Game of Thrones – 6×10 The Winds of Winter (Season Finale) – Review by R. and S.


A final 70 minutes in which not even a second went wasted; those 70 minutes flew by, concluding all storyline, now closer than ever to each other. They were also 70 minutes strange, with an initial ’ apparent calm very distressing and a gradual recovery of rhythm, up to the majestic final scene.


Goodbye Uncle Benjen, Bran (voto 8) celebrates its new role as a Three-Eyed Raven rituffandosi in the vision of the Tower of Joy and the most popular theory by fans, R L = J, seems to find full confirmation. We see finally Lyanna Stark, already smeared with blood and dying, who uses his last strength to rip Ned that "Promise me"that has plagued ’ until the last. Lyanna whispers something all ’ brother's ear, then give him a dark-eyed boy: "If Robert finds out he ’ ll… You know he will. You have to protect him. "Promise me". I had to see her again and turning up the tv volume to distinguish all the words and in addition to a conclusion in the first part "If Robert finds out he ’ 'll kill him", before it Lyanna seems to say "His name is…", but the name of the newborn does not feel. Or so it seemed. Of course we know it's a boy, Lyanna is the mother, While probably the father is Rhaegar Targaryen (Daenerys's older brother), at that time already killed at the Trident from Robert Baratheon, betrothed in the same Lyanna: the paternity of Rhaegar would explain why Robert would want to kill the child and the resulting need for Ned to protect him. We have no way to see the end of that scene because the camera switches to a close-up of the newborn to Jon Snow, thus suggesting that child and identity ’ l parents of Jon.


Meanwhile, l ’ adult Jon (voto 7) fall fully in possession of Winterfell, and in a scene as exciting as poignant is proclaimed King in the North by all representatives of families from the North who now sit at his table; certain, now that the battle is won are all ready to swear loyalty to Starks, but dov ’ were first, when Jon had to bring his men to massacre against Ramsey? Luckily we had Lyanna Mormont, as always steals the show at all! To trouble this serenity we think, obviously, The Chance (voto 5), that doesn't seem very convinced of his brother's suggestion to trust one of ’ other ’ l; tells him that in his view is a Stark, He smiles when he is proclaimed King, but ’ is something wrong: that something is the sick ideas of Littlefinger (voto 4), who sits on the sidelines with the face of a pedophile who spies on the children to the Park; After helping Jon win the battle, want to collect his reward, who in his right mind would conquer l ’ Iron Throne and marry Sansa: But what kind of world, exactly? This ’ man jabbers! Eppure, come sempre, his words do not fall into the void, especially if the contact person is the alarm clock ’ Sansa, and already you see l ’ harmony that it cracks: incomprehensibly Sansa now believes to be a whole lot of woman from great evil mind, and it doesn't seem to despise too l ’ idea to seize power, l ’ idea to assert his name of Stark against the Snow of brother. For ’ once again casca as a PEAR cooked into the trap of Littlefinger.

And if Littlefinger always finds a way to save the skin and face, This time you can't say the same about Melisandre (voto 5): faced the brutality of his crimes by a furious Davos (voto 8), nor Jon, She has life, the pardons have burned alive the poor Shireen; Melisandre's leaving une exile southward, but I am not convinced that this is the end of her story; Recital l ’ arrogance with which he claimed his ideas a few seasons ago, It is very weird seeing you now so submissive and obliging, but I think somehow rediscover the vigor of yesteryear (perhaps without the leeches).


Sam (voto 8), instead, arrived at the Citadel, and the teacher who welcomes him has that typical employee attentiveness and the desire to experience all ’ post office in my neighborhood; good Seaworth remains speechless in front of the immensity of the ’ library, and to think that with his knowledge could have a decisive role in future war to White Walkers is the ’ only thing I am consoled by the fact of having seen so little. The Citadel, but, There comes a ’ other important news: get a white Crow, to announce that “Winter is coming”. To us, as Jon, He escaped to laugh hearing that phrase, repeated by Ned so many times that it seemed would never come true. E invece, After six seasons, Here it is (It can be said that this winter's rapid as Daenerys).


King ’ 's Landing He was preparing to scuttle back and permanently Cersei Lannister, Instead he finds himself living a situation opposite to that of a year ago. After nine episodes undertone where it was almost impossible to recognize it, Cersei (voto 8,5) He takes his revenge and becomes the Mad Queen forecast from time. For the first time since its appearance l’High Sparrow (voto 3) I guess a, too busy to keep going without pity on poor Loras and so convinced of having the Queen Regent in punch you don't see everything that is going on behind the scenes. L ’ no of Cersei and Tommen, While everyone is gathered for the trial in the Great Sept of Baelor, are clear indications, they obviously do not escape all ’ only in recent years has managed to keep up with lioness Lannister. Margaery (voto 7,5) in fact, intuited the danger, But what a few weeks ago was his salvation, This time it's his conviction; the young Tyrell withdrew its power in favor of the ’ High Sparrow and unfortunately for her religious not only underestimates Cersei, but with his stubbornness keeps her from escaping.


With ’ help by Qyburn and his little birds (It's finally here shed Maester Pycelle! A thought goes out to that poor prostitute who will never be paid for what he had to endure) and The Mountain (It now has a new victim to torture in Septa Uon), Cersei does them in part because he wanted to make King Aerys all ’ the height of his madness: with underground reserves of wildfire ignites the Sept of Baelor and all those all internal ’ (brings us confirmation that Bran was a flashforward vision). In a second tell us goodbye Lancel, l High ’ Sparrow, Kevan Lannister, Mace Tyrell and his sons Loras and Margaery. A killing. Our lioness has implemented his revenge and every detail of these scenes was great! Unfortunately Tommen (voto 5) must spoil the party. SER Gregor prevents him from reaching the Sept of Baelor and I admit I was surprised he could still survive; a ’ observation of short duration because the King in front of the Sept in flames and aware of his wife's death, commits suicide by jumping from the window: l ’ image itself combined with the sweet and naïve character involved, chilling makes it. The prophecy that nagged Cersei since childhood was fulfilled, now he has lost all his sons and there ’ more space in her to fear: accept what happened, you don't leave upset and proclaims itself the new Queen of the Seven Kingdoms (with Qyburn Hand of the Queen). Among all the predictions of the last days, I never thought I'd see Queen Cersei on ’ Iron Throne!


And don't expect even Jaime (voto 6), returning to a King ’ 's Landing still smoking. What had prevented the Mad King, earning the nickname Kingslayer, has now been partially performed by the sister who has always loved and defended with blind passion. You will now get your ass? This season has certainly shone, with the ’ honor that still manages to see him smothered by Brienne his extreme loyalty Cersei. Jaime rears its head only when Walder Frey ventures a comparison between them, both Kingslayer, but the ’ former Lord Commander knows the circumstances under which I have become completely different (d ’ Moreover, this joke of Walder if l ’ is looked for helping him take Riverrun). But the old disgusting Walder is punished very soon for his arrogance: We think Arya (voto 8), that put his training into practice becoming a perfect serial killer: not only frees us of the founder Frey, but in one fell swoop he does her whole family it in a great pot pie, one of the most disgusting scenes we've ever witnessed. We all make a big cc to Frey!


To have already vowed revenge against Cersei's Lady Olenna (voto 8) that in a moment lost the future of his house. The woman is in Dorne where can in ’ enterprise to make fun a scene with Ellaria and her daughters: the Queen of Thorns deserves applause for as the Sand Snakes, rilegandole at the kiddie table with two bars. L ’ only Tyrell remained Allied then with Dorne against the lannisters, but most allies with Daenerys Targaryen through the mediation of Varys (voto 8). L ’ eunuch makes ships and support to Westeros for the arrival of his Queen ’, but the vote up his due in particular to an ability to teleport that beats even Littlefinger: in half an ’ now goes from Dorne in Meereen and ready again to go to the Seven Kingdoms!


Thanks to these new allies, Daenerys (voto 9) ’ reaches the goal it had set the season 1: armed with a ’ to Westeros and a vast fleet and his three dragons. Unfortunately, we must first face a sad parting. Also in view of a future Alliance through marriage, Dany leaves Daario and the Second Sons of Meereen. Not just the Declaration of love of man ’ ’ – willing to do l ’ eternal lover – to change her mind. A real shame for our eyes! Inter alia, We leave there can give us many beautiful scenes and Daario not Missandei but boring with those hilarious futile along with Grey Worm?! With his dream one step, Daenerys is rightly and understandably scared. Achieve Seven Kingdoms has so far been only one project that over time seemed to move away rather than get closer; the K has faced many, but now his fate is going to be accomplished and fear manifested shows that in all these years has grown. It's true, We took a ’ eternity and the wrong choices there have been, However everything is served. In recent years Daenerys has learned what it means to govern and especially being a true Targaryen: not enough blood, last name and proclaim himself that (till you drop), only now Dany is really Daenerys Targaryen, Mother of Dragons; only now can go to the recapturing of what is his "with fire and blood". At his side already three families of the Seven Kingdoms and a Hand of the Queen who advises you with sensitivity and wisdom: in that role Dany appointment indeed Tyrion (voto 7,5), receiving the brooch in a scene at the extremes of emotion. Daenerys really believes in him and he into you, another level than the appointment of mere convenience received by Tywin.


Is the protagonist of the concluding scene of Daenerys ’ impressive this wonderful Season Finale. The ships are coming: hundreds of vessels with dragon heads carved on the bow and sails with the coats of arms of Targaryen, Greyjoy, Tyrell and Martell cross the Narrow Sea toward Westeros, headed by Drogon, Viserion and Rhaegal. We have before us an exhausting year d ’ wait, during which the theories about what will happen will only succession. With Dany Inbox, Cersei cannot of course sit quiet on the Iron Throne ’. But Daenerys will have to deal with what now seems to be his nephew, Jon Snow. Game of Thrones greets us after 10 episodes that, Despite a few smudges here and there, they gave us great moments and of course an unforgettable twist in the best style of the saga. The various plans are increasingly storyline, a signal that, as a long time they say, We are nearing the end. The next two seasons could count only seven episodes each, I hope not because the annual dose Game of Thrones It is already too short. Meanwhile perhaps our venerable George R. R. Martin will publish The Winds of Winter and then we hardcore fans will have that delight!

Rating all ’ episode: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ Pretty much a masterpiece

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