Game of Thrones, George R. R. Martin intends to publish The Winds of Winter before the sixth season – News


Dear readers of the saga of George R. R. Martin, perhaps we can finally rejoice! After the pressing demands and the "Type, George, type as fast as you can!"Singing the Emmys, in an interview with EW the author announces that it intends to publish The Winds of Winter, the sixth and penultimate book A Song of Ice and Fire, before it goes on the air the sixth season of the show on HBO.

Heave a sigh of relief! As you know who is on par with books, the series is now reaching the events narrated in A Dance with Dragons, published in 2011. Even the character of Bran was excluded from this upcoming fifth season, fortunately I would say, given that the last scene that saw him star is also the last described by Martin. But by anticipations of future episodes you can guess that the same could happen with other players, with Sansa could even go beyond the novels now - about his character the author has just published a new extract of the much The Winds of Winter. Considering the twists that Martin holds for us, I'd rather avoid being caught suddenly the screen as happened with the only twist I attended completely unaware, Ned's death, a trauma that I have dragged on for a long time. The conclusion of A Dance with Dragons bothering me for the past three years, I can not face the consequences unprepared in front of TV.

In the interview Martin confesses also be considering a big twist, never imagined before, for one of the protagonists, well aware that "This is going to drive your readers crazy"; “a big, revealing twist "which also can not be realized in the series because the character concerned there has now taken streets that preclude.

The author has already given up on conventions and interviews in order to conclude the novel, while the other project of a new show for HBO in which he is involved, “Captain Cosmos”, should not take away a lot of time. We are confident, therefore,, the beginning of the 2016 could mark the coveted exit The Winds of Winter, get ready to book it as soon as there will be an official date!


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