Battle of the Bastards” and the clash of Meeren, prelude (Hopefully) Daenerys's return to homeland. The armies are deployed (più o meno), alliances were concluded, We play it all.

Rating all ’ episode: ♥ ♥/5 filling Scenes you could do without and poorly resolved storylien. We expected much more.

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