10 Grey's Anatomy×13 – "Take It Back" – by S.

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April expression in the picture is the same as I had at the end of the episode, but to get there we took 43 minutes of events and upheavals; But aside from the emotional trauma that Shonda has done there is a full stop, a constant in great overall design: the new residents are completely idiots.

Given this premise, Let's move on to a more detailed analysis of the episode. I enjoyed the timeskip a few weeks: not too much nor too little, What was enough to spare us the momentary hysteria without, but, losing to the characters a sense of curiosity and amazement that he was still very much alive in viewers. Temporal detachment he even declined to attend the umpteenth reconciliation of Arizona and Callie, but it seems to me that the storyline has been thrown a little’ with nettles: all that talk of tragic and then it was enough to buy a new House to fix everything? Containing them.

Another dangerous repetition relates to Owen and Cristina: the wickedness of him against Shane, After discovering what was with his ex wife, opened the way for other second thoughts about the State of their relationship. But it is a road already traveled before and always with the same epilogue; If you really want to give this couple tormented the possibility of happy endings, There are some issues (that is the question: having or not having children) that must be resolved and set aside to allow the characters to finally go beyond. I have no idea how such distant locations can come close, but it never said the last word.

The main thing of the episode, but, is that we had an answer to the fundamental question about life, Shondaland and everything: who chose April? I was happy to find out who had the courage to choose her true love and leave behind that bland boy scout Matthew. Despite this, romantic as it was, the release of rush from the barn holding hands, For more on the slow motion, It looked like a scene borrowed from any South American telenovela; but, Come on, We are not to formalize. It also seems to me relatively logical (not realistic, be forewarned!) that April and Jackson are now wedding world: “What do we say to my parents and to your mother?” is a reason more than valid, at least they have a justification for that big mess, not the things you do so much for dating a bit. It doesn't make any sense, instead, make that mess and then keep it hidden from all: If they're hiding so as not to offend the sensibilities of others involved, they clearly should have thought long before; one thing is the discretion, Another staging a comedy without any purpose.

Leaving aside the foretold death of Alex's father and the equally anticipated rapprochement between Cristina and Meredith, the only other major event of the episode, the full stop I referred to at the beginning of the post, was the complaint for sexual harassment submitted by Leah and Stephanie (It is supposed). Who says a wounded woman can become dangerous should specify that, In this case, a wounded woman gets twat. Also willing to admit that there have been more exchanges of torque at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital than in a locked House, that doesn't justify such action. I am not aware that any of them have ever been harassed or forced to attend their boss (on the contrary, Welcome to insist that Arizona was Leah in her bed); in fact, everything was fine till we went to bed with the superiors, nor have ever posed the question whether or not it was ethically correct to go there. Do Not, problems arise only if and when they are unloaded, because apparently aren't enough adults to closure; According to this line of thought, Cristina would do the same when it was abandoned at the altar by Burke, not to mention Meredith which was spotted arriving between boss and his boss's wife's neck, and man who consorted unaware of her married life. As everyone has noted, Grey's Anatomy has built ten seasons on the romantic relationships between superiors and subordinates, but it was also the only way to create the dynamics between characters, so much so that we never witnessed any kind of violence. This fold in the plot is anything but a successful attempt to tackle the delicate issue of sexual harassment in the workplace and the fact that the complaint is folded to a petty purpose of revenge for being left behind is an open insult to all those women who, instead, you really are in a hostile work environment.

The complaint, in any case, paved the way for the new “zero tolerance policy” for the above relations between superiors and subordinates, but I don't think it will have big consequences for most of the characters, Since almost all of them are already married or not found in this relationship of subordination (Maybe Cristina and Owen, Since he is the primary, but then she owns the hospital); the only ones who find themselves involved are Jo and Alex, the only couple who currently leads a little’ General textured pepper.

The other, positive, the consequence could be that finally we get rid of these interns idiots.


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