Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life – Summer – Review by S.


If Winter was the return to the places that we were missing, sort of a roundup of all the good things that we know of Gilmore Girls, and Spring She totally immersed in news stories, Summer is undoubtedly the weakest of all the revival.

Although all storyline make clear strides, paving the way to pull the strings in the following chapter, Summer It is heavy and hard to follow; the main causes of this negative atmosphere are two: l ’ unjustified arrogance of the younger Gilmore and emphasize some’ excessively the oddities of Stars Hollow.


As regards Rory, l ’ we left while broke into the House with his suitcases announcing “moving back home!”, Since it doesn't have a shred of job or another place to stay; seemed to have finally become aware of this fact, Yet he continues to do l ’ vexed every time someone gives back. “The ’ 'm not back” is his perennial reply piccata, and if I ’ I would sell my mother rather than attend the Thirtysomething Gang, It is useless to deny the realities: Dear Rory, you're back to Stars Hollow with your tail between your legs! After nearly ten years after graduation to Yale her only goal is a single article published in an important, Yet it is still there you strutting around as if he were to win the Pulitzer Prize. This is perhaps the weakest point of the whole revival: I'm glad that Rory finally encounters difficulties, facing the real world rather than the muffled in his city, but maybe find it in these conditions would have had more sense long ago, When he was fresh out of college degree; After eight years, anyone could have done something more, She may not succeed? Even April, in his performance anxiety at MIT, seems more immersed in reality.


Things seemed to start happening with risk closure of Stars Hollow Gazette: the first newspaper that Rory will ever read is, watch case, looking for a Director. The thing falls to bean and Rory does not hesitate to take the reins of outlandish (Needless to say) Newsroom. The scene where she and Lorelai distributed copies of the first issue of sightseeing is so much fun, cold comfort in this bleak panorama. To rejoice, but, c ’ is also another return, probably the most awaited: Jess is in the city, and of course goes for find Rory. Although I am always been Logan Team, It was a pleasure to find Jess so mature (and cute), always with that ’ look a little’ snippy but without infantile attitudes of teenage ’ which was. Particular satisfaction it gave me knowing that he, with his indie publishing house, has more or less achieved its objectives, armed with only of its culture and its determination, While Rory, with its expensive schools and ’ from top of the class, There is still much, much earlier. And, How many more times, is the guy on duty who gives Rory l ’ inspiration on what to do with her life: After listening to his complaints, Jess advises her to write a book about the relationship between her and Lorelai; It is now clear that it is a winning idea ’, but of course Rory mica had thought!


Meanwhile Lorelai is dealing with the evidence of “Stars Hollow: The Musical“. On paper, This musical is a wonderful idea; It is also in reality, Thanks to ’ bizarre interpretation of Sutton Foster and Taylor left the mind lyrics; but it is for a couple of sketch, maybe three, then it starts to get ridiculous; and this despite the popular quotations of pop-culture and the cameo by Carole King. The weirdness of the city and its inhabitants have always been one of the strengths of this series, but the key has always been the right fit; so, estremizzandole and transforming large amounts on the poor spectators, Stars Hollow becomes a parody of itself, and at that point it's hard not to agree with Emily that defines a “town of freaks“.


The three protagonists are reunited at the cemetery to watch the fifth (and last but not least) Plaque for Richard; Emily goes immediately into the background, and is a decisive confrontation between Lorelai and Rory. The daughter speaks excited about her book, on which already is working, certain to find the mother's approval ’; but no, Lorelai is not d ’ agreement, Why has worked all their lives without ever stopping to let people take it seriously and look beyond appearances, to give oneself l ’ image that she had decided, but Rory wants to put down on paper what Lorelai has always held itself, starting right from the description of that single mother who demanded a job all ’ Holiday Inn. Lorelai's reaction is more than understandable, but the important thing was that they were facing; This is their second major engagement over the course of a lifetime, but instead of following the road of ’ passive aggressiveness, as happens between Lorelai and Emily, they do not compromise: all or nothing, neither sells, and so for a while’ the reports are broken.


Rory confronts the fight with her mother as she always made for any difficulty: do you help from the guy on duty; call Logan compulsively, Although the situation between the two is almost irrecoverable: Odette has moved in ’ London flat, and despite the intentions to keep alive their agreement, Rory and Logan realized that so you can't continue (ma va?), and then they leave while not been never a real couple. Lorelai, for its part, hoping to find comfort in Luke, but even on that front the chickens are coming home to roost: It was clear from the start that ’ between the two there were communication difficulties, and in fact now explode: during a tense bickering to Luke, you blame things unsaid and the distances imposed, Luke the accused had only adapted to the rules imposed by her, one of which was the strict separation between their family, but now Lorelai, hit in full against accusations of mother, not is more comfortable. She quarrelled with Rory, is in crisis with Luke, He's also leaving Michel to follow his ambitions: Lorelai has worked tirelessly to trent ’ years, thought he had achieved everything he had set itself, but now it seems that everything around her change as she stays there, stops, not knowing what to do. And that is why I decided to go to find herself, none other than with a trip to the Wild… like, What??! L ’ idea is definitely crazy, but “’ it s never or now“.

Rating all ’ episode: ♥♥ – Rory who calls himself K also no


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