Game of Thrones – We make the point – by R. and S.


The fourth season of Game of Thrones ended with major changes, which closed some scenarios and threw the foundations for other, entirely new. The fifth will start on 12 April and, as every year, then the case is starting to refresh our memory to get prepared for the big date.

Let's start the review by North: the Barrier things got serious, con gli zombie di ghiaccio che non hanno un’aria molto amichevole e i membri della Night’s Watch decimati dopo lo scontro con i Wildlings. Besides the death of Ygritte, therefore, Jon is preparing to face new challenges, but his side now is Stannis Baratheon: how it will develop this new and unexpected alliance? I hope that the weak Jon for women “kissed by fire” does not extend to Melisandre!


A whole new path is also undertaken by Tyrion what a, after a life by renegade, has just lost patience, killing his father with blows of crossbow; then we say goodbye to Tyrion known so far, al Tyrion in King's Landing, and welcome to a fugitive Tyrion: how he would manage without the support of his family? Just his wit to save his life?

But the Elf is not the only places to abandon us now known: also Arya decided to head for distant destinations and unknown, abandoning forever hoping to reunite with his family; no longer the little girl lively of the first season, no longer constantly escorted or seized by someone, Arya now picks up his fate, and knowing George R.R. Martin is hard to imagine that it is a destiny brighter. While the young Stark will have a relevant space in the next season, has already been long since announced that it will not be for his brother Bran, that will not be present: the show has now reached the last act of the boy narrated in the books published by Martin, a break is then more than necessary.


A little 'expectations have arisen, instead, around the character of The Chance: after being the most idiotic of the Seven Kingdoms for a long time, consistently unable to make the right decision, now seems determined to finally be an active part of the power games of which has always been a victim. Certainly not just a change of clothes and a look prouder, rather than frightened doe, to make intelligent, but at least we are trying. The nearby presence of Littlefinger could be very dangerous, but then you have to be grateful to him for having freed unsustainable Lysa (although unfortunately we still have to deal with his son, currently Lord of The Eyrie). Will Sansa to do something good or will be used, once again, for the purposes of others?

Still on the subject Stark, we left Theon / Reek on the way to his old (be) home house, Winterfell, along with the neo-Lord Ramsay Bolton, what a, along with his father, seems to want to just hit with yet another affront the abode of Stark transforming it into the new kingdom of Bolton. What do we have to endure! Do not forget that Roose Bolton is the current Warden of the North, one of the last gifts Tywin as thanks for the infamous Red Wedding: now it takes its place in Winterfell all Lord left alive of those territories must respect, including those with young Robb did so picky, see Karstark. Bend your head or finally give honor to the motto The North Remembers? Ramsay despite his sadism has proven particularly adept at manipulating Theon, now incapable of any reaction even when his sister Yara comes to her rescue. Although Winterfell is the place where it is consumed his treason against the Stark, is above the house where he grew up, where he understood what it means to have a family; We therefore hope that retrace those territories face resurface Theon to the detriment of Reek, urging him to remedy its past misdeeds.


With the death of Tywin Lannister big changes lie ahead for all the Seven Kingdoms, who lose the real power holder last period (and partly also of the antecedent debts considering that the Crown has with the Lannisters). This will have important effects in particular for Cersei, that the role of Queen Regent given the age of Tommen and the loss of the King's Hand to Hand over King who was his father, will really have the Seven Kingdoms in his hands, as he always wanted. Can he handle the coveted power or allow itself overwhelmed by an inner rage always ill-concealed? Certainly the circumstances in which she finds herself having to act not help, not only the father was killed from the hated brother, but the latter had the whore in her room! The blame towards the taunts of Tyrion that in common with his father was pure hypocrisy for man, worsened from offense all'adorata late mother; and – as evidenced by the rumors about her and Jaime - King's Landing gossip never fails. Yet all this could be a dangerous distraction before the threat Margaery looming: the young Tyrell has never hidden his desire to be "The Queen" and his work of persuasion against the sweet Tommen has already begun. The competition between the two women promises to become more and more hot and that "If you ever call me sister again, I'll have strangled you in your sleep "might remember him as one of their most affectionate exchanges!

In the fifth season will meet even the second child of Cersei, Myrcella, sent to Dorne from Tyrion during the second, as betrothed Trystane Martell, the younger son of Prince Doran. After the death of the latter's brother, Oberyn, climate in Dorne will not be the best for the princess, even if, as the Red Viper had stated to Cersei and Tywin, from them is not used to kill women and children.


Jaime instead greeted us with his final act noble, icing of a perfect evolution of the character, ensuring the escape beloved brother Tyrion, a gesture with which he raises his head against his father, but especially against sister. His latest decision will strike twice: robbed of revenge on his brother and the grieving father. The support of Jaime could be critical to support Cersei in its management of the court, but hardly will step back without hesitation accepting his orders. The dynamics twin / amorous are finally ready to change? The Kingslayer is also the one who wanted to keep his promise to Catelyn Stark on the discovery of his daughters, pity that his trusty Brienne is always one step behind the two girls and, views the roads taken by the latter, recovered will be very complicated. Where will his research?


If the Seven Kingdoms seem destined for a new big mess with the assassination of the lion Lannister, beyond the Narrow Sea things are not better. After a series of decisions rather dubious, Daenerys takes one that, besides make hypersensitive to his dragons, could have catastrophic consequences: turning his back to her children, Dany said goodbye to his nature as Mother of Dragons, di Targaryen, all for a people that not even want. We all used to cheer for her when she emerged from the fire with its dragons and announced "I will take what is mine with fire and blood", but now that is gone Khaleesi: in its place we have a little girl who has balked on his spirit by nurse, has no idea what it means to govern (excessive goodness not lead anywhere) and abandoning those who have always been close (Ser Jorah before then the dragons). The goal that originally had led her to discover the true and only Dragon's Daughter, the reconquest of the Iron Throne, now is paused indefinitely because he feels responsible to those former slaves who did not even understand why he wanted to liberate. Not only is this freedom does not know what to do because they have never experienced and complain, but the slavers want her their main source of wealth. Daenerys is stuck in a mess and chained her dragons in a catacomb (only two, given that this degenerate mother does not even know where he is Drogon) will only worsen the situation. And his advisers? After discovering that the beginning was a spy of King Robert kicked Ser Jorah, the only one with which he used the iron fist and the only that spurred to buy ships and leaving for the Seven Kingdoms; Daario is more interested in seducing her, while Ser Barristan not dare to contradict, making me think that maybe Joffrey was right to consider it too old. Ultimately if Daenerys does not give an alarm, his scenes will be a great suffering!

Many, then, the questions that the fifth season will have to give an answer and, relying on the past four years, you can give almost for granted that Game of Thrones not disappoint.

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