Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life – Fall – Review by S.

After a wait that lasted nearly a year and the hype and more climb ahead of 25 November, We arrived at the final chapter of the revival of Gilmore Girls. Avoid spoilerarsi the famous “last four words” It wasn't easy, and for those who managed it the surprise was really great.

It picks up where we left off, with Lorelai traveling to find herself on an adventure to the Wild; Luke remained perplexed by this ad, not just because it sounds so much like a pause for reflection before rupture, but also because nobody knows imagine Lorelai in nature, with a sleeping bag and no coffee. And in fact, While we put a great deal of commitment and goodwill, Lorelai is always the one that is: Although sports and dressed with a backpack filled with camp stoves and freeze-dried food, It is very obvious that he is not in his element. But that's not what counts, in fact, Lorelai still manages to have her moment of introspection and sudden clarity observing admired a panorama (that comes across, obviously, While coffee search). The scene where calls to tell Emily, finally, his most beautiful memory of Richard was very touching: He finally got a barrier-free and a window on the precious bond Lorelai between her and her father.

This moment of reflection also serves to wipe out doubts about her relationship with Luke: not that there's anything wrong in being together without getting married, but in their case the relationship was beginning to suffer from a certain stillness. This is mainly due to the way they set things up between them from the beginning, with the strict separation between their families and, accordingly, certain aspects of their lives. But the feeling that binds them is not diminished or damaged, simply Lorelai realizes that it's time to go one step further and bring to maturity the relationship: for them, This means getting married. The reaction of Luke was adorable: “the only way out is in a body bag”, but the fear of losing Lorelai has served to rouse him eventually and make him say things that normally takes itself. Couldn't have asked for a better. Lorelai's path to top there's the return of her best friend Sookie, of course to prepare for the wedding cake: Melissa MacCarthy has one scene, un po’ little, and though I loved the crazy explanation given for his absence, see her in her kitchen was exciting.

Anche Emily begins to take small steps in his new life, for the first time a life without Richard. For her, nothing can be as has been so far, and it's a good thing because it gives us a memorable Emily in the meeting of the Daughters of Revolution: “Nonsense!“, in continuation “nonsense!“, was hilarious! The habits that have accompanied for the last fifty years did not arouse more interest in her, and that is why they sell the House is the right choice. Now living, with Berta and his large family, in Nantucket and a volunteer in a museum telling the children stories about whaling: is an unexpected but natural evolution, Perhaps the most successful revival.

The only one that combines little or nothing, just for a change, is Rory. And, once again, in his moment of distress and depression here comes Logan ready to save it; Logan from this perspective suffers a little’ Florence Nightingale syndrome: I always cheered for him, but after she rejected the marriage proposal because you stand still so at his feet? A po’ of dignity! Rory offers even a House to go to write, as if it were a desperate homeless, but this time she finds a modicum of maturity and refuses to be saved for the umpteenth time. Obviously this is a goal that only reaches the end and after a crazy night with Life & Death Brigade: No matter how engaging its members, It must be said that running in costume for cities and buy pubs can be funny in the context of head shots of college life, more than thirty years seem more like pretentious snobs. But Logan will forgive everything!

After the final goodbye to Logan, Rory Finally takes things in hand and devoted himself body and soul to his book project, writing in the study of his grandfather, that surely would have appreciated. The feel of a story which is moving towards the conclusion is underlined by meeting with Dean, very sweet and drenched in memories of what seems like a lifetime ago, And the visit to father Christopher. This scene is very strange, and initially it seems only that the continuing questions about Rory about being raised only by his mother might serve only to better understand what you are writing. In hindsight, instead, everything changes.

The time of great revelation is approaching, specifically we are on the eve of the wedding between Lorelai and Luke. She looks almost give Rory her approval for the book, titled (watch case) “Gilmore Girls”; fixed the relationship with daughter, Lorelai and Luke two decide to get married in secret that night, and the sequence in downtown Stars Hollow decked in their honor has really something magical; also contributes music, that is “Reflecting Light” by Sam Philliphs, that is the song on which notes and groom danced in season four. It is after this succession of enchanting images that, arrived in the morning, the “last four words” bringing us brutally to reality: sitting on the steps of the gazebo, mother and daughter look around, seem pervaded with happiness and emotion. But Rory is thoughtfully (certainly not for the fact that it was left by poor Paul) and in fact, with tears in my eyes, says: “Mom? I'm pregnant“. LIKE, WHAAAT? And nothing, leave us so! We are so upset that they cannot even hum the theme song that, finally, makes its appearance in the title of the queue.

Is a really unexpected ending and a little’ difficult to process; Looking back with a cool head, obviously, If it finds the logic and sense. It's not something dumped there by chance to surprise us, If only for the fact that it was planned from the beginning, but also to the idea of the circle closes (Lorelai also reiterated the commitment of the dinner by Emily in Exchange for money to expand the Dragonfly Inn), the idea of being more or less at the same starting point although in entirely different conditions. As I was saying, Now you understand why those applications for Rory to Christopher: He was trying to figure out if you raise this child alone might be the right thing to do. Obviously, the doubt that tears apart is the identity of the father of the child; We can give enough to assume it's Logan, hypothesis confirmed the interpretation that Amy Sherman-Palladino gave his character: Logan is for Rory what Christopher has been to Lorelai, It's the same kind of man. So what, who is Luke by Rory? That look that Jess the spear through the window, Despite having just said you've forgotten it, is explanatory enough: of course it is still in love with, but they are meant to be together?

Closes so, with the strong desire to see more episodes, the revival of one of the most loved by the audience; These four episodes were characterized by very high points and well managed (“OOo-ber“, il Decluttering by Emily and hysteria of Paris, to give examples) and other a little’ disappointing (as the poor Lane a little’ sacrificed as mom in Stars Hollow). Nel complesso, but, the feeling that remains is positive, because what is perceived by the four film is just the love and dedication of fans, only thing to make possible this revival. Gilmore Girls is not a revolutionary series nor a masterpiece, and none ten years ago would have thought it was still so popular, eppure, in its simplicity, has managed to create a family-friendly world, made of characters to which it was impossible not to get attached. It's definitely magical cast and writing couple Sherman-Palladino, that has given us, di nuovo, an unforgettable experience.

Rating all ’ episode: ♥♥♥♥ – Yes, but who's the father?? Give us more episodes!!


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