Glee – Series Finale – Review by R.

After six seasons Glee greets us with a double episode that gave tribute to the initial concept, the message and the spirit with which it was presented to the public in 2009, making us forget the many errors scattered through the years. I must admit to have discontinued the vision during the fifth season; not addicted to series I'm proud, I committed to follow, but among the dozens of storyline popped up from nowhere just to put pepper in an episode or sudden future reference (for example, the history between Quinn and Santana) and some wacky and poorly detailed paths of old and new characters there are just successful. The fourth season made me regret that Glee had not ended with the previous, we had the victory of the National and the coveted arrival of Rachel in NY, would have been enough to show us some pictures the future of the other players and we would have a happy ending. But we had to barcamenare between the lives of the new members of New Directions, they could also be interesting if they had not been mismanaged, and foreseeable dramas Yorkers Rachel (although I admit that gigolo boyfriend and pregnancy / false alarm I had not put into account); proving that the road taken was not exactly apt, the total change of direction of this final season, which saw the only survival of the adorable Kitty and the return home of the adventurers of the Big Apple (I avoid taking a position on how the events of the previous two seasons have been almost completely erased).


Among the risk of closure of the Glee Club, the re-start from scratch the New Directions and the bitter enemy Sue Sylvester seemed to be back to 2009, except that the new coach of the Glee Club were Rachel and Kurt. Just for the latter's return to basics is crucial to move forward: as happened six years ago, Glee gives him the strength and the motivation to keep going, to realize their dreams. We understand clearly in "2009" which brings us back exactly to the pilot, But showing him in a whole new perspective: no more searching for new members by Mr. Schue, but what it meant for the boys to be part of the New Directions. The best example is Kurt; only now we find that before the reopening of the Glee Club by Will felt so depressed and just by thinking about suicide. The New Directions have given him the opportunity to be themselves and to fight to be, finding among other things in an unexpected supporter Sue; thanks to Glee, Kurt has found friends and a brother in the first people who would approach just to beat him, rebuilt the relationship with her father, and she met her current husband. The contrast between "2009" and "Dreams Come True" enables us to see how the dreams of a group of freaks, tormented by granite beaten in the face and rubbish bins, have managed to get to where they have always dreamed of, all thanks to their entry into the Glee Club.


Without a step back maybe we would realize that there has been evolution in addition to professional achievements. We think of the protagonist Rachel Berry, as talented as annoying; we say that they are not a fan of his, it is true that she was the unfortunate freak par excellence, that was supposed to attract sympathy from the outset, but his desire to excel and always tell her made her particularly irritating, so much so that at the time tifavo for Quinn Fabray. Yet in episode twelve o'clock this thought against it is a little’ scratched by a new vision of contention between her and the first solo Mercedes: Jones finally agrees to step aside because he understands that maybe at that time Rachel has more need her to stay in the spotlight, highlighting the fragility of Berry instead of his usual protagonism. And’ glaring difference between the Rachel's 2009 with an almost hysterical gab who wants to be the protagonist because he knows to be a star and that of 2020, calm and serene even though he is to give a child to Kurt and Blaine and is nominated for a Tony Award. In the first season we never could imagine Rachel married Jesse St. James, willing to have a big belly as surrogate mother for her best friends, heartfelt and humble (without the slightest pretense) in the battle for victory, full of thanks to Mr. Schue and Glee. I admit I'm more upset that she married Jesse that from everything else, with all the times that it rejected, I do not think the case to give it to him as a husband and director on a silver platter!

Obviously Glee must also confirm its flaws, summarized in "many things that boil in the pot, 80% of them suddenly disappears, without even avercene did feel the taste ": too many characters and too many storylines on fire then falls into nothingness. I mentioned earlier the history between Quinn and Santana, but it is only one of many; and we have also confirmed in the final episode. Inform us of the future of Rachel, Kurt, His, Will, a little something about Artie and Mercedes… and all other? Brittany and Santana, celebrated with marriage, are even placed in the middle of final song; Quinn Fabray, the original antagonist of Rachel, there outset, but if it had been absent would be equal; ditto for Puck, his brother and other members of New Directions fourth and fifth season. We had to learn in a few episodes of the most recent winners of the National and even know if Jane and Mason are a couple. Agree that all meet to honor the dedication of the auditorium to Finn Hudson - for which occasion among senior reappears also the former wife of Will, Terri - but with thirteen episodes available you could do something more for the other characters, right to close the circle in full for once. Among other things, the alternating members of New Directions I always liked.

The memory of Find could not miss and is particularly exciting, not so much in the final, As in "2009" when we understand what his input in Glee has meaning for others - beyond simply attracting new members. Finn obviously you never see, are all new scenes, except the first real significant performance of the Glee Club "Do not stop believin '", with all the good will is really hard not to get excited. Among other important events the transformation of McKinley High in an arts school with Mr. Schuester Dean, that result is a great redemption after funds denied and threats of closure, and Sam at the head of the New Directions, fresh winners of the National. Remarkably, the song of Rachel "This Time" was composed by Darren Criss (Blaine) – al pari di “Rise” in “The Rise and Fall of Sue Sylvester” – but above the flashback on the victory of the National by a young Will, thus allowing us to see for the first time the former coach his mentor Lillian Adler.


The final scene sees Sue - new Vice President of the US – present at the dedication of the auditorium Finn, with a speech, although starting dall'inguaribile vein Sylvester - I am glad that they have not ever denied in the name of good feelings - recognizes the courage of the members of the Glee Club: may also be of the "losers", ma non sono codardi “It takes a lot of bravery to look around you and see the world not as it is, but as it should be". The same moral proposal at the conclusion of the wonderful revival of Disney film Cinderella – a must for the series addicted given the various actors from major TV show – a coincidence that shows how Glee, like a fairy tale timeless, has been able to know and inspire a wide audience, Despite glitches here and there. And’ This is the spirit with which it was born Glee, that made us fall in love since the pilot and we have found in this poignant final: us believe in ourselves because - as we remember Rachel in his speech as Tony winner – “Being a part of something special does not make you special. Something is special because you are a part of it". So what, putting aside the criticism, thank you Glee!


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