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The fifth season of Game of Thrones It ended with a series of shocking events and intended to have huge repercussions: We have the death of Jon, with all the mysteries and speculation that followed, the walk of shame to Cersei, the blindness of Arya, the escape of Sansa with Theon, Daenerys captured by the Dothraki… What other series has never been able to conclude a season five cliffhanger simultaneously?! With all these characters and these changes, This year it is necessary to summarize the situation ahead of the premiere.

The most shocking event of the entire fifth season was, without a shadow of a doubt, the death of Jon Snow at the hands of his brothers traitors and odious Olly. For nearly a year have followed rumors of all sorts, because the fan just not resigned to his departure; the rumors were fueled by the presence of Kit Harington on the set of Got in Belfast but, as he later said, He was there to film scenes "of me being dead". It seems that now we should abandon all hope, even the HBO has officially announced that "Jon Snow is dead". Nevertheless it is still legitimate to think that our beloved Lord Commander, wonderful, valiant and Saviour of the seven kingdoms, Relive the true Ghost, While thankfully seems to lose support the theory that Melisandre would report him alive (better dead than with that witch).


The death of Jon, for other, comes at a time critical than ever: beyond the barrier has just consumed a bloody battle which saw Wildings and allied against the Night's Watch White Walkers. The war, but, has just begun, and the most fantasy series seems to promise very well (and without the wise guidance of Jon what claim to combine, those means crooks Castle Black? Mass of idiots!). Only positive event is that we finally got rid of Stannis: except twists, dying after a disastrous battle against Bolton, It was finished by the sword of Brienne, who was there to save Sansa but not complaining. It was this unique ’ ’ l l fine last Baratheon is deserved: It has never shone for intelligence, completely slave of the follies of Melisandre, and l ’ atrocious sacrifice of the daughter was the point of no return.


As regards Arya, the fifth was more than ever a season of transition: He had to learn to be nobody, to leave everything behind following the teachings of Jaqen H ' gar, but he did not entirely: the end has satisfied his thirst for revenge killing Meryn Trant (to the great satisfaction of all of us), and his master has punished making it suddenly blind. You then open, for Arya, yet another new path.


Different and at the same time fate like that of sister The Chance: as much as it is detested by all Arya is beloved Sansa, but towards the end of the fifth season gave some signs of improvement. Surviving marriage to Ramsay and consequent violence, She managed to convince the poor Reek to elope with her: hard to have doubts about whether they survived the leap from the walls of Winterfell, but a new phase now begins for them: will she finally Sansa is showing a bit of wit?

Starts in pole position Ramsay Bolton, They concluded last season kicking off and totally winning the battle of the North. If initially l ’ ex bastard seemed just a pawn of the paternal project, that is only for small kink, between a sadistic game and the other is ’, driving his men to a landslide victory that was not granted. Ramsay has thus demonstrated in deed to be the current ’ Northern ladies, someone will have the courage to challenge him? Yet at the same time in which he massacred l ’ last opponent, even Ramsay had to undergo a heavy whammy, with the betrayal of her little masterpiece Reek. After some hesitation but always resolved by returning to his master, Theon Greyjoy is in fact back in itself just in time to save the girl grew up. We know how much you love Ramsay hunt, for Theon and Sansa escape no promises at all easy.


The fifth season should have marked the turning point for Daenerys Targaryen. For infinite stakes merely tossing and turning in the role of nurse of the territories beyond the Narrow Sea, denying herself and impantanandosi more and more on a mission not his. The loss of Ser Barristan was not enough to give her the alarm, but when his Drogon was in danger, did what it seemed pure legend – and impossible for someone who has come to imprison his own children: has flown away on the back of his dragon, from true Targaryen. While in Meereen Daario and Jorah depart to find her, Drogon port in the territories where it was born, those of the Dothraki where unfortunately is surrounded almost immediately by a khalasar. Hardly the Dothraki have good intentions, as a woman I have never accepted as ’ K after death Drogo. But the important thing is that the dash that can shock it back to a straight path towards the Iron Throne; just Mhysa, just! Also I trust in Drogon that certainly doesn't abandon among the Dothraki clutches and ’ l if you decide to release the other two Dragons will go even better.


When we left things were bad for Tyrion: with many vicissitudes had reached Daenerys to her Counsellor, but the revolt of the city has upset the plans: Daenerys has fled on the back of Drogon leaving behind all his court (including the perennially friendzonato Jorah, He's still trying to make up for spyin with Varys at the beginning). Tyrion had recently found a role next to her and their destinies were inevitably linked to each other; now he finds himself in an unknown region, where the name Lannister cannot help, without its most important ally. And let us not forget that in King's Landing Cersei still wants his head.

A last season a little’ undertone also for Jaime Lannister, whose mission in Dorne did not go exactly as hoped (and even as we hoped us). Only peaceful line of Doran Martell allows him to reach the result of take home Myrcella and live like the most exciting scene of his career: Jaime is recognized by the girl as a father and above all accepted for the first time in his life no ifs or buts. Unfortunately, the moment is spoiled by those who have constantly bored with their pouts: the Sand Snakes poisoned Myrcella just before leaving and she dies in the arms of ’ just "found" Dad. Ellaria and daughters of Red Viper never resigned all conciliatory attitude ’ of Prince Doran and have implemented a vendetta that cannot be interpreted otherwise than a declaration of war: the Red Viper had been killed in a duel that had voluntarily taken part, While Myrcella l ’ had received as a young bride Trystane. This ’ is traveling with Jaime towards the Red Keep, but now I doubt I will be able to sit in the Small Council instead of Uncle.


Jaime shall communicate to Cersei the death of their only daughter, one who had vowed to bring home safely. The pain will dismiss them will them or permanently? The Queen Mother had promised that he would have razed Dorne if they laid a hand on Myrcella and Sand Snakes couldn't pick a worse time to make her mad. Victories over Tyrell have had as counterpart to the treachery of his cousin/ex-lover Lancel, condemning the most powerful woman of Westeros fall and all ’ humiliation that many have been waiting for. L ’ High Sparrow is not satisfied of the confession and of the harassment to which the woman has already been submitted, want a trial for the sins that did not admit and especially l ’ atonement for those recognized in the form of Walk of Shame. It's been months and yet the scene of Cersei destroyed in every possible way is still vivid in our minds. Only the ’ love for the son Tommen gave her the strength to survive and now the desire of revenge can only increase; Qyburn gave her gift, the revived Ser Gregor Clegane "The Mountain", He will be the ’ secret weapon to retaliate against all enemies, by careerists Tyrell all arrogant High ’ Sparrow and obviously at Curmudgeon Sand Snakes. King ’ 's Landing promises to have reserve powers still great moments from the processes that will see accused Cersei and Margaery and any consequent trial by combat.

In the sixth season will witness to important returns, one for all to Bran Stark, absent l ’ last year. We left the young Stark beyond the barrier, Finally before the Three-Eyed Raven, which announced a different destiny from what he had envisioned when it was launched in its mission: will not walk more, but will fly. What holds this storyline is perhaps the most mystery mystery of all. We will review the family Greyjoy fully booked: the already seen father and sister of Theon, namely Balon and Yara, you will add the uncles – for sure we will see EURON, the younger brother of Balon. Recall that on that spell still hangs with leeches Balon made by Melisandre in season three (the other victims were Robb and Joffrey), as we saw last time ’ ’ l l Yara in the fourth in an attempt to free his brother from Ramsay.

For the first time we are preparing for a season of Game of Thrones enveloped in the dark mystery, with no risk spoilers nor by readers or by journalists. And the promo show that much enough to get up wanting more, but not enough because we sense what will happen. After a very long wait ’ – that probably would have sold out if by real series addicted hadn't dozens of series to follow – Game of Thrones 6 is finally coming. And view the snow with which we had left, Maybe we will all ’ arrival of winter ’ announced when still c ’ was our beloved Ned!

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