Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life – Winter – Review by R.


After just over a year by the ’ announcement of the return of Gilmore Girls, We could finally devote ourselves to binge watching the revival of Gilmore Girls. Four episodes from 90 minutes, four seasons in a year in the life of the most famous tv mom and daughter.

Since the initial seconds "Winter" tastes like a Homecoming. With the screen still black there are proposed some of the most famous phrases of the series, moments before Rory reaches Lorelai to Stars Hollow gazebo. Two bars, l’ "I've missed you, Kid"traits and"Feels like years"by Rory, Express exactly the feeling we feel us viewers. Although Lorelai and Rory is just one of the many brief get-togethers between trips and the other girl ’, This becomes the ’ opportunity to fill us in on the life of Stars Hollow and its inhabitants: from the new project of Taylor at piglet Petal adopted by Lulu and Kirk, the new activities of this ’ last (I could still laugh at each repetition of "Ooo-ber"), the Lane family. Lorelai "smell" and within a few minutes we feel really at home again. It will be for the snow and the Christmas lights, but Stars Hollow never looked so beautiful.

Everything seems to proceed to large in the lives of girls Gilmore. The relationship between Lorelai and Luke (always in the company of ’ adorable Paul Anka) has never appeared so strong, with the ’ man who tolerates good-naturedly that the DVR is full of Lifetime's movies (I envy you so much!). While the journalistic career of Rory appears in direct route towards the coveted ’ success: an article was posted on The New Yorker, has an interview by Conde Nast and is so busy that you have three phones and suitcase always on hand. Lorelai and Rory has strange and repeated nightmares, however he took up tap dancing as well at night to combat stress; In short, some still undefined shadow hovers on the life of mother and daughter.


We assume that I'm not a fan of Rory Gilmore, I find it selfish, full of himself and always ready to judge others without looking before herself. Nine years have passed and isn't the least bit improved. Looks like the career woman so busy by having to fly away after a hit and run even on the occasion of the funeral of his grandfather. Is engaged to one that follows everywhere, Although she does not even remember his name. And, of course, is praised by the whole world; Luke is "super proud" of his article on the The New Yorker much to put it on the menu of diner; everyone wants, from magazines like Conde Nast to a site on the rise, in a feminist about to roll out its first biography. At least this is the ’ image that you would like to give of oneself, the facts are very different. Rory to 32 years is practically homeless, He abandoned his apartment in Brooklyn to break when the want in homes of relatives and friends (fill between the ’ other with boxes full of her things); He doesn't even know where she keeps her underwear! The woman that should write the book immediately appears more confused about his plans than Rory is about his life; While the great aspiration from ’ arruolarla is so eagerly that Conde Nast continues to postpone the interview. But the icing on the cake comes with her love life: Rory still has a relationship with Logan Huntzberger. Do Not, Don't let Mr.. What do you call within 10 minutes of the episode, She and Logan are together when she is in London on the basis of an agreement "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas ". Flying over the fact that Rory lies to mother about this detail of the days in London, It exudes a déjà vu effect compared to his first time with Dean; as usual when he needs something, Rory Gilmore train passes on to anyone. However his faults did well as Logan. Despite being Team Jess, I have always enjoyed Logan, especially the fact that faced with the refusal by Rory, He had the strength to break up with her (all or nothing). Nine years later, with the girl who still don't think minimally to engage seriously with him, the young Huntzberger you go back on your Word and takes it back anyway. I understand that among them remains a strong feeling, though more than trent ’ years could stop behaving like a twenty.

While Michel – married to Frederick, that manifested desire of paternity – remains an anchor in her life, Lorelai must address important shortcomings. First of all Sookie She's gone, left for a break that was supposed to last six months and has instead persisted until a later date. His absence weighs to Lorelai how much he weighed for us that Melissa McCarthy in this revival, No one can replace Sookie, even the world's most famous chef. The Gilmore hunting badly from Dragonfly every aspiring replacement and for once that ’ attitude often criticized his character is more understandable. If Rory acts on the basis of its only needs, Lorelai is indeed not less. However the mom has always had a contrast that makes his behavior much less commonly accepted as is the case with the ’ idolized daughter: sua madre Emily, l ’ only woman Gilmore that all worship without exception. I waited and dreaded the moment when we reviewed Mrs. Gilmore because it would mean talking about grandfather Richard, l ’ absence that in any way could fill. The revival of Gilmore Girls deals with the theme of death of Edward Herrmann in perfect way. There gets banged in the face in the first few minutes or is inserted with fanfare just to make us cry; the death of Richard introduces on tiptoe, first with a hint by Lorelai and Rory to 10 minutes from ’ beginning, then on the 20th with a flashback of the funeral, on the occasion of the traditional dinner at the home of grandparents. It is not treated at random just to catch up.


So as you could not talk about the death of Richard, Lorelai cannot help goad the mother sitting on huge father's portrait hung in ’; Unfortunately as usual exaggerates and Emily is on the verge of a nervous breakdown. From here a flashback on the funeral and on the clash occurred shortly after between mother and daughter. Lorelai was unable to tell an anecdote sweet and fun on the parent, Emily l ’ yet another snub that shows how the daughter's selfish, that won't even be touched by the death of Richard. Is an Exchange hard, that leaves a lot of sadness because it seems that despite all the relationship between the two can still strike a d ’ meeting. Yet at the end there is hope. In a house inhabited by a strange all the comical as indecipherable domestic family (Berta was played by the same actress who lends his face to Gipsy), in the wake of the book by Marie Kondo, Emily is ready to throw any object that does not give her joy. "Mom, nothing is going to bring you joy right now, nothing, your husband just died"explains Lorelai and suggests that you go into therapy. A tip seized, it arouses so much satisfaction and amazement in Lorelai that when the mother invited her to accompany her to Dr., accepts immediately, realizing only after thanks to Luke that Emily l ’ has cleverly stuck "Oh crap, The ’ 'm going to therapy with my mother ". Emily and Lorelai from therapist, We could never hope for more?!


As in the specific case of lite post funeral is surprisingly more the Lorelai, Emily the ’ Mussorgsky that selfishness that I mentioned and of which many are silent woman; the mother however I little sympathy, particularly against Luke, that the daughter he would asphalt every desire in the bud. From here begins the path to Lorelai to surrogacy, because in a moment is sure that Luke wants a "fresh kid", his child to grow since birth. Too bad it's immediately clear how more excited I all ’ idea of a baby, instead of Luke. L ’ man swept from ’ loved and now also in the face of this attitude is difficult to confine itself to accuse Lorelai to boasting, When in fact he does nothing to make her voice heard. OK the DVR full, but we're talking about having a child after been together nine years, I have a ’ ’ opinion! Speaks! In the end though Luke somehow manages to abandon the project to Lorelai.

We won't have a baby Gilmore Danes, but at least this was the ’ opportunity to review Paris Geller! The "Pablo Escobar of fertility" so you define the doctor in charge of the clinic Dinasty Makers (that counts among its clients Neil Patrick Harris). Paris Geller is always great – even Justin Keating would be proud of her – and the same can be said of his interpreter Liza Weil. After initial disorientation (for which I was expecting Frank look at any moment all ’ more), Paris reminded us why we always loved ’. Whether in the field of fertility and surrogate mothers is unmatched – knows a man's reproductive situation fully clothed – on face sentimental doesn't want just as well, being in the process of divorce by Doyle. Obviously it is because of this last ’ who moved to Los Angeles to do the screenwriter and drink vodka because it has less calories.

A return to Stars Hollow which makes me laugh, move and also discuss. Nothing is missing. The return of all the actors from the original series – reappears for a couple of minutes even Digger, l ’ Lorelai's ex – makes a decisive contribution to this feeling. But it is not simply a reunion or a celebration, important changes seem to be coming in for girls Gilmore.

Rating all ’ episode: ♥♥♥♥ Paul Anka always present complete family picture perfectly Gilmore-Danes, especially when dressed as Luke!


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