Game of Thrones – 7×02 Stormborn – Review by R. and S.

After a first episode predictably handout and a little’ slow, dedicated to regain the ranks of various storylines, this week Game of Thrones drastically changes the rhythm: anything goes, maybe too much, but then, with only seven episodes should get busy.

To the North we Jon (voto 7) that is having to manage the discontent of all his subjects; It does with some success, but the catch is just around the corner. If initially does not seem to accept the invitation of Daenerys (and Tyrion), pace of the sister who is quite sure whether it's a trap, just learns from Sam that Dragonstone is full of dragonglass revises wisely his position. They are all ready to criticize and to feel betrayed, in digging up the past for not fidasi Targaryen and persist in not wanting to talk to anyone; they fill the mouth with “Winter is here” but none of them seem to really realize that I can't possibly go it alone against the army of the undead. Inter alia to hear these comments from a mass of lord who had bent over to Bolton without much resistance is pretty ridiculous: they want to make the proud but if they had a little’ common sense they would realize that Jon's plan is the best solution. Unfortunately, Jon has only one flaw, What ever: be too good; un po’ to keep you at Bay and a little’ because really trusts you, relying on The Chance (voto 5) the role of Queen Regent of the North while he will be traveling to Dragonstone. If we join to this the fact that Littlefinger go from Jon to declare his love for Sansa (that sucks! and why??) all papers are ready for another rout of North: I dare not imagine what will Jon on his return (and indeed, whenever a Lord of Winterfell departed southward things went maluccio), It is the sister to do his own way or that (How likely) Littlefinger the scrub to the great, the losers will always and anyway the mistreated the Starks ' Kingdom.

Continue the journey, geographical and metaphorical, of Arya (voto 8); the Inn has old friend Hot Pie, He sees how much it has changed without affect the affection towards him. The likable Baker is useful especially because it tells Arya that his brother Jon is now King of the North and that Winterfell is back in the hands of the Stark. This changes everything for Arya, that was directed at King's Landing for killing Cersei: Maybe the trip started at the end of last season was not that of vengeance, but it was the one to go home, for certainly turn out to be Arya. But things aren't so simple, and the symbolism continues in the highly anticipated meeting between Arya and Nymeria: We waited for this moment for six seasons, and it was so touching how sad. Nymeria and Arya are recognized but, Despite the legendary sense of loyalty of dire wolves to their masters, the she-Wolf turns his back and walks away with his Pack (at least he didn't get eaten alive, Come on). After so long, I am both changed deep down (mostly Arya), and are now two Lone Wolves whose existences you can tap but no longer cross; rest, the distance between Arya and metalupa can symbolize the distance between the Arya now and the small Stark of yesteryear: It's not just about maturation or character evolution, in the name of revenge Arya has sacrificed an important part of self, a gesture which will never go back.

The Citadel continue the grim tasks of poor Sam (voto 8), that however does not accept just to be won; in a gruesome scene as disgusting, Sam decides to challenge all the masters in their own house treating Jorah with a method, We say, experimental (that definitely would be greatly appreciated from Bolton); I wonder how it is possible that no other of the masters we've at least tried, but perhaps we should not ask ourselves too many questions. Sam's surgery will be successful? All this attention to Jorah must lead somewhere: with all the good we can love, nobody cares to follow his story unless they are of some use to the main characters. A clue in this sense might come from the book of forbidden section that Sam has read in the last episode: the most attentive, indeed, they noticed that the page for the dragonglass we could see even the phrase “is a cure for”: whether it's the only cure to Alzheimer's disease Gray (is it possible that no one will ever read this book? Even Sam, because you got distracted just that row?). The scenes at the Citadel, as well as important revelations, always contain a veiled irony: prima di tutto, We knew for some time that that thing Golden ball that we see in the acronym is a work of the master of the Citadel and miniature representing the Seven Kingdoms; now that the Citadel is one of the locations of the plot, We see it, along with all other locations, in the opening, and in those frames within its walls we see just a thumbnail of thumbnail of Seven Kingodms! In addition, the Arcimaestro Marwyn refers to Sam to be engaged in writing a book, precisely “A Chronicle of the Wars Following the Death of King Robert the First“; the proper title would be better of course suggests that a Seaworth’ more “poetic”… Maybe something like “The Game of Thrones“?! So much for metafiction!

Hear define Daenerys (voto 8) as the "Mad King's daughter" by the lady that is rightfully the title of Mad Queen is very annoying and this feeling of "from that pulpit is preaching" pervades every comment to K heard in this episode. But Dany (that is certainly not "cruel, stupid and weak "as her brother Viserys, a memo required because over time looks like someone forgot that element was) rebuts all deed, proving that the little girl/Red Cross nurse dominated by desire for Justice, peace and revenge, Unable to evaluate situations as a whole, has grown and learned from its mistakes. A time Varys and Melisandre would come to a bad end, Ellaria and Yara would won in their thirst for action, Olenna was silenced and soon we had really only one Queen of Ashes. But now Dany knows listen to advice and make decisions on the long-term. And so the Mother of Dragons is the protagonist of the most interesting dialogue of the episode, aided by top-level counterparts as Tyrion, Varys and Olenna. Tyrion (voto 8,5) gives back proof of wisdom that had marked the beginning and partly disappeared in recent seasons where his main activity was playing guessing with Grey Worm and Missandei; especially The Imp dusts off his talents as a strategist who allowed the Lannister to survive the battle of Blackwater in season 2.

If we add to Tyrion Varys (voto 8, that is able to respond satisfactorily to the question we all wish we could ask from the beginning) and Olenna (voto 8), It can be said that the Group of advisors to Daenerys is unsurpassed. And now apparently go to infoltirlo Melisandre (voto 7), reappeared in his former home of Dragonstone after being kicked out of Winterfell. The Priestess hopes the meeting between Jon and Daenerys, But unlike past certainties, don't you dare give a clear meaning to the prophecy on the "Prince that was promised," I will put an end to the long night. Here, rare case, We find a utility to Missandei, which specifies that the title in the language of the ancient Valyrian has genus, may refer both to a Prince as a Princess, so don't assume that Azor Ahai is Jon Snow as supported by most theories follow. Considering the important role of women in the universe of Game of Thrones, Dany is gaining points. The benefits of Missandei stop now, because then we get overwhelmed for a good five minutes with a totally unnecessary scene between her and Grey Worm; the question is a, We only 7 episodi, Why waste your minutes so?

If Jaime (voto 6) not experience signs of your senses, persisting in chasing Lord left and right to raise allies – until now, Sam's father, Lord Tarly – for twins, Cersei (voto 6) insists on presenting his subjects as the Queen to serious expectations. I love to Cersei, but bad-mouthing Daenerys is from ox which gives the horned donkey. To worry seriously though is Qyburn, After having revived The Mountain, It has a potentially lethal weapon to dragons. A Hand of the Queen certainly enviable, but we have already shed too many tears for the dire wolves.

At the moment, however, is the aspiring Cersei's ally to bring home the first real result, bringing the two Queens on one-nil to the Lannister. EURON (voto 9) He promised a gift to lioness and what prepares will be very welcome: the King of the Iron Islands attacked the fleet of grandchildren and Sand Snakes, He kills two of them and takes her hostage Ellaria, Tyene and Yara in a battle between the flames that captures the allies of Daenerys totally by surprise. Yara, Ellaria Sand and Snakes (voto 5 for all) they were stealing precious minutes, remembering – as if proof were needed – they are all equally irritating (Maybe right Yara slightly less). At the beginning of the episode proves the most unprepared with wanting to throw immediately in battle, Ellaria and daughters even allow themselves to criticize Tyrion after they killed an innocent little girl and they butchered their own family; then set sail and four warriors to frontline settle on the same ship, Maybe a Tyrion strategy Council were supposed to listen to it. The space devoted to their Salas is bearable because clear moment of calm before the storm, that breaks down with no chance of salvation. Now we understand that Euron will win and how sorry I am to Daenerys, I must say the man deserves applause just for having freed the Sand Snakes. Jacob's men put in place a real slaughter, their leader, her eyes out of their sockets in complete Ecstasy from battle, While the defeat for young Greyjoy sees its highest expression in the rendering of coward Theon (voto 5). We thought it was changed, He had overcome the trauma inflicted on him by Ramsay, but the free version of Euron and torture psycho face that his men are being reported all afloat. Uncle challenges him to save his sister and Theon not only freezes, escapes by jumping into the sea. The face of Yara is the manifesto of disappointment and anger, However as far as I'm concerned to prevail is the sadness for a guy still destroyed and vulnerable: We cannot forget how much Ramsay had broken deep inside, not enough shrugged their head and a few days in the company of her sister to become a Knight and fearless (something which has never been).

A blow to Daenerys, whose path to Westeros begins amid distrust, fear and blood. Just on the second episode and the first shot was dealt with violence and decision, the time to catch your breath there can be between alliances that are defined and plans about to be implemented. While Cersei hush hush casts doubt on predictions, Jon and Dany are preparing to get acquainted, an unexpected meeting up a handful of episodes ago when were not even on the same continent. The hype is increased and the real question is not who will survive this season, But how will survive us to wait a week to see what will happen.

Rating all ’ episode: ♥♥♥♥ Even just spit on the memory of Ned and Robb

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