Grey’s Anatomy – 10×14 You've Got To Hide Your Love Away – by S.


Your standards have changed“. It is with this simple sentence, out of the mouth of Derek, that Shonda officially announces, explains and defines the new path of Owen and Cristina, anticipated last episode, Clearing for the field from their biggest problem (just as I liked).

In the space of an episode Owen goes from point A, wanting to (without much conviction) you will see a House with Emma for making us live all their children, to point B, leave Emma in trunk. From point A to point B is accompanied by an irresistible Cristina drunk, that with all its blathering of window decorations has evidently remembered what the real chemistry and real love. Owen has found in Emma what she always tried, and what his marriage to Christina has come to an end: He found a woman who wants to make him father, who shares her desire to have children and raise them together. What Owen had not considered, but, is the other side of the coin: Emma is the complete package, not only children, but goodbye career until you have to accompany children to school. In a fit of feminism, Owen realizes that this is not what he wants: want a partner who's on his own wavelength line in everyway, that I can share and understand the depths of his stories and his dramas of Surgeon. Ma soprattutto, what he wants is Cristina. Because if so it wasn't, could ask Emma not to give up his job to take full-time mom, No, He didn't, Why doesn't want even as part-time mom: placed in front of the crossroads, the choice between the ideal of perfect woman who had built and her real true love, Choose Cristina, without hesitation. This newfound awareness is what was needed to give new life to the couple: the only solution for a rapprochement was that one of the two would reverse the convictions, being a topic where the middle ground are not acceptable; Despite this, and also considering the abandonment of Sandra Oh, It is said that on the horizon there's a happy ending, not being entirely unlikely that Cristina to hamper that happy ending. Owen chose you, but she can really trust him again as if nothing had ever happened? The wound inflicted on their marriage can heal? Also in this context perfectly, drops announced return of Burke, which I am very excited; I also compiled a list of things that Cristina could tell him, such as “where do you keep the Harper Avery Award you won because of me?“; Alternatively “It was great on honeymoon with Meredith!“, or “you left me at the altar, but you can't compete with a guy who tries to strangle me in my sleep“. I feel all viable options.

On another front, Meredith e Derek are always suspended in that limbo between the super powerful couple that dominates the world and ordinary couple doing ordinary things; If Derek who works for the President is, da un lato, a texture completely detached from reality, the other provides an opportunity for the family interludes and continuous confrontation with his wife: She is happy for him, recognises that it is a great opportunity, but “There is no room for me to take my career to the next level and for you to run the thing“. You were promised that would be the year of the career of Meredith, What now? She is forced to give up in order to enable him to change the world? And why should she give up? If the quarrel with Cristina served to Meredith talk about mothers, Now you need to move the question of floor Derek familiar: no longer manage the shifts to take Zola in kindergarten, but handle the ambitions of both without the family, so painstakingly built, at the expense.

Zero tolerance for workplace relations had expected consequences: Despite scenes feints and hidden kisses, the only ones going back to the middle name's Alex and Jo; the scene at the Council reaffirmed what we all know, namely that the entire leadership of the hospital is nothing more than a set of pairs born of escapades in on call rooms; Owen can do the resolute as he wants, but Alex is right, and it is unfair to penalize him and Jo just because, by accident, are the only ones not being married yet. And Jo to spit in the face to Stephanie what I thought when the complaint was lodged: If your little heart is broken you make a right and go on with your life, don't accuse anyone of sexual harassment; the same argument goes for Leah (that turns out to be the only author of the complaint): all the hoopla about his medical education compromised hide one truth, that you wanted to avenge of Arizona. Now that all the cards are on the table, These interns are idiots the path of wisdom and apply the first golden rule of Grey's Anatomy: whether to celebrate or to forget the sorrows, When you finish work They range from Joe a drink.


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