Game of Thrones – 7×06 Beyond the Wall – Review by R. and S.

This season's Game of Thrones It's really intense: also because of the small number of episodes and despite a seemingly quiet start, in recent weeks, there have been important events and reversals of situations, something that conveys a sense of restlessness that pervades Westeros final on the eve of the battle.

Psycho-Arya (voto 7 ½) It gives us great satisfaction when it spits in the face of sister all truths that we carry inside for years now and explaining to be one of the faceless men becomes very disturbing, especially with that “Let's play” that is very Shining: It's nice to see the terror in the eyes of The Chance (voto 5). She justifies and complains, but he doesn't attack: as much as threatened by Cersei to the time when he wrote that letter, the problem is that she was such an idiot to believe that the lannisters would have saved Ned, is that his original sin, If will take him to the Tomb in spite of what say his fans, which clearly interpret the story as they see fit. It is equally useless for Sansa trying to take credit for the Battle of the Bastards: the Lord of the Valley came only thanks to the manipulations of Littlefinger, of which she is the primary example, but still don't realize. And once again falls into the trap of Baelish and dismisses Brienne from Winterfell (We hope that you bring Podrick, It wouldn't be fair to her to die to defend that idiot to Sansa). The only disappointment, in this context, is that Arya do not use her new abilities to kill Littlefinger, but does his game focusing only on sister. Without Brienne guarding that old Slimeball has the way smoothed, but I want to remain positive and hope that sooner or later the sisters Stark (or at least the one sentient being of the two) will go the way it deserves. As far as spouses every accusation that Arya appeal to Sansa, indeed, as far as the unloved is more concerned to retain his ounce of power that to defend his family and Jon, war on each other is not a winning strategy, because the enemy is another. Before you realize it, best to all of North.

Jon (voto 8) is taking the bad habit of passion at games lost; confrontation with Ramsay has really learned anything, and the idea of this mission over the barrier is perhaps even more stupid for the clash with the army of Bolton. How he seem reasonable (him as Tyrion) go to five to capture a zombie will forever remain a mystery. Shipping beyond the barrier begins with playful tones, just to make us portends the worst, with Tormund which dispenses pearls of wisdom as well as ambiguous and hilarious declarations of love for Brienne; the dialogue between him and Sandor are certainly one of the best parts of the episode. Another interesting speech is to Berric to Jon: Although the King in the North don't believe the Lord of light nor have ever spoken, Berric points out that the Lord has revived only they two; they are the two intended to kill the Night King? And maybe, the real enemy that are intended to address, allora, It is the death: the first and last enemy that can never be defeated completely but that, nonostante questo, still needs to be addressed. Set aside these reflections, in practice the clashes begin early enough: before a bear zombies, After a handful of walkers, and in the end the entire army of the Night King. The tension is palpable, especially when it seems that Tormund is going to succumb: don't mess around with things series. Ours are increasingly surrounded, in turn to tremble for the fate of Jorah, Sandor and Berric (in Thoros instead we said good bye faster than expected), the walkers coming from each side, There is absolutely no hope of victory (or at least survival). Once again, Jon and his are surrounded, and once again have to wait for someone else to come to the rescue; Jon, I love you and I always defend, but a minimum of extra strategy wouldn't hurt. Thankfully comes Daenerys (alerted by quick Gendry and an even quicker Crow) with his wonderful coat to save life at all, No, Jon does it have to be a hero (the rest is its nature!), and while she stretches out his hand as did Jack and Rose in Titanic he moves away to fight the enemy; not content with everything, sit there staring at the Night King instead of seizing the moment to escape with others, and then I have to resist a heart attack when I see him falling through the ice (but with the cold that makes it is possible that there is still some ice so thin?). Again, There's a deus ex machina ready to resolve the situation, and this is Benjen Stark, which clearly appears in the series once a year to save some familiar from White Walkers; This time it seems that he sacrificed his life to save Jon, who to everyone's surprise arrives frozen seeds at the barrier.

Dany obviously cannot believe his eyes, and that scene with her at her bedside would melt the heart of even the White Walkers: you take my hand! The call Dany! It's official, the new couple was born, Now we want the kiss! Perfectly sculpted chest scars of Jon are clearly visible and Dany seems very interested (like criticize it?!), I wonder if sooner or later he will tell the truth about his resurrection. For now limited (finally) to giurarle allegiance, and this point I doubt that his Lord will have complaints (If it weren't so, get them! Going to freeze to death in their home in the company of their stupid pride). So what, against all odds and paying a very dear price, the crew of the North can survive this suicide mission and to bring home a cute ice zombie.

Tyrion, voto 7. I don't know what's going on this season at Tyrion, but no longer seems that passes. Will be the return to Westeros, the face the lannisters or drink less wine, the fact is that the word, the best weapon that has marked since its introduction, He's not managing to much. Moderation counseling to Dany being ruthless and frighten the enemies makes sense and is definitely better than the doubts expressed in the latest episodes, However, Tyrion tends to get lost in his speeches. Is literally sending Dany in the Lions ' den and yet at times seems more concerned about what could be his Queen, instead of the sister, maybe too confident in controlling that Jaime has about Cersei. And his eloquence he screws up again when he starts talking to Dany of possible consequences if she died without an heir. This is a speech right in content, But how and when are not the best, especially considering how Daenerys is sensitive on the topic of heirs. The effect that the Hand of the Queen gets is that its K s ' indispettisca, inculcating the doubt of not having so much faith in you as a leader. And in fact soon after, Daenerys does the exact opposite of what Tyrion advises. Unfortunately is the time in which fears of Tyrion are founded. Daenerys must go, I am surprised that he did not understand, She is not Queen type who sits waiting between the four walls of a castle while his are crushed. However probably the man has a bad feeling and it is an opportunity that should be heard.

Daenerys, voto 8. Because we fans of Daenerys we must suffer so? It wasn't enough that we faced up to the sixth season and weekly commentary of her haters. Do Not. Now strike us straight to the heart, the same Emilia Clarke interviewed by Entertainment Weekly He said the scene "It's a heartbreak". Advised by Jon of the desperate situation beyond the Barrier, the K wastes no time and with all her dragons part for Eastwatch. Dany save all when it appears that there is no hope left for the Group and while Rhaegal and Viserion burn zombie on zombie, Drogon welcomes men on his back. It takes too long, however, and from a distance the Olympic Night King strikes with a spear Viserion. Lethally. The moans of the other dragons, sad look of Jorah to Dany and his face aghast by the latter accompanied the fall of Viserion, whose lifeless body slips in the ice cold water. It is heartbreaking, There is no other term for the scene. If it is already difficult to witness the death of the animals on the screen, in the case of dire wolves and dragons Game of Thrones This is even more true because we know how much they mean and, on, We saw them grow, We cannot love him! Viserion was a son to Dany, She reiterated her Jon just previously – a reminder that now it really hurts – and I repeat now at his bedside: Dragons are the only children who will ever have. The invincibility of the Dragons was one of the issues most widely discussed since last season, the Spears of the Daznak's Pit and the recent battle with the lannisters had warned us, However the loss of Viserion strikes heavily. We knew we weren't invincible, She knew Dany, but the idea that they could really die – for one damn shot – Maybe no one had really fully realized.

And it is a loss that still does more harm, because we will have to revise his mum Viserion Ice Dragon fight version and his brothers on the orders of the man who killed him. The Night King brings him back into life in the final scene – the jokes about whether it is proper to the dragon that is named after Viserys abound. The K doesn't deny what he did because it allows her to understand the reality and extent of the danger of the Army of the Dead, that inevitably turns in priority for her because as pointed out by Clarke "My dragon could not have died for nothing". Daenerys sacrificed Viserion and endangers herself to save Jon and his men, a gesture that makes her finally gain the respect necessary for the King in the North the kneel (at least metaphorically). But not only, because the burgeoning love between the two sovereigns is undeniable and it's hard not to find them beautiful. There is no discussion about incest that takes into – because if incest goes for them they didn't know each other until a few days before, should a fortiori apply to Jaime and Cersei who know each other since they were in diapers.

I White Walkers I am unfortunately too protagonists of this episode, they had seen little so far, but I would say that with this recovered. The death of White Walker killed by Jon causes the zombies he created in a sort of domino effect, a novelty that makes it all the more tempting the idea of killing the Night King – most likely the creator of the majority of the undead – as soon as possible. Frozen zombies are also smart unlike those that we normally used between movies and tv series: they assess the risk – do not freeze water direct driven by their hunger for humans – and the opportunity – understand by stone thrown by Sandor when they can return to the path. But the real question is: where they are going? Because they want to overcome the barrier? The White Walkers are not progressing without a purpose, haven't budged from mere instinct, So what's their goal?

Will the number 9, but as a rule the penultimate episode of Game of Thrones doesn't let us breathe: It's all anxiety, pain, tears and a constant feeling of cold transmitted from icy image colors. A bluish-gray curtain in fact cover your tv screen during the entire episode, that between the totally neglects the far North King Dragonstone and Misty's Landing, in which you will play the upcoming Season Finale. Now we, a short and very intense season is about to say hello before the swan song. We weren't ready before, let alone after this tragic loss!

Rating all ’ episode: ♥♥♥♥♥ – You've got Summer, now Viserion: Night King, We won't rest until you die!

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