Game of Thrones – 7×05 Eastwatch – Review by R. and S.

After the epic and spectacular battle from last week, a Game of Thrones heave a little breath, but do not overdo it because the premises for the last two episodes of season can hardly be a health. Many exciting reunion, a long-awaited return, revelations unheard and stances that will decide the fate of upcoming season an hour takes us literally straight in the winter more frosty, Although we are on the eve of August.

Daenerys, voto 8. "Bend the knee and join me. Or refuse and die ", This speech of the winner of the battle to the defeated soldiers Lannister and Seaworth. A sentence already heard in the promo and for which discussions have squandered all week, with the Mad Queen who labeled the K is pulling against his allies. Threads set to rise after Randyll Tarly Dickon and before the refusal to, Dany condemns them to death and makes them burn alive from Drogon. It is strange that the issue of excessive cruelty emerges only when it comes to you, a Game of Thrones We have seen any, yet no character was attacked at the same level. We avoid the usual example of Cersei and think Sansa, which could very well convict Ramsay to be beheaded (How could her father, from vera Stark), instead, falling on his level, did it shred by his own dogs; Yet there all to praise sky-high as a heroine! Daenerys is at war, He suffered two heavy defeats in which his allies were literally massacred, scored the first point overturning dooms and was accused because it kills enemies with fire and death sentence the survivors who do not follow. It's true, in the past the Dothraki and former slaves had offered freedom instead of death, but it wasn't his number one enemy soldiers, It was a completely different situation. Someone else probably would have condemned to decapitation or hanging (Remember Jon at the time of the Night's Watch), the result however will not change. Daenerys cannot break the wheel until they have conquered Westeros and surely it can't get to the Iron Throne with polite requests, especially when your opponent is Cersei. The soldiers Lannister kneel primarily for fear perhaps, but I doubt that it was at the origin of their loyalty to Cersei (She became Queen on fire half King's Landing). Among other things after the treatment in Gilly, Randyll Tarly not denied framing Dany as a foreign invader, If you are born and raised in Westeros can burn your then Tyrell allies and become a beloved Queen.

Daenerys seems just a step away from winning the Iron Throne, in King's Landing apparently expecting his arrival at any moment, However the alarm White Walkers requires a detour, putting aside his lens wisely. Perhaps more to the growing sentiment to Jon that for a real conviction about the existence of White Walkers, Dany supports the plan of his advisors that includes a truce with Cersei to join forces against the Night King. Until last week I wasn't convinced of what Daenerys tries for Jon, but in this episode the King in the North does what he would conquer any woman in a snap: He won his puppy, her beloved son. And the look of Dany toward Jon changes, the same meaning to hold as prisoner to Dragonstone is just a gimmick for fear that he might happen something against White Walkers, is clear on! Faced with these scenes every objection incestuous collapses miserably. Dany may not know why Drogon's so tame with Jon, but for now the important thing is the customization approach between the two Sovereigns. Jon is not far behind at her, especially when she lets go to an unexpected tenderness toward the back Ser Jorah (voto 7). Don't Kiss him, but given the elapsed, the acceptance that the reserve causes the pain suffered by man to heal is worth. The loyal Knight finally returns from his Queen, without getting lost in the details of how he managed to heal (It would have been nice to appoint Sam just in the presence of Jon), but his fate remains the same as ever: before Khal Drogo, After Daario, Now Jon… Let's say Dany does not escape when love knocks on his door, unless knocking both poor Jorah. It's about time lost hopes, But despite all he wants to prove his honor and courage, starting with Jon ships to the North.

Tyrion (voto 7) one of the first critical and unexpected Daenerys. Burn enemies seems indeed a cardinal sin in Westeros, Yet it should not be so many scruples Tyrion whereas against soldiers of Stannis had resorted to rhaegal. Perhaps the involvement of Lannister makes the situation more difficult to swallow, However the same soldiers they prove to be still willing to hand over his head to Cersei and Jaime's welcome even the best. The meeting between the two brothers was highly anticipated and frankly I expected in very different circumstances and with less animosity by Jaime. It's true, Tyrion is allied with the enemy and killed him by his brother escape Tywin taking advantage of, but the father-son relationship between Tywin and Jaime was what it was, While Cersei wanted the head of Tyrion, so I would say that the two brothers are equal. A tense and sad reunion that allow to Tyrion to finalise the plan: call a truce and promise to Cersei evidence of White Walkers so that all focus on the common danger.

In this connection a digression is a must. In the first season Lord Mormont had sent Ser Alliser Thorne at King's Landing because it showed the then King Joffrey's hand White Walker killed by Jon, proving the reality of that threat and thus getting more men for the defence of the barrier. In the novels Ser Alliser comes actually from Joffrey, but obviously it is believed; in the series, unless bad memories, I don't think this meeting was ever shown, Thorne is simply returned to the barrier along with Janos Slynt without question White Walkers had ever faced. A plot hole that now appears decisive.

Varys (voto 5,5), do you remember when – with the kind help of Sansa – He convinced Ned to confess of being responsible for the death of Robert, sentenced to death? Ecco, I forgave Varys – Sansa ever – But if you swear to Dany who tell her at me when you think I'm wrong and then go to gossip with Tyrion, Ricadi again in "from that pulpit is preaching" and fire Dragons I draw alone.

Jon (voto 9): from the pilot to the seventh season, every week more Jon proves to be the perfect man, the ideal of the classical hero, one who represents and embodies the best sides of humanity. We know how to be brave in battle, but this time we are witnessing a new form of its value: Despite being intimidated by Drogon don't flinch, and with huge animal gently shakes the intrepid. Even less about Dany, Jon cannot absolutely know that Drogon recognized blood Targaryens in him (even if, It should be noted, dragons can be tame even with whom we approach without fear, regardless of the language family), but for us that now we know its origins is a beautiful scene, long-awaited and exciting. Jon shows the firmness of a ruler to declare that it intends to allocate for the North, without being subject to requests for Dany (that still does not mean certain prisoner), and finally the two emerge from the vicious circle of “bend the knee” and “My Lord does not want” by agreeing (with the help of Tyrion again) on a plan that meets the needs of all. Obviously the plan includes Jon risk your life, making me live in a State of anxiety from today until next Monday, but that is the fate of those who choose to live next to an intrepid ruler!

And it is a curious crowd that is getting ready to cross the Barrier looking for White Walkers: first and foremost, There is Gendry! Hired from Davos to flea Bottom, by three seasons saw him not, and as noted by Ser Onion (between a crab-viagra and the other) We all thought was still rowing in the middle of the sea! And yet here he is at King's Landing, hidden in plain sight under the noses of the Lannister, waiting for his opportunity (quick recap for those who had lived in a cave: in the first season Joffrey decided to kill all the children of Robert Baratheon in order to eliminate any contender to the throne; Gendry, bastard son of the now former King, He set himself to escape directly to the Barrier with Arya and others; with her, He also reveals his identity, He was taken prisoner at Harrenhal, from which he escaped with the help of Jaqen h'ghar, before being captured by the Brotherhood without Banners by Beric Dondarrion, shortly afterwards sold it to Melisandre, interested in him for his Royal blood; the Red witch seduced him into that terrible scene with the leeches that we prefer to defer, deciding then to sacrifice it at the stake; Luckily Davos took pity on him and on the night he did run away from Dragonstone putting him at sea on a beautiful boat; Since that time of season three, every trace was lost). Joints (very quickly) at Winterfell, Jon and his consulting Tormund and organise very fast shipping beyond the barrier: they join three men taken prisoner recently and headed to Eastwatch, namely The Hound, Beric Dondarrion and Thoros of Myr (I thought he was a curious bunch!); predictably Gendry is not happy to see the followers of the God of light, but Jon as always puts all agree, the rest are all on the same side when it comes to the army of the undead. In addition to the three mentioned now, Jon and Gendry we Tormund and Jorah: “"you're a girl Mormont?” always concise and timely Tormund exclaims, remembering the lack of friendship between Lord Commander father of Jorah and Wildings. Eppure, Despite the strange cases of fate and the bonds that time has woven between them, Here they are all together ready to March to the most fearsome enemies to ensure that all Seven Kingdoms to unite and fight for humanity's salvation.

Meanwhile in Winterfell, as expected, things start to get ugly: The Chance (voto 4) do not give too much to do to appease the souls of the his Lord to defend choices of Jon, and luckily there is Arya (voto 8) to witness the scene: the it takes less than a minute to frame his sister and understand its expansionist. The deals openly and Sansa, obviously, cannot deny but it is so cowardly as to not even take responsibility for his actions (or its intentions): This is because, like I always said, Although you consider a great strategist is just a poor puppet in the hands of Littlefinger, so much so that it does not have the courage to admit even to herself to betray his brother, Although it is now more than obvious. For its part, Littlfefinger (voto 5) took the rivalry that starts to meander between the two sisters and decides as always to exploit it in their favor (chaos is a ladder, We understood): realizing Arya suspects against him, makes sure to let her regain, hidden in his mattress, the scroll that, in the first season, Sansa wrote under duress of Cersei and sent to Robb and Catelyn: It was when it was so imbecile to think that asking his family to swear allegiance to Joffrey, the lannisters, in return, They freed Ned by sparing the lives. Instead, we understand how things, Arya though does not know that her sister did not write those words of his will, and probably will do this to confirm his suspicions that oil can't be trusted. Obviously it is enough that the two will speak honestly to clarify any doubt and unveil plans for Baelish, but Arya recently doesn't seem very inclined to dialogue and there is also a certain poetry in the fact that the troubles of Sansa as Lady North begin precisely because of its original sin, what initiated all the misfortunes that have befallen his family.

Bran (voto 7), you see for a minute and through the eyes of a flock of Ravens watches the descent of the Night King and his army of the dead to Eastwatch, the castle of the Night's Watch at the extreme East of the barrier. If the capacity of Bran are always best, the Night King is no less, He only needs a moment to turn our gaze towards the Raven/Bran. Will he bring his army beyond the barrier?

Jaime (voto 5,5) with the help of Bronn miraculously manages not to survive, It was granted, How to escape, What sobering. How they do it is a mystery, all around them is razed, dothraki are everywhere, a watchful Dragon, Tyrion had even seen him where he fell, yet Jaime back fresh in King's Landing. At this point it was more satisfying the idea that Tyrion did escape. Although the encounter with the younger brother is in the name of tension instead of brotherly love, Jaime leads to Cersei his message, probably driven by terror for the Dragons still vividly on her skin. From military mind Jaime, Unlike her sister, now understand that the field does not have a chance, However again seems just a carezzina of Cersei because his perspective changes and the idea of defeating Dany, exploiting anything plan yet unknown to him, It quickly becomes feasible. This time Cersei (voto 6) you play a real ACE with Jaime: you are pregnant. A novelty that will celebrate the couple's fans, but that sheds new light on the passion between the two a few weeks ago. Passionate zeal to Cersei to Jaime had appeared sudden and unusual, justified initially with the new freedom to live the love given to Cersei of being Queen. But now she's pregnant and the doubt that everything was designed to ensure an heir is legitimate. Jaime just this news along with the recognition of his role as a father to set aside the last hours, However the admonition of Cersei on its possible future betrayal puts you on alert. Dany is labeled as the Mad Queen, but so far what has focused the capital and is obsessed with possible cheating as King Aerys is Cersei.

Finally, last but not least, We Sam (voto 6), that is always good and expensive but for once he had better shut up: is frustrated by the attitude of the Maestros, that does not seem to have any intention of taking seriously the threat of White Walkers, nor to assist him in his research. Feels to be wasting his time going days there to transcribe unnecessary scrolls and manuscripts, but it's just one of those useless manuscripts which should pay attention. Gilly (voto 8) buy finally an unexpected usefulness and, flipping through the pages and commenting on anything like a child who has just learned to read, ask Sam what a “cancellation”: in particular, It seems that a certain Prince Rhaegar has asked for an annulment of his marriage, then marry someone else in secret to Dorne… for the old and the new gods, Sam, listen!! But to no avail, He is too busy to complain to realize that his girlfriend has just found the greatest revelation in the history of the Seven Kingdoms: After years of clues, last season we had the confirmation that Jon is the son of Rhaegar and Lyanna, But what law Gilly would seem to indicate that the two were married, something that would make Jon is no longer a bastard but the legal heir to the Iron Throne. It is an epic moment, historian, indescribable, and now who knows when that bookworm if realize! Luckily is returning to Winterfell, where we hope to speak with Bran and, prima o poi, join all the dots.

The incident has set the stage for the events of the last two and is really nice (In addition to a little’ malinconico) see how, After so many years and in the most unexpected ways, the various storylines come together and converge, to lead us towards the end of next year. We are on the verge of another heart-pounding battle for North, whose fate will have a weight even on the conflict between the two Queens, Daenerys on one side and Cersei on the other: La resa dei conti, for all, is getting closer.

Rating all ’ episode: ♥♥♥♥ – We wonder how face to wear the armor after being skinned Jorah when we can't even put a tank top after we blanch at the beach.

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