Grey’s Anatomy – 10×15 Throwing It All Away – by S.

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If you’re lost you can look and you will find me, time after time. If you fall I will catch you, I will be waiting, time after time“. Come spesso accade in Grey’s Anatomy, anche in questo episodio è stata la colonna sonora a parlare più dei personaggi, in particolare più di Callie e Arizona.

Only in the last two seasons the pair of Calzone has been featured in a number of fake happy endings equal to plus infinity, the last two episodes ago; I really hope that, as it seems, This is the definitive one, because of the paranoia of Arizona can't really more; as Callie: “you have made very hard to keep forgiving you“. Credit must be given to Arizona, tuttavia, for the final scene, where finally, realizing the damage that has caused to his wife, makes amends for his selfishness: for the first time speaks with sincerity, without finding excuses for his behaviour constantly unfair. And, obviously, Callie forgives. Time after time.

It doesn't make any sense, instead, the fact that the entire hospital to discuss openly about the complaint by Leah: but it didn't have to be anonymous? Certain, the continued anonymity would have made it more difficult to compare with the topic, so don't let us other questions. Staying on the topic of interns, Stephanie begins to show the personality and says the first smart thing since arriving at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital: move on with his life and disregard of Jackson. We will be able to, then, forget about her and go back to living as if it never existed, thing that makes me very happy and falls within the natural order of the universe.

An infinite boredom Derek and Meredith, that practically have no storyline, Neither individually nor torque: Meredith is relegated to the role of Alex's shoulder in his existential crisis, and Derek who works for President, Besides being a topic always marginally, is so ridiculous that it's really hard to take it seriously. As for Grey's Anatomy has always been a choral series, It is not acceptable to ignore completely those who, in the end,, are the main protagonists; for example, you could divert a little attention from Callie, victim of all the tragedies of the world, and give these two something interesting to do. The predicted war between Callie and Derek is just a first step in that direction, but I'm afraid it's not anyway what it takes: We want MerDer.

Alex, with the existential crisis on citate, It is the only one that gives us something interesting: as if it wasn't already clear enough, Jo is the correct one and he panics for fear of losing it; “She's going to be like Izzie and she'll walk“, fear him, but someone should tell him that stupid as Izzie, per fortuna, There are a few. The rest, you have to figure it out: This is the first time that he has a normal relationship with a regular girl, without tumors, mental disorders and more than half; There is just wont!

Overall it can be said that the episode was nothing that, with only two major scenes and almost useless fillers for the rest of time; but it happens, are those typical quiet moments between a major event and the other; even in Grey's Anatomy, not every episode ends with a cliffhanger, Sometimes it takes a break.


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