Game of Thrones – 7×04 The Spoils of War – Review by R. and S.

After a third episode very verbose, where the few important events were diluted and made very slow by long dialogues, this week Game of Thrones you redeem with barbed jokes, numerous revelations and, above, an epic battle and unexpected.

To the North the Starks ' reunion; with the sudden speed on transportation that seems to have infected all the characters, Arya (voto 9) Finally arrives at Winterfell. This time she does it all: doesn't miss anything since makes a mockery of the guards at the entrance of the Castle as you come up against Brienne. This scene is very significant for Arya: We remember her in the pilot, small and cheery, the tomboy of family, While training with the sword without receiving much credit from anyone (If not by Jon), and now she's back here, a completely different person, che con quella spada sa tenere testa persino a Brienne. Se ne accorge ancheThe Chance (voto 6), He remains perplexed by while you realize how have changed all his brothers in time where she has just undergone a lot of misfortunes without ever playing an active role (Castro say his adoring fans); one is King of the North, one can see the whole history of mankind, one is a skilled professional killer, and she… She is wearing darker clothes. The rest, each has its limits.

Obviously this won't take long because Littlefinger (voto 5) start using it to his advantage this weakness of Sansa, paving the way to yet another tragedy for the North of Stark; When his still undefined plan is to give to Bran the dagger with which “someone” attempted to kill him in the first season. That murder was commissioned by Littlefinger itself or from Joffrey, How many suspect, is not valid, but certainly the d plays a key role: the murder was unjustly accused Tyrion, He was then taken prisoner by Catelynn, triggering the war of the five Kings; the dagger was not seen again until the premiere of this season, When we saw it depicted in the book that Sam has found the cure for gray. And it is no coincidence that the dagger to finish now in the hands of Arya: that she, adept at duel, is going to use it in the war against the White Walkers (Moreover, the valyrian steel is the only material, Besides the Dragon glass, able to kill them)? Or it could mean the beginning of the end of Littlefinger? Of course Arya will have a decisive role: the dagger she appeared at his side in may, in the first promotional pictures for the seventh season taken for the cover of Entertainment Weekly, and it is certainly not a coincidence.

Bran, voto 7,5. Meera sums up perfectly what we see in him: is the Three Eyed Raven now, Bran Stark died in that cave. The kid who had to flee from Winterfell with Rickon, Hodor and Summer, no longer exists. Bran has embraced his new role in its entirety, even if it means alienating his affections (This explains why it has not drowned in tears for Summer). If I could figure that out with Sansa, the coldness that manifested towards Arya is explanatory, does not transpire no emotion in him and even I almost touched at their reunion, Although Arya is not among my favorites. Bran understood and accepted that must assume responsibility for what is able to see and which proves to be much more than we know. Knows all about Sansa and Arya, but he also knows of Littlefinger. The young Stark doesn't let enchanted by shameless lying on a dagger or a few words in memory of mother (Unlike someone else) and retorts to the pep talk that snake citing the monologue that Baelish himself made in season three to Varys “Chaos is a ladder”. This is proof that Bran knows what is guilty Littlefinger, so things could get ugly for the latter. But Bran move, because Littlefinger won't be waiting for you to spoil the party!

Meanwhile Jon (voto 8), semiprigioniero at Dragonstone, Start stocking up on Dragon glass, but that is not the only thing it finds in caves. The graffiti of the children of the forest and of the first men need finally to convince Daenerys of truth than told about White Walkers; Despite the need for Jon to convince his Lord to trust a Targaryen, This new discovery is enough to change the atmosphere between the two, they already are exchanging glances sweet and loaded with meaning, and besides we know that just in caves Jon pulls his best cards (on whether to cheer for a pair of aunt and niece fiery debate, with valid arguments on both sides, but for convenience of shipping we pretend that there is no problem). The attraction does not escape even Davos (voto 7), whose ironic banter complement the curtain of gossip between Daenerys and Missandei, both things that lighten the tone of the episode: You can't always speak of Apocalypse! Davos also shows growing interesting just for the beautiful Missy, Although it is unclear whether he just wants to be a father or has more specific aims, but I prefer not to think about this second chance. Returning to Jon, Once again demonstrates all his honour by Stark in the encounter with Theon (that poor guy will never cease to atone for his sins), It is also another important change in the relationship with Daenerys: happens when she asks him for advice on what to do after yet another defeat; This is the first time that treats him as an equal they trust rather than as a guest not too agreeable, a step from which there is no turning back; especially since Jon gives her, as his usual, a wise advice and fair (It is the perfect man!), which in fact leads to a winning move.

Theon, voto 7. Returned to Dragonstone to seek help from Dany to save Yara, Theon comes face to face with Jon Snow, how things have changed since I scoffed at for his long curls? I've forgiven Theon, encasing well the reaction of Jon, but I can't think of how it would go between the two if she hadn't been half a Sansa.

Daenerys, voto 10. Again reiterated to Jon to give oath in return for Alliance against the White Walkers, worth no more or less what was said last week: is there to be Queen of the Seven Kingdoms, not the Six Kingdoms. Stannis almost demanded an oath of the Night's Watch when everyone knows I don't side with no House, though there complaints I've heard. But let's move on to the best part, the Dragon Queen who made honey Tyrion and Jon tips, but most of the late Olenna and acted by Targaryen, by Mother of Dragons, what he has to do because she and only she can. Preceded by an immense dothraki enhanced, Daenerys countered Lannister troops who return home proud after winning easy and looting of Highgarden. All obviously riding Drogon, Yeah! If there is good that uses the Dragons, then follow a series where one of the protagonists did rise to three at the end of the first season, Maybe not the best choice. It would be like telling Euron not to use vessels or to Cersei the rhaegal, everyone uses what he. And Daenerys goes into battle in person, do not save, risking life for arrows and when Jaime tries to kill her. Luckily Drogon is always ready to defend his mom.

Tyrion, voto 6,5. Basically I do not doubt his wisdom, but, like last season the demonstrated, in war you have to find the middle ground. Agree to be responsible and not put to fire and sword whole cities (How did Cersei, Let us remember, because it fits the sympathy for her, but he still burned half King's Landing), but also stand to suffer as fools after two beats No.. I read that Tyrion Lannister soldiers had worried look, the same people who would have delivered to Cersei beheaded soon had recognized? I guess instead Tyrion is simply worried about Jaime that has always loved you, point and stop. From that which anticipates the trailer, Maybe he'll have to say next week, but at the moment I don't see on what might criticize his Queen. Dany has attacked a town massacring its inhabitants, neither burned a whole Castle, He attacked the same troops that a week ago they crushed Tyrell allies in their Castle, they caught unprepared or someone has maybe seen Lady Olenna receive them armed to the teeth?

Dany armed troops retaliated, so prepared that carry the weapon for dragons dusted off by Qyburn. Bronn (voto 5), perhaps deserves more because it shows courage, However with that gun tries to kill Drogon, but oh?! Here we suffer huh! Could not spin smoothly with Dany who burns them all, do not, This mercenary, acting always and only for their interest, now he wants to prove his mettle against our Drogon. And does not die even after it is wounded, is ready to take a horse to escape. Bronn then finished right on our list, also Arya would agree. And Drogon burns that weapon of Satan for Fortune!

Jaime, voto 5. What about Jaime? Worse at stake in bet, It countenances itself claiming that Lady Olenna had betrayed the Queen – at that time was Queen – the same one that has burned alive her son and grandchildren. And it is useless that he's there as the mopey pretending sorrow revealed, Joffrey hated him as much as we do. Should rather think that his beloved Cersei wanted the head of innocent brother Tyrion, However not only do not even try to look if Tyrion is on the pitch (Remember that had even fought at the time of the first and second season so it would not be unthinkable), but try to kill Dany! Charge against a small and unarmed girl trying to medicate her Dragon! Before the elder Olenna and now Daenerys? Do you like to win easy huh Jaime?! But although wounded, Drogon is responsive to protecting his mother and in an impressive first floor sacks her fire toward the Kingslayer. Jaime is saved by Rodrik Seaworth, so the male side of the family Seaworth – net of Sam of course – He was able to once again prove its uselessness. The Queen's twin falls overboard and is thus ending the episode, with veteran Jaime Lannister that is drowning and certainly the Golden hand doesn't help.

After two battles who butchered Targaryen forces, Daenerys begins finally to win and obviously he does spectacularly, Adrenaline and decisive. The lannisters apparently believed to get away with as has always happened from the first season onwards, but all that was sown by then beginning to be collected. On every front (I refer to you Littlefinger). Meanwhile if Cersei must collect his first defeat displeasing the Iron Bank (or making it happy with more interests), Jaime's fate remains unclear. I doubt perish drowned, then: Dany will execute him or save him as did Robb? And what will be the reaction of Tyrion? Tyrion, mi raccomando, don't disappoint us right now! And emphasize a detail, Unfortunately we are already over mid season!

Rating all ’ episode: ♥♥♥♥♥ – I wonder if by the end of the series Podrick will have learned to fight

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