Game of Thrones – 7×07 The Dragon and the Wolf (Season Finale) – Review by R. and S.

For years we looked forward to the reunion of some actors and for even longer we waited all storyline they converged in the same direction, But despite the long preparation was difficult to imagine the suspense (and even a little’ the embarrassment) that would reign in the audience in this episode, seeing Cersei, Jaime, Jon, Tyrion and Daenerys meet in the same place.

Is Cersei (voto 6) the focal point of the great meeting held in King's Landing Dragonpit, all eyes are on you, aware that just a small nod because that meeting will turn into a massacre. The Queen's impassive and severe as on the day of his coronation, only when the zombie released by Sandor approaches her dangerously we falter. For a few moments. The tension is heart-pounding, We all expect that at any moment click a lethal trap. But he doesn't. After the departure of offense to the oath of Jon Snow to Daenerys, Cersei returns reasonable as haven't seen since time immemorial, accept the truce and join the Targaryens against White Walkers. Raise your hand if you believed. It is surprising that there are bought Jaime and Tyrion. No matter how terrible is the danger represented by the Army of the Dead, Cersei from true daughter of Tywin Lannister knows how to seize the opportunity: Let Stark and Targaryen leave decimate by undead and then finish them off with the support of the Iron Bank and the Golden Company. This was the most predictable of the lioness, the same that made leaving the idea of shipping beyond stupid and useless barrier. The upside of the latter would appear to be the wake of Jaime (voto 7) you lift your head and leaves the sister, Choose the right cause to the woman he loves, following common sense as it did in the past, betraying Aerys Targaryen. Use the conditional because, having regard to the previous, a sudden Epiphany Kingslayer lacks firm foundations, his rebellion to Cersei arrives late to be absolutely convincing, probably damaged by excessive stretching of their storyline. Certain, the folly of Cersei is now at a level more than obvious; Although all he does in this ending is consistent with his character, It cannot be denied that has always had a tendency to the role of Mad Queen, the exploit with Rhaegal has only confirmed. Cersei has learned from his father and this is his ACE in the hole, However the progress without brakes with his diabolical plan, regardless of the reality that surrounds it is symptomatic of a distorted and dangerous for anyone, including herself. More than last year's Rhaegal, to trigger the alarm bell is his obsession of being betrayed, just like the Mad King. The clearly with Jaime and stresses Tyrion (voto 7), accused of being indirectly responsible for the deaths of Myrcella (We may stay because he had sent to Dorne) and Tommen (here instead you can pull as much as you want, but does not hold precisely). Tyrion tries to talk some sense into her sister, gets terribly at risk to get it and maybe eventually believes he couldn't make it because for a few seconds she revises the girl grew up, the woman he loved his children and chatted and drank wine despite the hostility that kept them always separated. Tyrion flaw in see that personage in her gray and complex, made of strong passion and as much fragility, that has fascinated and enchanted many of us, without understanding that black with which she dresses now has blurred (almost completely at least, given that avoids carry through threats against the two brothers). And pregnancy does not help neither he nor Jaime in framing it as just a crazy ruthless.

If EURON (voto 7) demonstrates great acting skills pretending to have turned their backs on Cersei, Theon (voto 7,5) hushes Ironborn and detractors alike with a physical test is with a face-to-face with Jon spotlighting punctually as George R. R. Martin recently said his character. Theon and Jon are equal and opposite at the same time, both raised by Ned Stark, but strangers to the family, the second continues to make the right decision, the first the wrong one. But not always the right choice apparently proves correct then really like now admits Jon. Theon was wrong, He paid for his mistakes and suffered, but now is ready to recover, to become that hero that sucks whole life starting from the rescue of sister Yara.

If to Cersei is up the release of melodramatic scene, a Daenerys (voto 7,5) as usual the entry scenic, riding Rhaegal and Drogon next. Among the ruins and skeletons of the Dragonpit Dany recognizes a mistake that she herself has committed in the past: set aside (lock up) Dragons believing that the targaryens could be such and amazing in itself. There he'il screw up again, but the loss of Viserion weighs a lot (Cersei immediately notice its absence and does draw the correct conclusion) and behind the scenes of the encounter with Cersei shows that it was an unnecessary loss. Meanwhile, the love for Jon is now a fact, It will be good or bad for our K? Tyrion's face seems to lean towards the second option and I fear he's right, regardless of the thinking about the couple. The sex scene between Dany and Jon is very different from those to which we have become accustomed Game of Thrones: is sweet, delicate, the two look at each other adoring almost fearful of harming each other; Remember to Jack and Rose in Titanic. But to be strange is that we pass from knock knock by Jon to sex without seeing anything else in the Middle, not even a kiss! One of the main accusations levelled at love story between the two is the lack of construction, a sort of mere sight from teen drama; Although disagrees with this, However, I must admit that the sex scene that appears out of nowhere does not help. Even with Missandei and Grey Worm we saw more! Più che altro, the rub is that all we had to put up with endless Ygritte courtship until the big cave scene, Daenerys would have deserved something more, at least a romantic first kiss.

The rest Jon (voto 7,5) must compensate with his skills as a lover the poor performance policies: as he points out Thyrion, It's fine to be an honorable man, but learning at lying strategically when it is really necessary to save the world wouldn't hurt. But nothing, He just can't take it; is very good at impressing Cersei with White Walker, to understand just how truly dangerous enemy and how important it is to the Great War (I wonder if he and Tyrion have rehearsed for the speech), on everything else leaves something’ to be desired. The oath of allegiance to Dany (After sharing the fact sweating for five weeks) is noble and Honorable, but in certain cases these qualities are not enough, not to survive in a war against the undead and a foe as Cersei. And so while Tyrion tries to remedy, poor Jon sits in a corner with the air sorry and a long face (sweating under those huge furs that you never takes, as if you were to have a visual reminder of his geographical origin). Jon combines little in this episode, but we make enough: We would perhaps complain of seeing him naked? I don't think so! Although, While believing to incest and Uncorked champagne bottles, the horizon looms the first couple crisis: It is really an issue when it turns out that the boyfriend of the wannabe Queen is actually the true heir. How solve? And are also relatives… Awkward.

Bran (voto 7) always makes little, but with a little concentration there opens up a world. Proper, beaked from Sam (who takes all the credit of the discovery at the expense of Gilly, like the ones at school copy from the partner and later also boast good mark), the Three-Eyed-Raven witnessed the wedding ceremony between aunt Lyanna and Rhaegar Targaryen, ceremony making so yes that Jon Snow's legitimate son, as well as rightful heir to the throne under the name of Aegon Targaryen. Ora, all incense Rhaegar and Lyanna, beautiful, deeply in love, talented and adored by all. Flying over the fact that aesthetically by Rhaegar expected more – OK is scrambled, but I don't think anyway man irresistible to which young Lyanna and Cersei had lost his head – He and Lyanna in the name of their love they've screwed everything and everyone, unleashing a bloody war whose effects come so far. Also the secret getaway by Rhaegar led to the death of his wife, Elia Martell and his sons by The Mountain, to Lyanna to brutal murder on the orders of the Mad King by his brother Brandon and his father Lord Rickard Stark. An ounce of sense of responsibility in those two no? The world was collapsing due to and around them, While the lovebirds were enjoying their honeymoon! Seems clear that Jon became the man he is today only thanks to Ned!

Overall we are witnessing a much awaited and still more well-deserved revival of Stark: even at Winterfell, indeed, Despite everything he did fear the worst, Finally things are spinning around. Littlefinger is always there to take the words to Sansa and put her and Arya against each other, but dare a little’ too much and the rope breaks; We don't know exactly when (It certainly wasn't a plan designed by weeks, stop for fans of the Lady of Winterfell from these delusions), but The Chance (voto 8) suddenly awakens from its long mental dullness; probably we have to thank Bran, whose visions helped the two sisters to complete the picture of their suspicions, the fact is that much to everyone's surprise Sansa rebels to his mentor and he does execute at the hands of Arya (voto 7). Finally a satisfaction! Finally this woman does something good! Overall the storyline doesn't seem to have been handled too well: agree the Cliffhanger, agree to believe until the last that Sansa wants to kill his sister, but hearing it suddenly sum up six seasons of the series as if it were her Three-Eyed Raven is a tad forced; and Arya what role did? In any case, all's well that ends well, the Lone Wolf dies and the herd of Stark survives. At least for now.

Bran leads us towards the end of this season, with a forecast from time, but still amazing to see her under construction: the fall of one side of the barrier at the hands of the White Walkers, or better, of neo Walker Viserion. With the Night King riding – an image terribly painful – Viserion spits blue fire destroying a part of the ice wall built by the founder of House Stark Brandon The Builder, condemning to death some Wildlings and Night's Watchers (including we hope there are no Beric and, above, Tormund, that should go for giant babies with Brienne). The White Walkers can advance beyond the barrier beginning the destruction of the Seven Kingdoms. Is spectacular and terrifying at the same time, not only because the first realm that it will suffer the consequences will be the North of Stark, but mostly because the presence of Viserion makes them unstoppable than ever. And it is useless to deny it, If it wasn't for that mission today even more evidently stupid and useless, We wouldn't be at this point. Daenerys has Rhaegal and Drogon, However fight against son and brother won't be easy and considered Olympic skills of the Night King, We can't rest easy even for the other two dragons.

A final 79 minutes, a short film that closes a short season and intense, where time and characters have raced like never before – Maybe at times too. The menace of White Walkers and the about-face by Cersei will drive the dynamics of the last season, which now has only six episodes. The definitive end of Game of Thrones is it too far, because the filming set for October, It would seem really possible that we will not return to Westeros before 2019. This time the question is not so much whether Meanwhile George R. R. Martin will publish The Winds of Winter, How much: We will review Ghost?

Rating all ’ episode: ♥♥♥♥♥ – “Maybe it really is all cocks, "in the end"”… Maybe Jaime was right!

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