Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life – Spring – Review by R.


Spring is the season of rebirth, one where new hopes and new projects should bloom in sign of ’ optimism. In Stars Hollow seems to be that this spring will truncate the bud every conviction or plan, forcing its inhabitants to wonder what they really.

As soon as mother-daughter therapy was announced, it was clear that this we would treat ourselves the best scenes of the next episode; and so it was. Remain silent, laughing for old anecdotes or discuss harshly, I'd have gladly l ’ whole episode with Emily and Lorelai in the study of Dr.. Unfortunately Mrs Gilmore abandons her at the third session, but as usual she who arrived by chance, is the one who ultimately remains and draws the most benefits. Despite talking so much and quickly, Lorelai did not know how much he needed to speak to a ’ stranger calmly and without irony. The woman tells how his father died – a heart attack so you never got out of the ICU – and with a parallel about fifty mother ’ years of marriage, claims as his life with Luke okay so ’ com is. Yet in those statements is perceived that she herself is starting to put them in doubt; recounting his life, Lorelai starts looking at it from a ’ perspective, to wonder if it's really fine. This question also helps l ’ dissatisfaction expressed by Michel on ’ no prospect of expansion for the Dragonfly "What ’ 's the point of living if we ’ re never going to bag Jennifer Lawrence?", can you blame him?! Lorelai and peaceful lives, convinced to have achieved everything I wanted, but is it really so?


The same question is forced to porselo Luke, When Emily – after a dinner invitation that causes more fear a summons from judge – reveals her husband's last wish l ’: Richard had placed a trust fund because Luke's diner franchise expands. Lorelai knows that that is definitely not the desire of the companion, also we know. However Luke as well this time fails to express his opinion and if in "Winter" had been carried away by Lorelai in finding surrogate mothers, in "Spring" is carried away by the mother-in-law in the new rooms around the State; where before c was ’ Paris Geller, the Pablo Escobar of fertility, now ’ is a lawyer who in real estate is a shark. In this exploration of POSSIBLES diner, Luke manages to get such a thing: turns out that Emily won't go to therapy sessions, a ’ interruption of which Lorelai has never spoken. Once at home the question on how the therapy does decrease the Frost out of us fans of the couple. Lorelai pretends that the sessions with mother processing, While Luke opposite that lie, does not mention the local tour just wrapped up with Emily. After seven seasons of suffering, These clouds on their relationship didn't deserve.

Meanwhile Rory confirmation at every step as you don't deserve the praise which has always been covered. We pass on the draft of the biography of Naomi – that was obvious from the start that he couldn't take off – Rory proves not to have learned absolutely nothing from ’ post graduate experience at Yale. Recall that the ’ had come a job offer soon after his initial interview, but she waited until that proposal was no longer on the table because I was waiting for one of the country's most important publications; Besides, she is ’ d Rory Gilmore and must point only to the top of the range. He remained a dry mouth. History repeats itself: the younger Gilmore awaits the Condé Nast interview going on for months and months and not sure about the website is wasted on the rise who woos her by as much time. But this time everything happens even in the worst way. First to fix l ’ date by Condé Nast, Rory accepts l ’ help to Mr Huntzberger, l ’ only person who is daring to say what I really thought that it would never become a reporter. In doing so, l ’ man had pulled behind the ’ hatred of the rest of the cast, beginning with the son, and yet that had even then l ’ looks like an ugly truth, let alone now! Rory has always watched Logan as the son of Dad, surrounded by a rich family and important and therefore inserted effortlessly in the environments that matter, those to which she aspired, but that would have to be reached only with his forces. Ora, you don't seem to come from a disadvantaged family although the squeamish in front of expensive gifts of grandparents; and now asks for help to his only enemy number one, none other than Mr. Huntzberger!


Unfortunately for you, this simply brings down faster on Condé Nast dream, in fact, GQ does not seem eager to hire you. And here's Rory is admirable because he never gives up, s ’ engages in an article about queues because the result is different. But beyond what is said, that's not what he wants and ’ only thing I get is asleep on the street during a ’ interview, and end up in bed with a transvestite by wookie, his first story to a night in 32 years. Rory becomes so finally his desperate situation, but luckily a heart-to-heart with mom Lorelai – also tells the truth about Logan – the door to decide that the time has come to find a fixed point at this stage by tramp. Here's the site Sandy Says falls within game. The CEO of this ’ is played by Julia Garcia Telles, that lend her face even in Whitney, the daughter of Noah and Helen in The Affair; After seeing the first two seasons of the Showtime series, This is the first time that I find funny. Rory looks to interview with l ’ absolute conviction that his appointment is a formality, After all, Sandy woos her for months, is Sandy she wants Rory, It has never been the opposite. Rory is a hardworking aspirant ’ really like the rest of us mere mortals and the interview must respond to the classic questions about which you are not completely prepared; the result is embarrassing and irritating at the same time because the girl remains convinced that I am right. In the end, however, the words of Sandy – including criticism at three mobile phones – have effect: Rory indeed decides to return to live by her mother. Was all the more cool living like a homeless rather than say who lived by his mother?

Chapter Logan. L ’ affair Gilmore-Huntzberger becomes more complicated when we discover that Rory is not alone in having a boy: Logan is indeed engaged to a ’ heiress who lives in Paris, Odette. The phone in the middle of the night with the ’ lover, Logan is forced to speak quietly so as not to wake the woman in her bed. Rory cannot remain as it requires in ’ London apartment of ’ lover because Odette is coming; l ’ only possible solution is the ’ hotel, What that reacts with a mixture of AWE and slight offense, What was expected? Any further comment in view of these facts would be superfluous.


A negative step behind l ’ other for Rory, that partly compensates for the return to Chilton for a day where former students tell their experience to the current ones. Here Rory I liked as it did in the early seasons, was simple and passionate without airs from sapientina. Unfortunately it ruins it shortly after, When discards without even think Dean's proposal to teach Chilton. Leaving aside its today's employment situation, Chilton is a prestigious school in which he was so proud of joining, that his mother had to get money to her parents beginning to all events that we know, because snubbing l ’ offer like that?

The Chilton back again Paris that "inexplicably" does not receive the same reception of Rory from the headmaster and makes me cry its students. Paris gives us one of his best scenes when I lock the bathroom door to students, upset for having just reviewed Tristan. The doctor has not yet passed the high-school squabbles, It shows also the ’ encounter/clash with Francie: Paris is like all of us, don't forget anything! For ’ occasion Tristan is not interpreted by Chad Michael Murray, l ’ actor seems to have declined l ’ invitation to participate in the revival and was replaced by Anton Narinskiy. No recast instead for Doyle, I see you home again home of almost ex-wife their two children.

About cast are some characters. First let's review our beloved Mrs. Kim intent to terrorize a group of Korean kids. Unfortunately we do not make the acquaintance with the wookie with which Rory goes to bed, but its investigation of New York tails is heralding two cameo: the girl protagonist of exchanges of food with Lorelai is Mae Whitman, that in the series Parenthood She played the daughter of the character of Lauren Graham; While one of the two men sitting on the steps – you are not actually in the queue, but they're just lunching – is the reporter Michael Ausiello.

Spring is finished and for girls Gilmore was not sunny. This season no one manages to get or know what he wants, even Taylor with the first Gay Pride Parade of Stars Hollow. How they will react all ’ imminent summer heat?

Rating all ’ episode: ♥♥♥½ Petal best supporting actor!


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