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This year we had to endure a wait quite a bit longer than usual, but finally the 16 July is almost here and we will back to Westeros. And if with Game of Thrones keeping up with the plots and intrigues is difficult even from week to week, even more so now you just need a nice summary of the earlier episodes to come prepared to premiere.

Last season was a harbinger of great change in all corners of the Seven Kingdoms, from the barrier at King's Landing, and ended up closing all the storylines to each other, more than was ever happened before. North, We find the heroic (and rose!!) Jon Snow, the Lord Commander honorable and brave at the height of his success: with skillful diplomatic maneuvering was successful in obtaining the help of the Night's Watch and Wildings, and the families of the North, to fight against Ramsay Bolton, settled in Winterfell. That of “Battle of the bastards” It was the most thrilling episode of the season, even the most epic of all series, and satisfaction in seeing Jon beating Ramsay, and in reviewing the banner of Stark again waving from the walls of Winterfell, is truly unique. In light of this great victory, even families who were skeptical before the battle are quick to hop on the bandwagon, and all together they proclaim Jon the new King in the North.

The atmosphere of happiness is unfortunately, come sempre, ruined by The Chance; After a promising start to the season, that manages to escape from her husband Ramsay and rejoin Jon, plunges back into the abyss of his stupidity, also because of the devious tricks of Littlefinger. You actually deserve them if the battle between Jon and Bolton went smoothly: surrounded by the soldiers of Ramsay, the Northmen were about to succumb, load and save themselves in extremis thanks to the arrival of the Knights of the Valley, guided by Littlefinger, He had arranged the operation agree with Sansa. Of course Lord Baelish never does anything without a vested interest, and in this case the strategy is to put Sansa against his brother, marry her and with her win over the Iron Throne; Unfortunately Sansa is pretty idiotic to be tempted by this idea, and despite swear allegiance to Jon, assuring him to treat it as a Stark effect, It is clear that something inside her is already changing. On the verge, but, last season gave us a long-awaited revelation how upsetting: After years of speculation it's official, Jon is really the son of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen: so much for Sansa!!

The sixth season has opened a world powers Bran and its role in the history of Westeros, We did shed a tear and has revealed important amount of embarrassing mysteries of the universe created by George R. R. Martin. With Bran we witnessed the creation of White Walkers at the hands of the Children of the Forest, We discovered the identity of Coldhands and especially we've answered the question nagged by the pilot, who is the mother of Jon Snow? After small samples, the Season Finale has shown us what happened in the Tower of Joy among young Ned Stark and sister Lyanna, confirming the theory more listed, namely that Jon Snow is actually the son of Lyanna and Rhaegar Targaryen (and therefore grandson of Daenerys). With this truth Bran should be ready to get back home, South of the Barrier thus. But remember that the Night ’ 's King the branded and that Trademark allows him to know where Bran, passing at the time the protection offered by cavern of Three-Eyed Raven. It's certainly not a detail to be underestimated.

You are currently untraceable by Melisandre, He's credited with having revived Jon after the betrayal by his fellow at the end of the fifth season; nonostante questo, neither he nor forgive the poor have burned alive the Davos Shireen, latest victim of his crazy sacrifices to the God of light, and so the old witch (even in his young and charming) flees into exile. It is intended to meet Arya in these circumstances? It's been years (at least for us) Since the last time the two saw themselves, but Melisandre was clear: their paths would cross again. And for that matter also Arya seems about to return home, or at least can claim to have concluded that long introspective journey that he a tad bored last season; She trained hard in front of Jaqen h'ghar to become No One, but in the end, learned what she needed, has not abandoned his true identity: He picked up his fate and put new skills at the service of his former life, avenging without hesitation the extermination of his family: kills with his hands all Frey, keeping the old Walder, and that's how finally Arya Stark back on stage. After so many episodes where we saw her wandering blind and catch pigeons, Finally a great satisfaction in this storyline!

The good Sam Tarly, instead, It's always the same good guy but proves to be a man of honour and also very mature; always carrying Gilly and the child, taking care of them as if they were in effect his family, arrive at the Citadel where he must exploit his passion for books and study; the immense library the enchants, but he is there for a reason: must find, at all costs, one way to fight the army of White Walkers, they are becoming more threatening and are still the number one enemy to Westeros, as always risks not noticing it took it stands by its internal wars.

Do not know about you, but it is the speech of Khal Drogo in the seventh episode of the first season that I awaited the departure of Daenerys Targaryen for the Seven Kingdoms. It took another five years, but in the end the K has succeeded in its aim, overcoming all odds; not only the Unsullied and all (absolutely everyone) the khalasar exist, But even three houses of Westeros (Tyrell, Martell and Greyjoy) the argue with weapons, men and a fleet incalculable (and Lady Olenna which is always handy). In five seasons Dany took decisions to eyes, err and fell, However each time you raised is becoming increasingly Daenerys Targaryen, Mother of Dragons. Before that it was just the name of which boasted, now, however, Dany is really Daenerys Targaryen, the K aware of herself, ready to put foot on native soil and reclaim what is hers with "fire and blood". How they will react the Seven Kingdoms on his return along with three dragons now almost mythological creatures in those lands?

A homecoming for Tyrion Lannister She left Westeros as fugitive with Varys at the end of the fourth season and returns there as Hand of the Queen of the first opposing sister direct. While the anger of Cersei is a bet easy, more questionable is the reaction of Jamie, the only one I never really loved Lannister (and that allowed him to escape).

To accompany Dany, In addition to thirsty for revenge Lady Olenna and Ellaria (with the Sand Snakes, that seems really impossible to break free), There are two brothers Greyjoy, Theon and Yara, whose contribution on attacks by sea could prove crucial. But we should not forget two boys Uncle, EURON. We left loudmouthed foul-mouthed as a new King of the Iron Islands, to build ships and promise that would conquer the Seven Kingdoms marrying Daenerys. The grandchildren arrived first from the Mother of Dragons, but no doubt Euron Greyjoy will have a back-up plan.

And Ser Jorah? That poor man will be able to accomplish the mission entrusted to him by his K and finding a cure for greyscale? See him again? We want to give this to a joy that he deserves all? To compensate for the eternal misfortune sentimental Jorah could be the unlikely pair Brienne- Tormund: ever since they met at the barrier he gives her unmistakable looks, and despite the funny reactions of her they immediately became one of the most shippate couples. A loose cannon seems to be rather Sandor Clegane, which for time immemorial travels to Westeros without a precise destination (especially after his way and Arya have separated); The Hound has always stressed that he could care less of power struggles for the Iron Throne, and in keeping with his stance he seems to have recently joined the Brotherhood Without Banners: in that dress and what position we'll see?

Was the undisputed star of the last Season Finale, Cersei Lannister After an entire season in the rear it is disposed in one hit all enemies who had made a prisoner in his Red Keep. At the same time, however, kicked off the fulfillment of prophecy that tormented her since childhood, with the suicide of Tommen, Cersei has indeed lost the last child together. A mourning though that apparently hasn't tarnished, the lioness Lannister accepted, He accepted that fate which had always tried to shy away and self-proclaimed new Queen of the Seven Kingdoms. With The Mountain on one side and Qyburn Hand of the Queen on the other, Queen Cersei has broken, including a past (that includes father Tywin) I didn't want her only as a woman leader. Cersei will not however time to bask in his new role with those "enemies" everywhere "named in the trailer that loom, in particular the young Queen Daenerys. In King's Landing, however, there is another question that might disturb the reign of Lannister, How to behave Jaime? The dirty look released to his sister in the finale does not bode well, but the television Jaime so far never managed to overcome the blind love for his sister, It will be the right time?

The long wait for the seventh season will be satisfied by only seven episodes, However if the events just summaries were not enough to make you count the hours that separate us from the premiere, the load they put the two trailers released by HBO, a real concentration of adrenaline that would thrill even if you have never seen one minute of the series. With thirteen episodes apart from the end of the show, We can consider ourselves the final Furlong, the final struggle for the Iron Throne is imminent, alliances will be decisive and choices without return. Who will triumph? What will happen with the army of White Walkers? And you who will go?

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