Game of Thrones – 6×09 Battle of the Bastards – Review by R. and S.


Despite the absolute discretion on any detail on the episode and talent of Game of Thrones for the element of surprise, There are items that, even in these circumstances, We could take for granted: one is the central theme, namely the clash Jon/Ramsay, and the ’ more is the fact that the ninth episode is always the one where Got gives her best. But this time he overtook Baelor, exceeded Blackwater, exceeded even the battle of Hardhome: blew away all expectations.


Trailer and official photos did not show even a second of what awaited us in Meereen, If it weren't for a spoiler online we wouldn't even have known that we would have visited during this ninth episode. An air of mystery which made it even more exciting, because in a few minutes the battle of Meereen holds perfectly head to that which takes place in the North. While following the advice of wisely Tyrion (voto 7), Daenerys (voto 10) not only holds true to the words of his motto "Fire and Blood", but it shows how to tame all three of her dragons – ah if Ser Jorah could see it! Straddling Drogon and flanked by the freed Rhaegal and Viserion, the K ends in a very short time all ’ attack by sea of Slaveholders, While Daario and Dothraki thinks of Sons of the Harpy in Earth. Slavers are forced to surrender their ships go first overall and to form the fleet destined to bring Daenerys in the Seven Kingdoms. A fleet that completes quickly with the arrival of ’ Yara and Theon Greyjoy. Two Queens, two strong women who try to assert itself in a world dominated by men, This represent Daenerys and Yara – I hope it logs the bud l ’ idea of a ship between the two, also because here we support Daario. From ’ the other hand, we are witnessing the reunion between Theon and Tyrion, not seen from the fourth episode of the first season and, as I recall, the young Greyjoy hadn't been at all sympathetic. Even these verbal exchanges lower the level of the storyline of Meereen, who manages to redeem himself after episodes so and so; probably if not the ’ they had pulled so much for long l ’ we would have appreciated much more in its entirety.


Ramsay (voto 7) It remains true to itself until the end. Lord Bolton reiterates l ’ image of him which we have developed especially for the past two seasons: sadist, but at the same time strategist, regardless of whether it is just luck or true cunning. Although it does not agree with the speech by Jon husk, When describing her husband's right: in Ramsay likes to play and is he to do the traps. In fact, with the "game" to which it subjects Rickon he upset Jon and dragging trapped this ’ last and his army, applying the technique of encirclement earlier described by ’ opponent. Ramsay rejects intelligently duel with Jon Snow, does not take part in the battle, you just give orders and smile of the carnage taking place before his eyes. And I would expect nothing less from him, including the escape within the walls of Winterfell when l ’ arrival of the Knights of the Vale and takes out a victory by now sure – exactly as in Blackwater did l ’ arrival of Tyrell against Stannis. Until that time Lord Bolton did not do anything wrong, the victory was his: a year ago, "20 good men" had ensured the victory against Stannis and now not even the flimsy and questionable alliances with Umber and Stopped the revolt against.


Even that smile sickened in front of the Knights of the Vale – somewhat similar to my, un po’ because it was predictable, un po’ because that Littlefinger steps from salvatore just don't go down – it's so Ramsay Bolton. Ramsay folds on face to face with Jon Snow only when there is nothing more to do ’, When you cannot even l ’ supported by the father of ’ siege so option, but unacceptable for a blowhard like him. Smiling under his fists of Jon and even when it is already defeated, bitten and bound in Kennel, Lord Bolton loses his desire to run the show, steady Exchange with Sansa and shell his last shot with that "’ m inside you now", until his own dogs eat him alive: an end that has a poetic, but honestly I would have preferred that they either Jon or Ghost. He leaves so one of the most hated of Game of Thrones, but it seems only right to pay tribute to Iwan Rheon who knew how to interpret it to perfection, without ever falling into the risk of caricature; his is one of the best performances among the young actors of the series.


Jon (voto 110 cum laude) Once again the lord honorable and courageous commander who was always: Miss some’ in the tactics, But unlike his coward opponent, he fights alongside his men, addressing at the forefront that that occurs immediately as a hopeless mission. Jon fights with every cell in her body and with all his soul (assuming they still have one), is one Stark fact is finished, even in the manner of speaking it seems the copy of Ned; and while it is true that the decisive move was ’ arrival of the ’ army of Littlefinger, It is also true that only a man like Jon Snow could live with those men, wildings, former soldiers of Stannis and dirty Northern families, to fight that lawsuit with him. His humanity is evident only at the end, When vent anger on Ramsay in the oldest (and satisfying) of the ways. Kit Harington was right in saying it would be the biggest season for her character: If in previous battles l ’ we saw fight tirelessly to defend the barrier before and mankind after, This time he burned the sacred fire of a man struggling to avenge his family's name: and that is what guides him and encourages him to the end, until we review the Starks ' waving banners out of Winterfell.


Directed by Miguel Sapochnik is so skillful that seems to transport us in time and space to take us there, on the edge of battle, to attend the final showdown between the two northern bastards: the long sequences of clash left us breathless, Unable to understand those same prevailing, the silences are perfectly measured against the backdrop of cries of fallen we were thrown into panic and into turmoil by making us think that all was lost. The battle has been amazing from the point of view of special effects: un po’ CGI it never hurts, but the scene of ’ cavalry attack was filmed with 40 horses running at great speed towards Kit Harington, that defined what a tad “scary”, for an aggregate very Lord of The Rings style.


The Chance (voto 7) is a character that causes difficulties: from every where you stand now voices of praise and admiration, but in our opinion the thing goes a bit resized; è vero, We repeat, that the ’ men of the Vale of Arryn was providential, but three seasons that Sansa seems on the verge of ’ revolution and eventually does not combine anything, you don't need to treat it as Savior of the world just to have written two words to Littlefinger. Could have done much more and much sooner, Maybe you could tell Jon of his plan instead of sending them all to the slaughter, but to no avail, She prefers to do everything in secrecy and trust dell ’ only man on earth that even my cat would not trust ever (is the mastermind behind the whole Littlefinger war of the five Kings, Maybe not if no ’ Sansa is still noticed). I know that organize and assist all ’ running Ramsay (the only “loyal beasts” are the Dragons Dany, Dear Bolton, Watch and learn) It is a considerable step forward compared to nothing in the face of abuses of Joffrey, but in his position and with his means we would expect much much more.

"A Song of Ice and Fire" is the title of the saga created by George R. R. Martin and "The Battle of Bastards" represents it in toto. Daenerys in Meereen with his three dragons and Jon Snow in Northern Frost, both protagonists of battles that will change the fate of the Seven Kingdoms. With Winterfell who brings back the coat of arms of Stark and Daenerys a step from the start that all expected, We prepare to greet this sixth season of Game of Thrones (almost certainly l ’ last from 10 episodi). The Season Finale's ’ entitled The Winds of Winter (title of ’ eagerly awaited next book by George R. R. Martin), and in his 69 minutes we will see how the other storyline will prepare to welcome the accomplishments of Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow.

Rating all ’ episode: ♥♥♥♥ OMG

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