Game of Thrones – 7×03 The Queen's Justice – Review by R. and S.

This third episode was definitely one of the most anticipated, If only because of the anticipated meeting between fire and ice, that in fact occupied much of the time; long dialogues but they have bored and even conducted war arrive in silence, no fuss, but whose consequences will be felt in the fight for the throne, now officially open.

Olenna, voto 9. The Lady of Thorns you love, There is little to do. I don't understand why it hasn't the slightest worried about protecting her home, though his last scenes have only confirm this feeling. Olenna has lost everything last season, tried to find new life in revenge and in alliance with Daenerys Targaryen, but the acceptance and the demeanour with which he faces the final defeat of his house show how now he had nothing left to lose. The woman goes away however with one last, painful conventional pricking at the expense of the Lannister: Olenna admits candidly of being responsible for the death of Joffrey, leaving Jaime woozy as a Tommen any. That's how we see it for the last time, not dying or slumped on the ground, but standing and proud until the end.

Jaime, voto 6,5. Theoretically having conquered Highgarden deserves more, but, flying over the fact that she won against an army miserable and unprepared, about his behaviour in Jaime Lannister would a priori insufficient. I don't know if they have done something wrong in dealing with the evolution of the character – most likely Yes, Since the television and literary Jaime now seem two different characters that share the same past – However no matter what, in ten episodes from the end of Game of Thrones We are left with a Kingslayer whose improvement took place between the second and third season now looks just like a path error. Jaime Lannister can attend any, but it is always on the side of Cersei, responds to every request and convinces himself not to be so bad giving poison to Olenna rather than skinning the cow alive. Reading the plot of the episode, the "Jaime learns from its mistakes" had given rise to speculation about his open eyes on Cersei or repent of having liberated Tyrion, invece no, He brings up the winning strategy of Robb to the Whispers! Not enough having to endure Sansa spit on memory of Robb, now well as Jaime, which if it wasn't for Catelyn would have been crushed by Lord North. Well Jaime, you haven't understood a sledgehammer as usual by three seasons in this part. Dead-face in front of Olenna does nothing but confirm it, the Kingslayer never even suspected that behind the Joffrey's death there were Tyrell (let alone Littlefinger!); Right now, seriously, but who the heck thought it was? Keep remain clouded by competition with Jacob and the shocked face of Cersei's follies, When you wake up will still be too too too late because Olenna is right until the last: Cersei will be his undoing.

Cersei, voto 8. No prize before the certainty of victory in Euron, no mercy with Ellaria and Tyene. Cersei no exceptions. If EURON (voto 7) for now, you must be content with the cheer of the crowd – my deepest sympathy to the girl who sent him a kiss – and the teasing against Jaime, Ellaria and daughter have faced only days of slow agony. Cersei maintains the poetry in their death by poisoning Tyene with the same poison used to Myrcella and forcing his mother to witness every minute of torture that will lead to death. I can only say: Thanks Cersei! Her suitors are continuing to do to score points, but Cersei is not far behind putting in an official line of the Iron Bank from true daughter of Tywin Lannister. The father had always underestimated as a woman, as he had done with Tyrion and now they have to prove the children truly capable.

Tyrion (voto 9) leverage the knowledge gained in Casterly Rock's sewer system management for Grey Worm Unsullied an easy win. Too easy given that hardly anyone was left to ensure the protection of the dwelling of the Lannister (Evidently the only interested in maintaining the good name of Tywin and Tyrion Lannister were) and in addition the ships of Euron lead to spoil the party, decimating the fleet again by Daenerys. I would say that the attacks by sea are to be set aside and that Daenerys, Despite the dissent of his advisors, should start following what was said by Olenna "Be a dragon". To Casterly Rock may be a Pyrrhic victory, but on paper the same. Point. Dany&Co. should autoconvincersene as I am doing. Tyrion also gives his decisive contribution also in the anticipated meeting of the episode between his Queen and Ned's bastard who had accompanied him to the Gate a long time ago. The Imp average between two Blockheads, firm in their positions and do it without missing against anyone, indeed his words can be perceived as nutra respect and confidence towards both. The exact opposite of what emerges between the two parties concerned.

Daenerys, voto 8. I was very worried about the meeting between Dany and Jon, long-awaited, too many expectations, increased risk of disappointment. But as far as I'm concerned the two actors did a great job. We do not have a Dany sospirante, seductive or overly bossy as at the time of the first acquaintance with Daario Naharis. The K has faced for the first time a sovereign or, from his point of view, a Lord of Westeros that should be his ally and turn to him proves to be aware of the different context, of history, of his past mistakes and obviously Regal role. During the week so many complained about the request addressed to the King in the North to kneel to you, that request was repeated several times during the episode, But what else was to be expected from Dany? She is there as a Queen of the Seven Kingdoms, rightful heir of the Kingdom from which her father was ousted and Aerys was King of all – all – the seven kingdoms, the North including. It was obvious that the young man demanded an oath of allegiance from Jon Snow! Heck, even Stannis wanted Robb s ' kneel down before him to him! And Daenerys in doing so is not snooty or childish, just firmly believes in its right to be the Queen of the Seven Kingdoms, He believes in himself and in what became overcoming every obstacle. That “"I was born you rule the Seven Kingdoms” don't allude more to a birthright, as to a right that has earned with what has proven all these years. Dany also calls to Jon forgiveness for crimes committed by his father, recognising that it is evil and that in itself shows how acquired: a time would defend Aerys no ifs or buts, He had made clear in an early chats with Tyrion. And although Jon does not yield on the loan you sworn in as her subject and Warden of the North, Dany doesn't let peeve – What that would do – It follows the advice of Tyrion allowing them to extract the dragonglass from Dragonstone.

Jon (voto 8) gives us some of her best writing from tortured and reflective expressions, but overall we can say that we are more than satisfied with our King in the North. How is legitimate Daenerys ask him to kneel, It was every bit as predictable and reasonable that he refuses to do so; the two are stubborn and obstinate, Jon always ready to fight for the great causes but not without forgetting the strategy and the power of covenants. With the guidance of Tyrion and Charlie are at the head of their momentary contrast, but that long-awaited meeting lays the Foundation for what will be their relationships into the future; the main point of separation between the two is that Daenerys feels (rightly) legitimate heir to the Iron Throne, and he can't wait to exercise that power it deserves, While Jon, that at the bottom as she fights against injustice, He never asked to have the position he now holds, does it just for the sake of a people that needs him. Is this not the perfect combination of sense and sensibility? Boys, forget the formalities and make kids immediately! Unite in marriage! Let us happy! At least that would eliminate the embarrassing problem of the presentations, with ten thousand things Queen Daenerys and he… “Jon Snow. King in the North”. All kidding aside, the scenes were really well done, though Daenerys has put aside his seductive side, Jon for his part was shown to be more mature and decided, without losing the spontaneity and good intentions that always characterize. Another interesting aspect is the question of Daenerys Targaryen exists to be the final… of, If only both knew! Now the moment of revelation should be close at least for Jon, and after so many years of waiting and speculation is really hard to stay in the skin to the idea of this circle that slowly moves towards the closing.

Bran (voto 7 on trust) Finally arrives at Winterfell. Maybe because in the premiere we saw it for a few seconds, but I found it very changed. The guy is hard, cold, not even an emotion manifested in reunions with Sansa (Oh my God, I understand also, with everyone I could find at Winterfell, just you ...), even when the young wedding night with Ramsay, Bran is unabashed. His words one understands that he got to see a lot more of that we know, Maybe something that he saw him seemingly so distant from those around him? For its part The Chance (voto 6) certainly don't want poor Bran, or anyone else, to show affection towards her: running to and fro to Winterfell giving orders and planning to be a great strategist just because you remember shopping for groceries before the snow, as usual the two coaxing by Littlefinger to go in jujube soup, and as soon as Baelish the imparts another of his life lessons here that you are exercising on the meaning of his words, as if it were that great woman struggling with unsettling decisions… but please. Also note that wastes no time in putting subtly Bran against Jon, pointing out how the younger brother is the true Lord of Winterfell: Luckily his eyes Jon was a Stark! How long we will have to endure his delusions?

While Melisandre is preparing to leave for Volantis, not before having gelato Varys with a sombre presage, Theon is retrieved from the sea by his men, they're both around her not having done anything to Yara when it seems to me that they were fighting the same battle. The Citadel, Sam (voto 7) we rediscover skilled cosmetic surgeon since the intervention on Jorah (voto 6) seems to have gone perfectly: who would've thought? The noble Knight (He didn't do much apart from being locked in a cell hoping someone would save him) can then return to his K (You probably forgot about him, having thoughts of some more pressing for head), and at the time of the greetings maybe you can see the whole point of the time devoted to these two: Jorah owes his life to Sam, who will be eternally grateful; faithful servant of Daenerys a loyal companion to Jon alia, in light of the great meeting place in this episode, It is possible that the two will play a key role in the formation of the Alliance Targaryen-Stark.

If your name isn't Euron Greyjoy don't have no time to rejoice over a victory, that action knocks again behind your back. Confirming what this year will proceed at a brisk pace, We are only on the third episode of this season and the highly anticipated meeting between Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen has already happened. A face-to-face that rightly occupied much of the episode, but at the same time has distracted us and those interested from what was about to happen. Maybe we can't exactly talk about action on the battlefield, which we see virtually nothing, but the consequences are heavy and force a rethinking of assumptions with which the season started. But mostly we pose a legitimate question: because certain characters moving at the speed of Flash and other seems to circumnavigate the globe?

Rating all ’ episode: ♥♥♥♥ – There's Jaime taking, Davos is the best character of the episode

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