Grey’s Anatomy – 10×16 We Gotta Get Out Of This Place – by S.

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In Mom Avery we trust! The presence of Mrs.. Avery is always a harbinger of dialogues and interesting scenarios, and this time was not less. If you add the birthday of Webber, solid reference season after season, and the usual surgery out of the ordinary (the fetus in fetus was missing), served here is the perfect background for a good episode of Grey's Anatomy.

In this episode Mrs. Avery has served to bring a little 'common sense and rationality in the head of his son and his new wife: will also been indelicate, but right across the board. If you decide that future children will have to attend meetings of the board of Avery Foundation of age 15 years may seem excessive and, may be, inappropriate, a conversation about certain fundamental issues maybe we should have it before getting married; even April can not live forever in a magical fairy world. This problem is a direct result of the great gesture of Jackson (of all the grand gestures in general) and everything that came after: grand gestures are relatively easy, because they require a lot of courage just at that moment. And it is a time when you do not think, was transported by emotion, while everyday life is made of choices and weighted, above, little things: if you could commit a folly once a week, in addition to not be more folly after a while ', the divorce rate would certainly be lower; but marriages end (also) because that which is difficult to handle together is the ordinary (for example: children in college or summers spent to milk the cows on the farm of his grandfather?). The theme of the episode was the transition, from one stage of life to another new phase and unknown: now that is over the time in which each decided for himself and chose his personal lifestyle, will be interesting to see how and what compromises this pair will reach; because now April and Jackson are to create a new lifestyle, common, in which to raise children who have expressed a wish and that is still true to the identity of both. By April it was too easy with Matthew, he was nothing more than the male version of her; Jackson is his great love but definitely still greater challenge.

The announced war between Callie and Derek exploded and ended in the space of half an hour, with Derek now is so cool that a surgeon can also dictate contract terms that most prefer to US President. Apart from that, I reiterate the need that he and Meredith have more space, but I look confident a breakthrough in this way while I make sacrifices before the altar on which stands a picture of Shonda Rhimes (do not make that face, every true fan of Grey's Anatomy follows this ritual!).

Another beloved couple is, instead, facing major changes: Owen and Cristina continue to be observed, towards and away; pretend friends knowing that they will never be just friends, and fortunately Owen tells him clearly, is that she wants. At the end of episode seems that Cristina, finally, yield to reality, but it is a scene from bitter aftertaste, knowing that Sandra Oh leave the series after this season; is a sword of Damocles hanging over their relationship, a conviction that you can not escape, a happy ending that we can see the time but that will never reach. This practice, among other, is probably included in the definition of "torture" of the Geneva Convention on the treatment of prisoners of war.

To finish, signing Jo on "love contract", with typical cynical comments of Alex, he vaguely richiamanto marriage on post-it to Meredith and Derek: is just a piece of paper, but it is the piece of paper ' “I can kiss you whenever I want". Once again, this series does what it does best: located on the side of a special event and any potentially insignificant. Because It, to close the circle with the observations of Jackson and April, a relationship is not built on great events, but on the little things. And nobody knows how to describe the beauty of small things, capturing subtle nuances, come Grey’s Anatomy.


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