Game of Thrones – 7×01 Dragonstone (Season premiere) – Review by R. and S.

After long months of waiting, Game of Thrones starts with the seventh season more or less the same moment had ended the sixth, taking stock of different storyline as one would expect in General from a season premiere, especially when it comes to a series that is so complex that it is very easy to lose track of plots and subplots.The first scene, even before the historic opening theme, is dedicated to Arya (voto 7 ½); become skilled in the art of faceless men, on the screen we see Walder Frey, but it is easy to guess that it is the young Stark: last season's finale left no room for doubt, and although the actress Maisie Williams wished not to come immediately recognized, It was hard to believe that this man was the hated Frey. The situation became clear during a speech on the Red Wedding, transformed rapidly from praise of soldiers Frey to Declaration of Starks ' revenge. Despite, then, the attempt to shock viewers, I would say that the twist was pretty predictable; This is not to say that to die the last Frey was still enjoyable. Although Arya has claimed his membership in the House Stark, doesn't seems determined to reunite with his family, but rather to complete what has been promised almost from the first season: delete all the files in his hate list, and the next to die (at least according to her) will be Cersei. I appreciate the consistency, but so much effort to get away from King's Landing and now back there! His new trip provided an opportunity for the cameo of singer Ed Sheeran (thought by the authors just as gift to Maisie, big fan) that compared to other appearances of the past has enjoyed a few minutes on screen in addition.

I can't spend words equally positive for the other Stark, the usual useless The Chance (voto 6); While Jon (voto 8) organizing the defense of the barrier and makes sure the Alliance of Northern families as well as that of Wildings, She sits in the middle of trying to humiliate him publicly, criticizing his strategy just on a whim, just to appear as a great political mind. Obviously, Although firmly convinced she's the one in control of the situation, you have not yet noticed falling with all the shoes in games by Littlefinger, that in fact gloats openly during the spat between the two brothers. The height of idiocy of Sansa is achieved when we allow you to compare Jon to Joffrey, inviting the King in the North to be smarter than Robb and Ned, I hear you have paid the price for being too honest and too little shrewd. Ecco, I would like to remind the dear Sansa that father died pretty much because of him, little ingrate who couldn't keep her mouth shut, so in his place I would avoid these Arias by great kid lived; would be a novella Cersei, and if the latter you can criticize all we must however recognize a certain political skills of court, Whilst Sansa is a poor idiot think I wonder who suffered defeat only because it receives the blandishments of an old maniac ambitious.

Cersei, voto 6,5. Confidence in itself lacks, Besides, if he had been lacking, would not become Queen of the Seven Kingdoms against all odds. An account though you seize power, Another is to keep it and at the moment does not seem on track. Although conscious of how many enemies surround, Cersei does not seem to be fully aware of the facts: is the Queen Yes, but his supporters are reduced to the bone and it allows as well to make the squeamish about it; Ok, those who wanted the Frey? Though they were always guns and men they could find useful. The proposed marriage of Euron is available without hesitation and I doubt the gift promised will change your mind, We all know how you feel about marriages of convenience. Certainly not the lack the motivation to fight now that smacks of Tyrion Hand of the Queen of her enemy number one, I wonder if you think back to the fact that Robert had not managed to get rid of it. Remained childless, without that single love which was granted, Cersei has no weaknesses. We perceive it clearly in the speech tough and unflappable over death of Tommen: He had betrayed, to the last he preferred his wife who deceived his mother that he had endured and the walk of shame. There is no reason to stop and mourn the dead. It is sad, but consistent with the character. If then the sermon comes from Jaime (voto 6), on! There is a limit to everything! Really the Kingslayer did not expect such a ruthlessness from sister? And talk he had thrown the little Bran down from the Tower? Unfortunately Jaime far trudging the road of improvement. Before doing the moral to his beloved for both families and the war, then when Jacob arrives with a tempting proposal on second theme, do you lead astray by vanity and jealousy by leaping into a needless competition between roosters.

EURON, voto 7. The King of the Iron Islands has diverted his attention from the Mother of Dragons to Lioness Lannister, a woman temperamentally closer to him, but just as hard to conquer. The makeover that was submitted, the charisma and the joke always ready can maybe help him to the Queen and to the public, After all, Ramsay has left a great void in the sphere of villains; but I doubt that Cersei will never accept to marry him, irrespective of any gift man has in store. Certainly so far is the most spirited Greyjoy family.

Meanwhile, Sandor Clegane (voto 7), the good-hearted Hound, continues its journey along with the Brotherhood without Banners; It's always the same gruff, very skeptical of the Lord of the Light, but something about him seems to change when Dondarrion and Thoros of Myr invite him to watch in the flames: I had no doubt that Sandor was making fun of all, Yet it seems that he saw something in the fire, It seems that he saw the White Walkers go past the barrier. Who would have thought that Sandor had this vocation?! Who knows how to be happy Melisandre!

Meera, voto 8. How many miles I path is not known, but surely are many and we must make them about. Protected Bran, It never spared and now brought up to Castle Black, where has to endure the initial scepticism of Night's Watchers led by Edd. Bran (voto 7) Meanwhile, after the great revelation of the Season Finale, hijacked his visions on the Night King, whose army of undead (including ahead of Giants) and White Walkers continues unabated; an image of this or a flashforward? The most important is that the narrative detail young Stark has passed the barrier, under the brand name of the Night's King on the skin, What that in light of the vision in the fire of The Hound does not bode well.

We find also our dear Sam (voto 8), whose life the Citadel is very different than I expected (and from what we expected ourselves); the time to be poring over books is very little, between emptied Chamber pots, bowls to fill and post-mortems to be carried out, virtually the only stays the night (with the ever-present Gilly, I finally got some new clothes). Added to this is the fact that none of the masters (with the exception of Arcimaestro Marwyn) You seem particularly interested or impressed by his stories about White Walkers: basically nobody believes, and even if they decided to believe him would not see it as a particularly serious threat; per di più, the books you are interested in Sam are in a reserved area, so much for the free culture! But the good Seaworth, Unlike what he would have done a time, It does discourage and breaking the strict rules, finding a first valuable information: at Dragonstone is a whole mountain of, precisely, Dragon glass, and immediately gives notice to friend Jon. And speaking of dragons, the Citadel has another surprise for us: among the people to whom Sam brings food, We see a man struck by gray disease was quite advanced; just a sentence (“Has she come yet? The Dragon Queen?“) to understand that it is Jorah! The poor Knight's not doing so well, but nothing can tarnish his loyalty to Dany; will she find a cure and back to her as promised?

Daenerys, voto 8. It's true, not that great, However the three words with which closes this première are creepy for bearing promises that bring with them. And anyway Dany has finally achieved his goal, He came home, He touched his land, where is born during a storm and was forced to leave still in diapers. The scene where he kneels to touch the Earth is moving, Daenerys Targaryen continues safe through the House that belonged to his ancestors: Dragonstone, with its castle and its rocks, so mistreated by Stannis Baratheon to be like SOP. But Dany is that your home. And then before out the banner with the Fiery heart of Stannis Baratheon, then look almost reverential to the throne (Dany, I love you so much, but the Iron Throne is much cuter) and there on that table inlaid with the map of the Seven Kingdoms (remembering what happened on that table between Melisandre and Stannis, I very much hope that at least one has been cleaned and disinfected) Let us prepare ourselves to war than young Targaryen was expected of a life.

"Shall we begin?"these are the words of Daenerys separating a première maybe not crackling, without twists from gape, but that acts as a link with what happened with the finale of the sixth season. Now we know where all the protagonists and their plans for the near future, the pieces are arranged on a map of Westeros, the "game of thrones" enters the decisive phase with five sovereigns (Night King, Euro Greyjoy, Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen and Cersei Lannister) and many other characters ready to support them or to put a spoke in the wheels. And then "Shall we begin?".

Rating all ’ episode: ♥♥♥ No bomb, but the emotion to come back in Seven Kingdoms is all

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